Irresponsible Iran/Syria Bashing

Irresponsible Iran/Syria Bashing
by Stephen Lendman
Washington and Israel are imperial partners in crime. Regime change is longstanding policy. Iran and Syria are prime targets. 
Campaigns against their governments continue. Media scoundrels hype Big Lies. So do pro-Israeli and right-wing think tanks. They proliferate them ad nauseam. They drown out truth.
Emily Landau is an unapologetic Iran basher. She’s an Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) senior research associate. She’s a paid propagandist. She lies for power.
INSS is Tel Aviv-based. It’s an Israeli front group. Many of its professionals have government and/or IDF backgrounds. 
Israel helps fund it. Doing so assures its interests are promoted. It’s point of view is featured. Opposing ones are suppressed.
Haaretz editors gave Landau feature op-ed space. Why they’ll have to explain. She took full advantage. She headlined “Is the US determined enough to confront Iran?”
On Monday, interim Joint Plan of Action (JPA) talks resume. Iran’s program is peaceful. It’s legal. It fully complies with NPT provisions. No military component exists.
Landau suggests otherwise. Complying with P5+1 demands isn’t enough. It’s not “the whole story,” she said. 
She wants her version alone explained. She claims “crucial facts” are left out.
She lied saying Iran’s nuclear program is “progressing dangerously.” She calls it a “roll-forward” on “even more advanced generations of Iranian centrifuges.”
It bears repeating. All aspects of Iran’s program are legal. Tehran relinquished important legitimate rights. 
It sacrificed much more than it received. It did so in the spirit of cooperation.
Joint Plan of Action terms don’t restrict legitimate research and development. All NPT signatories are permitted to conduct them.
When low-enriched uranium is fed into “advanced centrifuges under development…Iran will very quickly be able to enrich to the higher levels needed for nuclear weapons,” Landau alleged.
She claims “ambiguous” JPA language lets Tehran game the process. No evidence suggested it. She cites none.
Iran’s nuclear program “thrives on ambiguity,” she said. It “tries to avoid action that can easily be construed as an outright violation of an agreement (and achieves it) by exploiting ambiguity,” she claims.
Throughout multiple rounds of talks, Iran negotiated responsibly. It’s nuclear facilities are the world’s most intensively monitored.
Nothing suggests anything resembling nuclear weapons development. Nothing indicates Iran wanting wanting it. 
Plenty shows Tehran abhors nuclear weapons. It wants a region free from all weapons of mass destruction.
Israel maintains formidable nuclear, chemical and biological weapons arsenals. It threatens to use them. 
Israeli apologists conveniently ignore what’s most important. They irresponsibly bash Iran.
Landau lied claiming Tehran will “avoid (discussing) issues that will seriously undermine its ability to maintain a military nuclear option.”
It won’t shutter “Fordow and Arak, nor dismantle even one centrifuge.” It won’t address its “ballistic missile capabilities” and what Landau calls the “Probable Military Dimensions of its nuclear program.”
She wants these issues included in a “final comprehensive deal.”
She wants Iran relinquishing its legitimate rights. She wants issues unrelated to its nuclear program addressed.
She lied claiming Tehran continues “working hard in the coming months of negotiations…as it did regarding negotiations on the interim deal…to avoid including issues that will seriously undermine its ability to maintain a military nuclear option.”
Iran bashing substitutes for verifiable proof. None whatever exists.
“Any comprehensive deal must reveal the military dimensions of (its) program,” said Landau. None exist.
She wrongfully accused Tehran of “ly(ing) and “cheat(ing) for decades.” Her diatribe concealed her real agenda.
She abhors rapprochement with Iran. She wants Tehran kept weak, isolated and vilified. She wants Israeli interests alone served.
She wants its major regional power eliminated. She wants regime change. Perhaps she wants war to achieve it.
It bears repeating what earlier articles stressed. Iran’s nuclear program is red herring cover for replacing its independent government with a pro-Western stooge one.
Landau is part of a vilifying campaign to do so. Her diatribe is thinly veiled. It fools no one paying attention.
The Foreign Policy Institute (FPI) is the Project for the New American Century’s (PNAC) current incarnation. 
It promotes war. It abhors peace. It’s part of America’s neocon lunatic fringe. It promotes Washington’s imperial agenda. 
It does so irresponsibly. It does it dangerously. It risks what could become uncontrollable. It risks global war.
Christopher J. Griffin serves as FPI’s executive director. Earlier he was former neocon Senator Joe Lieberman’s legislative director. Like other FPI members, he’s ideologically over-the-top.
So is Evan Moore. He’s an FPI policy analyst. Earlier he was a State Department Office of WMD intern. He and Griffin headlined “Make a Clean Break From Failed Syria Policies.”
Mass slaughter, destruction and what’s called the gravest humanitarian crisis in decades aren’t enough.
Over nine million Syrians were internally or externally displaced. An estimated 5.5 million children need shelter, food, healthcare, education and psychological help.
Syria is Obama’s war. He bears full responsibility. Proxy death squads kill dozens daily. Over 60% of Syrians are impoverished. Half the population is unemployed.
Landmark cultural and archeological sites were destroyed. So were schools, hospitals, public buildings, private ones, vital infrastructure and much more.
Obama wants pro-Western puppet governance replacing Assad. He maintains overwhelming popularity. He’s fighting to save his country.
He’s routing death squad gangs responsibly. Others come in to replace them. He’s “strengthening his grip on Syria,” said Griffin and Moore.
They lied saying he’s “win(ning) (his) war against the Syrian people.” They ignored Obama’s responsibility. They turned a blind eye to Israel’s involvement.
They’re silent about Britain, France, other EU partners, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey. They irresponsibly blame Assad for their crimes. They ludicrously blame Iran.
They blame Russia for supporting the interests of beleaguered Syrians. They called Syria “the world’s largest safe haven for jihadists.”
They point fingers the wrong way. They ignored who bears most responsibility for supporting them.
They lied claiming “Assad is not meeting deadlines to dismantle his chemical weapons.”
He’s disposing them responsibly. He’s doing so to prevent terror gangs from stealing them. By mid-April, they may be  entirely removed.
Syria may accomplish its task ahead of the agreed on mid-2014 deadline.
According to Griffin and Moore:
Obama “faces the same choice today that he has attempted to defer or dodge at each critical juncture over the past three years…” 
He “can either lead an effort with our allies to defang Assad and bring about a post-Assad Syria that is free and inclusive for all Syrians – or watch as a bystander while the conflagration grows.”
Syria enjoyed peace and stability until Obama unleashed his dogs. He bears full responsibility for over three years of conflict.
Griffin and Moore call his approach “hands-off.” They ludicrously said his “good faith” peace efforts were “unrequited.”
He went all-out to subvert peace. He wants war continued. He wants it escalated. He wants Syria entirely ravaged and destroyed.
He wants Assad blamed for his crimes. Don’t expect Griffin and Moore to explain.
They claimed “Moscow and Tehran see an enfeebled United States as reasons to test new provocations.”
They lied claiming Russia invaded Crimea. They lied saying “Tehran shipp(ed) missiles to Gaza militants.”
They outrageously accused both countries of “betrayals.” That “should free Obama…to pursue a clean break from his failed Syria policies.”
They want increased weapons and munitions shipments to terror gangs. They want more death and destruction.
They want close coordination with allies. They want Obama “prepared to strike the Syrian regime and military targets if Assad misses” his deadline for eliminating his entire CW stockpile.
They want direct US intervention. They want bombs away. They want Libyan carnage replicated in Syria.
They lied claiming Syrians “want the Assad regime to fall.” False! Polls show over 70% support. 
If an election was held today, he’d win overwhelming. Why Obama and complicit allies won’t tolerate one.
They want him replaced. They want him ousted. They want pro-Western allies competing for president and parliamentary positions.
They want Washington choices elected. They want Syrians having no say. They want war continued against their interests. They want their own alone served.
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