Israel Joins Obama’s War on Yemen

Israel Joins Obama’s War on Yemen
by Stephen Lendman
Obama terror-bombed Yemen throughout his tenure.He murdered hundreds of noncombatant men, women and children in cold blood.
He’s at it again. He’s waging proxy war against Houthi rebels.
He’s using rogue state regional allies to do his dirty work.
They ousted illegitimately US-installed puppet Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.
Israel quietly joined Obama’s dirty war. On March 22, Houthi leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi accused Washington and Israel of using Takfiri extremists to stage terrorist attacks on Yemeni civilians.
Mosques were targeted. Scores were killed, hundreds injured. Al-Houthi urged Yemenis to unite against elements aiming to destabilize the country.
“Everyone is a target,” he said. He didn’t know at the time Washington intended using proxy forces to terror-bomb Yemen into submission.
America’s goal is longstanding. Eliminate all independent governments. Replace them with US-controlled puppets.
Hadi was a convenient stooge. Obama wants him back in power serving US interests.
At the same time, denying Iran a regional ally. Aiming to isolate Tehran regionally by eliminating its key allies – mainly Syria and Hezbollah.
Then replacing Iran’s independent government with one Washington controls.
America allies with the region’s worst despots to further its objectives.
It’s in bed with Israel’s hegemonic ambitions. Both countries partner in each other’s high crimes.
They threaten world peace. They  terror-bomb adversaries.
Washington planned war on Yemen months earlier. It’s controlling and directing ongoing Saudi-led aggression against a nation posing it no threat.
Israeli warplanes are involved. Fars News said they’re participating in airstrikes.
It quoted Yemen’s Al-Haq Political party Secretary-General Hassan Zayd saying:
On direct orders from Netanyahu, “for the first time…Zionists are conducting a joint (military) operation in coalition with Arabs.”
Yemen’s al-Massira television said aggressor warplanes deliberately targeted civilian homes and a market where people were shopping.
Dozens were killed, scores more injured. Bombing continues.
Houthi forces keep advancing. Reports indicate heavy clashes near Aden.
Senior Iranian parliamentarians urged Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) member nations to condemn Saudi terror-bombing.
Iranian MP Zohreh Tabibzadeh spoke for others saying “(w)e expect the NAM countries to condemn this aggression.”
Yemenis intend defending their country, she stressed. They deserve universal support against US-planned, sponsored and directed terror-bombing.
On Saturday, Reuters said Houthi fighters continued making gains – despite Saudi-led air attacks.
Yemen is the latest example of Washington’s war on humanity.
It’s systematically ravaging and destroying one country at a time.
Post-9/11 alone, its aim for unchallenged global dominance took millions of lives.
Gideon Polya estimates Bush/Obama genocidal war on Iraq alone (since 2003) killed 2.7 million people – from violence and “violently-imposed deprivation.”
Since 1914, Western wars on Iraq killed nine million, Polya estimates.
What Britain began a century ago, it now partners in what Washington continues – wars without end against Arab populations being systematically exterminated.
Western media scoundrels ignore an ongoing Arab Holocaust far greater than what Hitler did to Jews.
Try finding a single Western report explaining it. None on one of history’s greatest crimes.
Arab lives don’t matter. Western white supremacists consider them fair game for mass slaughter and exploitation.
Washington’s Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian wars continue. Yemen is Obama’s latest aggression.
It follows his installing Nazis to run Ukraine – to wage dirty war without mercy on Donbass residents wanting to live free from the scourge of fascism.
What happens longer term  remains to be seen. Washington’s war on humanity threatens world peace.
Madness defines US policy. Lunatics in charge won’t quit until they turn all countries to rubble.
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