Kiev Plans False Flag Against Russia

Kiev Plans False Flag Against Russia
by Stephen Lendman
Intense Russia bashing persists daily. It’s official US policy. Resolving Ukraine’s crisis diplomatically is systematically prevented. 
Media scoundrels march in lockstep with what demands condemnation. Stoking conflict is prioritized. Russia is irresponsibly blamed for US-orchestrated Kiev crimes. 
Orders come from straight from Washington. Coup-appointed putschists salute and obey. 
On May 6, Voice of Russia (VOR) headlined “Ukrainian forces prepare provocation against Russia in Donetsk.”
False flags are a longstanding US tradition. They go way back. They used often. Previous articles discussed them.
Wars followed. The 9/11 attack was the mother of all false flags. It’s the biggest of Big Lies of our time. It launched over a decade of imperial wars.
They rage out-of-control. They continue after US forces withdraw. They persist at home. They target Muslims, Latino immigrants, whistleblowers, dissidents, activists of all stripes and other Americans.
They target independent nations lawlessly. They eliminate outlier foreign leaders. They aim to remove all challengers to US global dominance.
They prioritize conflict and instability. They create enemies where none exist. According to VOR, a false flag provocation against Russia is planned.
“Russian military uniforms and fake IDs of Russian officers have been taken to the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk,” said VOR.
A staged attack on Ukrainian border guards is planned. It’s reminiscent of how WW II began. 
Nazis impersonated alleged Polish terrorists. They attacked the Gleiwitz radio station in Upper Silesia, Germany. 
It bordered both countries. It was pretext to attack Poland. WW II followed.
Is Obama risking No. III? Is he mad enough to try? Is he beholden to crazies that extreme? 
A Ukrainian official said on condition of anonymity: “The task is to stage an attack on Ukrainian border guards by people dressed in Russian military uniforms and make a video of it.”
“The SBU (Ukraine Security Service) has transferred about 20 personal bodyguards of Dnepropetrovsk Region governor (Igor) Kolomoisky from Kiev to Donetsk.” 
“(T)he group” will team with (neo-Nazi) Right Sector” hoodlums. It’ll “accompan(y) a cargo of about 200 sets of Russian military uniforms and about 70 (blank]) IDs of Russian military officers.”
At issue is crushing Eastern Ukrainian resistance. It’s eliminating freedom fighters for justice. It’s smashing all opposition.
It’s solidifying hardline rule. It’s blaming its crimes on Russia. It risks igniting a major East/West confrontation. 
It risks potential global war. It risks what no responsible leader would dare.
Sergei Lavrov is a world class diplomat. He’s a bigger-than-life figure. He forthrightly stands tall. 
He shames is Western counterparts. He makes John Kerry look illegitimate by comparison.
He’s gone all-out to resolve Ukrainian crisis conditions diplomatically. He wants conflict contained. He wants it ended. He wants it kept from spinning out-of control.
He’s deeply worried. He sees fascism reemergent in Ukraine. It took millions of Soviet Russian lives decades earlier.
“For many years, Europe has been turning a blind eye to the fact how this ideology is acquiring new supporters, how former Waffen SS legionaries found as war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials stage marches,” he said.
In Ukraine, they’re “already not just marches with slogans glorifying Nazi criminals, but a ‘live’ manifestation of fascism.”
“What happened in the city of Odessa on May 2 is a sheer act of fascism, and we will not permit to sweep the facts under carpet as the ruling coalition tries to do so, concealing the investigation from the public.”
“We will seek for the truth, will seek for all evidence which was produced by eyewitnesses and which show that current Kiev authorities are hushing up consciously the scale of tragedy and will seek for all the truth to be investigated and made public.”
“We will not permit…fascism (again) in Europe (nor) in Russia,” Lavrov added.
He accused Western countries of “turning a blind eye to the true causes of” Odessa’s massacre. They suppressed neo-Nazi Right Sector crimes.
They irresponsibly accused Russia. They blamed victims for their own deaths. Extremists behind Friday’s massacre “didn’t hide that they were celebrating the victory of Russians,” he said.
“We have witnessed a frank display of fascism. None of the radical nationalists who committed this terrible crime has been arrested.” 
“The Kiev authorities have vaguely expressed condolences, declared a mourning and opened (a less than serious) investigation.”
“(N)ot many people will be surprised if” it’s (whitewashed the same way as) fatal sniper shooting(s) in the Ukrainian capital in February.”
“(S)uch a fate was prepared for Crimea, but its multinational people with Russia’s support defended their future.”
Last Friday, Odessa clashes erupted. Neo-Nazi Right Sector thugs provoked them. Slaughtering 46 activists followed. Scores of others were injured. 
Dozens remain missing. They’re unaccounted for. They’re either dead or in ruthless Right Sector hands. They’ll likely never be seen again alive. Fascists operate this way.
Right Sector hoodlums and likeminded extremists are some of the worst. Washington uses them advantageously. It does so to crush all opposition. It’s to solidify unchallenged control.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry was clear and unequivocal. It called what happened “criminal irresponsibility of the Kiev leadership indulging insolent nationalist radicals, including Right Sector, who are staging a campaign of physical terror against supporters of federalization and real constitutional changes in Ukrainian society.”
Lavrov said America and rogue EU partners ducked commenting on diktats straight from Washington and Brussels.
They ordered harsh crackdowns against Ukrainians wanting to live free.
“In the midst of February Maidan confrontations in Kiev, Nato Defense Ministers and Secretary General stated the inadmissibility of intervention of the armed forces of Ukraine in the political process, and insisted on the neutrality of the army,” said Lavrov.
“Today Washington and Brussels affirm the bogus legitimacy of so-called “anti-terrorist operation(s).”
Neo-Nazis thugs terrorize their own people. They’re praised for committing mass murder. Washington wholeheartedly endorses their ruthlessness.
“In the midst of February Maidan confrontations in Kiev, Nato Defense Ministers and Secretary General stated the inadmissibility of intervention of the armed forces of Ukraine in the political process, and insisted on the neutrality of the army,” said Lavrov.
“We don’t do regime change. We don’t do color revolutions, let alone brown-hued ones like those in Ukraine,” he added. 
At the same time, Russia is “not walking away from contacts with our Ukrainian counterparts, and one result of such contacts was the Geneva Statement of April 17.”
“Practical steps can be taken only by the Ukrainians themselves if they are not restrained from cooperating with each other. Alas, our Western partners are not ready to agree to the equitable participation of southeastern Ukraine in the national dialogue.”
“We honestly speak about that, in particular, with our American and European colleagues. They claim this is not so.”
If not, “then anything is possible and let us not tear Ukraine apart between the East and the West but pool efforts and help start the dialogue, which can coordinate practical steps towards the fulfillment of all agreements and statements.”
Lavrov is resilient. He’s extraordinarily patient. He matches the best of Job.
Despite daily irresponsible Russia bashing, he persists seeking responsible conflict resolution.
He want all sides represented in forthright dialogue. He urges compromise to settle things.
He wants four-party Geneva agreement terms observed. He urges more diplomatic discussions.
He wants all Ukrainians treated fairly and equitably. He wants each showing respect for others
He wants Kiev to stop using its military, National Guard and Right Sector thugs against its own people.
“(T)he first and obvious step is to cancel the order to use the army and the National Guard for suppressing (legitimate) protests,” he said.
He calls presidential elections held under conflict conditions unrealistic. Resolving conflict conditions equitably come first.
Prioritizing geopolitical ambitions above responsible governance assures continued conflict. It means no end of fighting. 
It keeps Ukraine on the boil. Perhaps doing so longterm. Maybe escalating things out-of-control.
A previous article profiled Lavrov. It called him a true peace champion. His efforts represent the best of responsible conflict resolution. 
He persists tirelessly for peace. He deserves Nobel award recognition. He’s polar opposite Kerry. Previous articles compared them.
Kerry represents the worst of America’s dark side. He mocks legitimacy. He’s an unindicted war criminal. He shames the office he holds. 
Demagoguery punctuates his comments. It exceeds the worst of Cold War rhetoric. He’s been caught red-handed lying numerous times.
He disdains rule of law principles. He supports war. He deplores peace. He’s indifferent to human suffering. He’s a monument to wrong over right.
He disgraces his country, position and humanity. He belongs in prison, not high office. On May 6, he met with EU foreign policy chief Katherine Ashton.
They’re partners in crime. We “covered a lot of ground,” he said. We “shared strategy.” They discussed Ukraine
He lied saying Russia “fail(ed) to live up to the very plain and simple, easy-to-interpret commitments that were made in Geneva.”
“Ukraine’s government, literally before the ink was dry, started to implement on that agreement. And they have held up their end of the bargain.”
“Ukraine has shown remarkable restraint. Almost immediately coming out of that meeting in Geneva, they ordered a cessation of any kind of counterterrorism activity, any effort to remove people from buildings based on the notion that both sides were going to work to bring people out of those buildings.” 
“And the fact is that they have been committed in Kyiv to trying to move their country forward through nonviolence, through constitutional reform, through dialogue, and by reaching out to the disaffected parts of Ukraine.”
Fact: Russia fully complies with agreed on Geneva terms.
Fact: Washington systematically violated them straightaway.
Fact: So did coup-appointed Kiev fascists.
Fact: They launched aggression against their own people the next day.
Fact: They’re murdering them in cold blood.
Fact: They deployed neo-Nazi Right Sector thugs.
Fact: They ordered them to kill, torture and otherwise abuse Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters.
Fact: The Odessa massacre followed.
Fact: Expect much worse ahead.
Fact: Orders to commit mass murder come straight from Washington.
Fact: Kerry fools no one paying attention.
Fact: His game is coverup and denial.
Fact: It’s pointing fingers the wrong way.
Fact: It’s blaming Russia for US-ordered Kiev crimes.
We’re “very concerned about efforts of pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk, in Luhansk to organize, frankly, a contrived, bogus independence referendum on May 11th,” said Kerry.
It’s “the Crimea playbook all over again and no civilized nation is going to recognize the results of such a bogus effort.”
Fact: Eastern Ukrainian activists aren’t separatists. 
Fact: They’re not militants.
Fact: They’re freedom fighters.
Fact: They’re ordinary people.
Fact: They’re factory workers, miners, farmers, store clerks, and defenders of right over wrong.
Fact: They’re acting entirely on their own volition.
Fact: They want their fundamental rights respected.
Fact: They want local autonomy.
Fact: They don’t seek separation from Ukraine.
Fact: Their planned referendums are entirely legitimate. 
Fact: They deserve worldwide support.
Fact: Expect all “civilized nation(s)” to recognize their results.
“(I)f Russian elements continue to sabotage the democratic process and prevent Ukraine from holding a free and fair election 19 days from now on the 25th, then we stand ready to implement additional sanctions,” said Kerry.
“And the ‘we’ is Europe and the United States together.”
Fact: So-called upcoming elections have no legitimacy whatever.
Fact: So-called “Russian elements” don’t exist.
Fact: Washington and rogue EU partners disagree sharply on sanctions.
Fact: European nations have valued political and economic ties to Russia.
Fact: They won’t let Washington jeopardize them.
Fact: They won’t impose sanctions harming their own self-interest.
Fact: Washington is largely isolated on its own imposing harsh ones if planned.
“We are not going to sit idly by while Russian elements fan the flames of instability, instead of fulfilling the commitments that we made,” said Kerry. 
“(W)e came together in a real spirit of trying to de-escalate. And we weren’t playing a game.”
“Regrettably, (it) was not met with reciprocity.”
“So the choice is really Russia’s. The United States, the EU, and our allies have made our choice very, very clear:” 
“We are going to stand together united not just in support of Ukraine, but united in support of de-escalating; united in support of a peaceful, diplomatic solution…”
Facts on the ground are polar opposite Kerry’s scenario. Big Lies infested his comments.
He twisted truth to fit US policy. At issue is advancing America’s imperium. It’s controlling Ukraine.
It’s incorporating it into NATO. It’s targeting Russia. It’s eliminating a major rival. 
It’s transforming it into a subservient vassal state. It’s plundering its resources. It’s exploiting its people.
It’s violating fundamental international, constitutional and US statute laws doing so. 
It’s waging war on humanity for unchallenged global dominance. It’s recklessly risking WW III.
Kerry is Obama’s geopolitical front man. It bears repeating. He represents the worst of America’s dark side.
He supports war. He deplores peace. He risks possible WW III. At stake is humanity’s survival.
Policies he furthers risk what no responsible official would endorse. The worst of all possible outcomes may follow.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
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