Kerry at Yale

Kerry at Yale
by Stephen Lendman
On May 18, he returned to his alma mater. He’s class of 1966. He was a mediocre student. He barely managed to graduate. 
He got four freshman year Ds. His cumulative four-year 76 numerical rating barely avoided failure. Gentlemen C’s got him through.
He was Yale’s featured Class Day speaker. He addressed graduating students. His mother stressed integrity.
“Integrity, John,” she said. His father said “diplomacy was really being able to see the world through the eyes of someone else, to understand their aspirations and assumptions.”
Two important lessons Kerry never learned. He’s vying for Washington’s worst ever Secretary of State dishonor. 
He fronts for imperial lawlessness. He’s an unindicted war criminal. He represents America’s dark side. 
He mocks legitimacy. He shames the office he holds. He’s mindless of rule of law principles. He’s a serial liar. He’s a moral coward.
He’s deplores peace. He’s brazenly hawkish. He’s indifferent to human suffering. 
He relishes spoils of war. He’s what Paul Craig Roberts calls a “two-bit punk.” More on what he said below.
In November 1984, he was elected Massachusetts junior senator. He succeeded Paul Tsongas. He stepped down for health reasons. 
On January 2, 1985, he took office. For over 29 years, he supported US imperial lawlessness. He was Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman.
On February 1, 2013, he became America’s 68th Secretary of State. Its top diplomat. Its front man for ruthless power.
His style reflects bullying, bluster and Big Lies. His job involves telling other nations who’s boss. Explaining Washington rules. Demanding compliance or else.
His estimated net worth exceeds $300 million. He’s a billionaire through his wife’s wealth. She’s heir to the Heinz fortune.
Kerry’s Senate voting record was deplorable. He was Israel’s man in Washington.
He supported NAFTA, Big Media, welfare reform, Plan Columbia, Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF/September 2001), the USA Patriot Act, its 2006 and 2011 reauthorizations, and annual national defense budgets for war.
He endorsed war on terror lawlessness. He backed Bush’s imperial aggression. He supported Obama’s war on Libya. 
He favors ravaging and destroying Syria. He’s for targeting Iran next. He’s administration Ukraine agenda front man. He supports illegitimate fascist putschist rule.
Earlier he backed Bush’s No Child Left Behind scheme to privatize public education.
He endorsed energy policies benefitting Big Oil, Obamacare, reduced food stamp funding, and freedom threatening cybersecurity legislation among other undemocratic measures.
He favors doubling special forces death squads. He wants them deployed globally. He wants their role in America’s war on terror enhanced.
He wants greater US military strength. He wants it better able to wage global wars. He wants stepped up intelligence gathering. He favors tougher anti-terrorist policies. 
He supports offensive national missile defense. He’s against cutting nuclear weapons below START levels.
He’s brazenly anti-Russian. He’s hostile to Moscow/Beijing ties. He has close Wall Street ties. He and George Bush are Yale grads.
He was president of Yale’s Political Union. He belonged to Skull and Bones. So did Bush, his father, and grandfather.
In 1832, it was founded. Throughout most of its history as an all-male secret society. Women were excluded until selectively admitted in the 1990s. Its headquarters building is called the Tomb.
Alumni include former presidents, Supreme Court chief justices, CIA officials, cabinet members, congressmen, senators, business leaders, and other prominent members of society.
Hundreds of living ones remain. S&B is Yale’s elitist secret society. Members are carefully vetted.
It’s more than a club. Fifteen members are chosen annually. It may be America’s most elite network. 
Inductees are considered potential future business, government, legal, and other type prominent leaders.
Its alumni have enormous influence. They run America. They’ve done it for years. Dominant S&B alumni families control it. 
They include Bush, Bundy, Harriman, Lord, Phelps, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Taft, and Whitney, among others. Inter-marriage is encouraged.
One observer calls it “an international mafia – unregulated and all but unknown.” 
Its agenda reflects New World Order dominance. It wants personal freedoms compromised. Ceremonial silence is sworn.
Bonesmen automatically advance to positions of power. They’re expected to serve prominently. Former members financed Hitler. Current ones are fascists. They’re neo-Nazis.
Many Bonesmen have close Wall Street ties. At least a dozen are linked to the Fed. 
They control America’s media, prominent legal institutions, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission.
Silence is Skull and Bones’ golden rule. Bonesmen are sworn to secrecy. They reflect the worst of America’s dark side. Kerry is current Exhibit A.
His Class Day address ignored his imperial agenda. It substituted lies for vital truths. 
He pretended support for peace, civil rights, popular needs, immigration reform that matters, and environmental sanity.
He ludicrously called what happened after he graduated a “daring journey of progress played out over years, decades, and even generations.”
“On the world stage,” he said, “you will not escape it…We see huge, growing populations of young people in places that offer little education, little economic or political opportunity.”
He fabricated concern for “do(ing) more to coordinate an attack on extreme poverty, provide education, opportunity, and jobs…”
He stressed “refus(ing) to accept the downsizing of America’s role in a very complicated world.”
He told class of 2014 Yale grads: “Your job is to disturb the universe.”
He pretended for better, not worse. He meant furthering US dominance. 
Enforcing Washington rules. Targeting outliers for removal. Eliminating major rivals. Waging war on humanity.
He ludicrously claimed “most of the rest of the world doesn’t lie awake at night worrying about America’s presence.”
“They worry about what would happen in our absence…(W)hat makes America different from other nations…is that we are united by an uncommon idea…”
“(T)hat we’re all created equal and all endowed with unalienable rights.” 
“America is not just a country like other countries. America is an idea and we. All of us, you – get to fill it out over time.”
“At Yale, we say your degree admits you to all its ‘rights and responsibilities.’ ” 
“It means we need to renew that responsibility over and over again every day. It’s not a one-time decision.”
Kerry urged keeping faith in government. Remain hopeful. Stay active. Find solutions. 
Keep “faith with the ability of institutions to do big things when demanded.”
It bears repeating. Kerry ignored America’s dark side. His lead role. His criminal agenda. 
His war on freedom. His hawkishness. Disdaining peace. Supporting wrong over right. 
Defending the indefensible. Failing as America’s top diplomat. Remaining unaccountable. His policies risk potential global war. 
Yale’s class of 2014 includes students from 61 countries. Vietnam among others. Ones America ravaged and destroyed. 
They know America’s dark side best. Likely Kerry’s lead imperial role. His support for wealth, power and privilege. His lawlessness.
His deplorable human rights record. His support for wrong over right. His disdain for what matters most.
New grads can make a difference. Doing so requires making right choices. 
Hopefully one is being Kerry’s worst nightmare. Being opposite his imperial madness. 
Being on the right side of history. Wanting societies fit to live in. Supporting peace, equity and justice. Governance of, by and for everyone.
Endorsing right over wrong. Doing it because it matters. Spreading the word. 
Urging others to do the same thing. Beating Kerry and like-minded scoundrels at their own dirty game.
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