JFK Conspiracy Fact #24: JFK’s Wounds Changed In-Between Dallas and Bethesda

Douglas Horne, author of Inside The Assassinations Records Review Board, summed up the JFK murder mystery this way, “This case is about the medical evidence; to solve it one must figure out why two different sets of doctors saw two different sets of wounds just six hours apart.”

Horne is right. To understand how and why JFK’s murder was covered up, one must come to grips with the contradictory testimony of the doctors. At the very core of the matter is this–the president’s wounds as described by the Dallas doctors bore little resemblance to the wounds described in the autopsy performed by the Bethesda doctors. At Parkland Hospital the doctors saw evidence of frontal entry wounds which indicated that JFK had been shot from the front. Meaning that Oswald could not have done the shooting because he was supposedly firing from the building behind the President. Meanwhile, six hours later, and a thousand miles to the east, Bethesda autopsy doctors saw rear-entry wounds. How is that possible? Who changed the wounds, when did they do it, how did they do it, and where did they do it?

You must read my book to find out (see link below…shameless plug), but I will tell you this. The alteration of Kennedy’s wounds is the best indication of a plot, because somebody altered those wounds to fit the preconceived lie of Oswald being the lone assassin, i.e., only shots from above and behind and no shots from the front right. In other words, the Rosetta Stone of the conspiracy was that someone had access to the body between the time it left Dallas and the time it arrived in D.C., in order to change the evidence of the real origin of the shots.

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