JFK Conspiracy Fact #11: Read My Interview in Today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The JFK assassination is the focus of the November 10 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Arts & Entertainment page. In the books section I am interviewed by the Post’s book editor, Jane Henderson. She has a regular feature, in question and answer format, which highlights St. Louis authors. Here is a reprint of the article:

“Penned in St. Louis by Jane Henderson:”

Tim Fleming, 60, grew up in an Irish Catholic family and began reading books about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination when he was just a kid. “It’s been a lifelong obsession,” he says. Now a retired English teacher who lives in O’Fallon, Ill., Fleming uses history as a backdrop for his novel “The President’s Mortician” (Neverland, 242 pages, $16.95).

The “mortician” of the title is John Liggett, a real person. Why is he important? – I believe he was involved in the postmortem alteration of JFK’s wounds to disguise the true nature of how JFK was murdered. How, where and when he did this is the central thesis of “The President’s Mortician.”

If he helped cover up facts about the shooting, why haven’t historians paid more attention to him and any survivors who knew him? – His work was done in secret, and few people even knew of his existence. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a close relative of Liggett, who told me his story.

You also send Liggett on a fictional trip to St. Louis? – Yes, Liggett was not only a master mortician, but also a contract killer who was jailed for murders he committed in Dallas. I have him commit a fictional murder in St. Louis to bring the narrative close to the area I know best.

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