Japan & Fukushima Missing YouTubers, Tweeters, Facebookers, Instagramers And Viners- Part 2 (Video)

By Susan Duclos

As a part two of his previous video about the Fukushima going into stealth mode on the Internet, BeautifulGirlByDana is following up after doing a massive search, aggregating  narrowing terms, hunting, yet has found it isn’t just YouTube videos that seem to be missing firsthand accounts about the last 7.3 magnitude earthquake that recently hit off the coast of Fukushima, but there is an obvious lack of Tweets from Japan, Facebook posts from Japan, Instagrams and Vines from Japan.

Where are the photos, videos, chatter, so to speak, from the people living in in Japan, in areas that news reports say whole buildings shook?

Could this have anything to do with Japan’s new gag order, which was reported here at Before It’s News on October 25?

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