Kiev Obstructs Peaceful Dialogue

Kiev Obstructs Peaceful Dialogue
by Stephen Lendman
Coup-appointed putschists are convenient US stooges. Washington manipulates their policies. They salute and obey.
They spurn peaceful dialogue. They continue lawless aggression. They do so against their own people. They do it with full US support.
On May 8, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said they sabotaged OECD peaceful conflict resolution dialogue.
“The reaction to the results of the Moscow meeting between the presidents of Russia and Switzerland that came from the Kiev authorities, who have essentially jeopardized the OSCE efforts to launch an inclusive dialogue, is deeply regrettable,” the ministry said.
“Putting an immediate stop to the use of force, primarily of the regular army, and practical steps to disarm illegal armed groups are an obligatory condition.”
“Russia expects the slaughter in Odessa to be investigated in an unbiased and comprehensive way and those guilty to be punished seriously.”
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov added:
Vladimir Putin’s “appeal yesterday to representatives of the south-eastern regions of Ukraine and supporters of federalization to postpone the referendum slated for May 11 creates favorable conditions for starting a substantive and equal dialogue between the Ukrainian sides on the basis of the roadmap proposed by the Swiss Presidency of the OSCE for settling the crisis in Ukraine.”
On Thursday, Putin met with his Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan an Tajikistan counterparts. He did so in Moscow.
“Militant nationalism that once led to the emergence of the Nazi ideology is again rearing its head in Europe. We won’t dwell on each particular hotbed; we know where we face this danger,” he said.
“The example of Ukraine vividly shows that such an irresponsible policy leads to a lot of trouble and losses.”
“Hundreds of thousands of people are deprived of the chance to live a peaceful and unharmed life.”
“(W)e can’t be indifferent to what is going on in Ukraine. We are determined to act within the framework of” four-party agreed on terms.
“Concrete steps have been planned to intensify the OSCE’s efforts toward de-escalating tensions in Ukraine.” 
They’ve been taken “primarily through arranging a direct and equitable dialogue between the current Kiev authorities and representatives of the southeastern regions of the country.”
Washington-directed Kiev actions subvert his best efforts. He’s irresponsibly blamed for their reprehensible behavior.
“The world faces a lot of challenges and threats,” Putin explained.
Kiev responded to Putin’s diplomatic outreach by deploying 15,000 troops near Russia’s borders. According to Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov:
At the same time, NATO massed forces menacingly in Eastern Europe. He called on its leaders “to quit cynically deluding the international society on the real state of affairs on the Russian-Ukrainian border.”
On May 6, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke at Chicago’s Council on Global Affairs. He enlisted support for escalated US belligerent involvement.
Less “forces us to be more engaged later,” he said. “(A)t a higher cost in blood and treasure, and often on the terms of others,” he claimed.
He called tough-minded engagement a national priority.
“Although Americans today are increasingly skeptical of foreign engagement and global responsibilities, it is a mistake to view these responsibilities as a burden or as charity,” he said.
“Let us remember that the biggest beneficiaries of American leadership and engagement in the world are the American people.”
America has 400,000 troops based in scores of countries worldwide. Hagel lied claiming they’re there to build a peaceful, free, stable world.
They’re involved in advancing America’s imperium. They operate lawlessly. They’re engaged in multiple direct and proxy wars. They make more enemies than friends.
“Even as we shrink our military’s size…we must continue strengthening the capabilities of our allies, forming new alliances and bolstering old ones, and investing in collective security arrangements,” Hagel said. 
“We want our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines active around the world, deploying with greater frequency and agility, with the skills and expertise needed to build security capacity in each region.”
He highlighted non-existing threats. He claimed a need to focus on high-intensity ones from sophisticated adversaries.
He names irregular forces, cyber terrorists, and others increasingly challenging America’s technological advantage.
He urged major investments in next-generation weapons. He wants increased cyber and space capabilities.
He wants unmanned systems bolstered. He wants more precision strike platforms. He wants similar intelligence ones.
“I’m not interested in a fair fight,” he said. “I don’t want to be capable of only fighting the last war.”
He wants Washington’s war on humanity to continue. He irresponsibly threatens world peace.
No nation does so more than America. Former Reagan Office of Management and Budget Director David Stockman called for dismantling America’s warfare state.
He called intervening against other nations “moronic.” In 1989, Washington lied promising not moving “one inch to the East.”
One mindless policy after another followed. Things get worse, not better. Stockman explained the problem as follows:
“The Washington beltway is floating in a sea of prosperity reminiscent of Imperial Rome.” 
“It reflects the fact that the vast machinery of the old cold war has been layered upon by the massive expansion that flowed from the War On Terror.” 
“Policy thus happens because our vastly augmented and wholly unnecessary Warfare State needs missions, purposes and a reason for being.”
It’s heading America toward tyranny and ruin. It threatens world peace.
Famed journalist George Seldes (1890 – 1995) highlighted a “worldwide munitions racket.” He did so decades earlier. He called war profiteers “merchants of death.”
They promote “imperialism (and) colonization,” he said. They do so “by means of war.”
“The healthfulness of their businesses depends on slaughter. The more wars,” the greater their riches.
He worried about domestic “fascist forces.” They’re in government, industry and the media. 
They promote wars. They cheerlead them. They mock responsible leadership. They represented a shadow of today’s threats.
Viktor Medvedchuk heads the Ukrainian Choice public movement. On Thursday, he said US military aid “will be used to escalate aggression and provoke new conflicts and confrontation in the country.”
“This is the real US goal,” he added. “(T)he United Staes is ready to finance a new stage of confrontation and aggression in Ukraine.”
Stop NATO editor Rick Rozoff went further. Washington wants “military domination of the entire planet,” he said.
Its recklessness is unprecedented. It’s permanently at war. Outrageous amounts are spent waging them. More is spent on militarism overall. 
“I live in a country where many of us can’t afford even elementary healthcare, dental care, optical care; can’t afford to pay our rent,” said Rozoff.
Vital needs go begging. Waging war on humanity takes precedence. So do bullying, pressuring, bribing and threatening other nations to support interests contrary to their own.
America is the only nation in world history ever to “carve up the entire (planet) into military commands,” said Rozoff.
It’s to solidify unchallenged military dominance. It’s to wage war anywhere on a moment’s notice.
Longstanding US policy reflects “a corrupt, money-driven political (duopoly) system.” Popular interests have no say.
Paul Craig Roberts is right calling America a “gangster state.” It’s run by “two-bit punks.”
“Dollar imperialism, threats, bribes, and wars are means by which US hegemony is extended,” he said.
Democracy is fantasy. None whatever exists. None is tolerated anywhere. Accountability is non-existent.
Monied interests run things. Obama is their convenient stooge. So are officials around him. Congressional leaders are no better.
Officials able to make a difference dismiss public need. They pursue reckless policies. They’re hopelessly corrupt. They represent gangsterism writ large.
Rule of law principles don’t matter. Dissent is criminalized. Washington want its message alone getting out. It’s  institutionalizing tyranny. 
Non-existent enemies are invented. It’s done to generate fear. It’s to wage war on humanity. It may not survive Obama’s second term. 
Rogue policies risk the unthinkable. Madness defines them. Obama represents the world’s greatest threat. Stopping him matters most.
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