I’m Skeptical About Orlando


Paul Craig Roberts

Some readers have asked for my take on the Orlando Shooting.

I don’t have one. Let’s see if together we can form a reasonable view.

Let’s start with the basic first question. Before there can be a murder declared, there must be a body. Has anyone seen on TV or in newspapers pictures of dead bodies? Bodies should be readily available if the reports are correct that fifty people were killed and 50 or more were wounded and in the hospital.

I cannot bear the presstitute TV and print media. These are full-time propaganda organizations. Hopefully, some of you hold your nose and watch the news and can fill in the spaces. Has anything we have been told been confirmed by any real evidence?

Initially, I saw a CNN newscast and an RT report. The reports were heavy with the verbiage of blood being all over the place, but the only visual evidence offered were three people, supposedly injured, being helped, not by medics or first responders, but by ordinary folks. A couple of people were helping a guy with tattoos in place of a shirt, but there was no sign of blood. Several people were helping people in police uniforms to carry a person who they dumped in the back of a pickup truck, not in the cab. About 6 people were carrying a person stretched out prone (no stretcher) down a street.

There was no blood and it looked like a crisis acting performance. Why prone? Is an injured person really able to keep his body stiff so that he can be carried along prone parallel to the ground? Where are they taking him? Is this just a camera walk-by? What has become of the protocol that untrained people are not to attempt to help injured people? When police arrive at a scene, they usually run off bystanders, not recruit them to assist their activities or allow them to carry away the wounded and dead.

Readers have noticed that the visual evidence does not match the verbal reports. Readers report that Fox “News” and MSNBC repeatedly show the same footage described above of bystanders carrying supposedly injured victims whose facial expressions are completely unstressed and show no pain, fear, or blood.

So has anyone seen any dead bodies? Anybody bags? Any wounded taken to hospitals in ambulances? Any of the hospital wounded interviewed by TV reporters? Has any reporter checked with the morgue?

Allegedly, people inside the massacre location made cell phone calls and texted. But no one took photos or videos? Are there no security cameras? No doormen to notice a heavily armed person enter?

With 50 people killed and 50 or more wounded and reports of oceans of blood, there should be plenty of evidence Have any of you seen any of it?

As far as I know, dead bodies, other than those of the perpetrators themselves, seldom if ever emerge from the terrorist attacks. No dead bodies materialized from the Paris attacks except those of the alleged perpetrators. No dead bodies ever emerged from the Sandy Hook shootings. The only dead bodies I recall from the San Bernardino shooting were the husband-and-wife-alleged-perpetrators, and their hands were handcuffed behind their backs. Do police handcuff dead people who the police have shot to pieces? I don’t remember dead bodies from Brussels, just reports of dead bodies.

One could say that the media is averse to invading the privacy of dead people and their relatives by showing dead bodies, or that the media doesn’t want to show gruesome scenes—except for the videos of Muslim terrorists cutting off people’s heads. But by now the unanswered questions from the various shootings have created so much skepticism that a person would think the media would provide corroborative evidence for the official claims.

Maybe they have. As I admit, I don’t watch the presstitute news.

In order to shoot 100 people, the principal weapon allegedly used, an AR-15, would have had to have been reloaded several times, a procedure that takes enough time for people to rush the shooter and overpower him.

Is it possible for one person to shoot 100 people successfully but not be able to shoot even one cop when police appear? Remember the Charlie Hebdo event. The two killers were highly professional when they wiped out the magazine staff and a policeman in the street, but later when confronted by police they were so hapless and incompetent as to suggest that they were not the same people. Remember the San Bernardino shootings. Three eyewitnesses said that the shooters were three muscular males dressed in black, not a husband and diminutive wife with a new baby.

What is most troublesome about these shootings is that the story seems already prepared by the government and is immediately set. We are fed the story before there is time for investigation by government or media. The media never investigate. The media just repeat the government’s story over and over until it is set in everyone’s mind. Contrary evidence is just discarded.

The alleged perpetrators are always killed, so we never hear from them. The only survivor of the various terrorists is the younger Tsarnaev brother who has been held incommunicado. We have never heard directly from him.

One might think that by now the US media would have at least a smidgen of skepticism. After all, for the past 15 years, we have wasted trillions of dollars in wars in the Middle East based on lies that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. So why is the media willing to accept whatever the government says without any investigation or even raising a question?

The chairman, co-chairman, and legal counsel of the official 9/11 Commission have said publicly that the commission was lied to by the US government, that information was withheld from the commission, and that the commission was “set up to fail.” If the government will not tell the truth to the 9/11 Commission, why would the government tell us peons the truth?

It is not reporting merely to repeat the government’s claim. But that is all we get from the payroll jobs, unemployment and inflation reports to terrorism reports and claims of “Russian aggression.”

Send your emails with URLs of news broadcasts showing dead bodies and other real evidence. Don’t send in your speculations. They might be interesting and on the mark, but what we are trying to do is to see if there is any real evidence in behalf of this latest story of mass slaughter inside a night club.

It will be difficult, perhaps even impossible, to get any truth out of the Orlando shooting. Too many vocals and well-organized interest groups have a strong stake in the government’s explanation. It comes to the aid of the anti-Muslim lobby and the Trump campaign which want Muslims kept out of the US and those here arrested and deported. It comes to the aid of the gun control lobby. It comes to the aid of the progressive-left that wants to normalize homosexual and transgendered people, thus the outpouring of sympathy for those shot in the homosexual night club. It comes to the aid of the spy industry and the police state that want no check on their activities. It comes to the aid of Washington’s murderous foreign policy—so what if we blow up Muslim children—look what they do to us when they grow up, which is what the Israelis say about the Palestinians. It comes to the aid of the neoconservatives and the military-security complex for whom wars against Muslims advance their agenda and fatten their pocketbook.

All of these interests are far more powerful than the right of peons to know the truth.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    False Flag? has to be the #1 question after the 911 False Flag Operation. Understanding German propaganda helped me understand the propaganda barrage we’re under today in the USA. Google … Calvin College German propaganda archive

  • Luther R. Norman

    By examining this article, perhaps you too question why reports do not match footage, even why ‘bystanders’ were assisting the police rather than being dispursed by them. Just why do there appear to be so many questions without answers?

  • Jesus H. Mother of God, man, you are so far around the bend you’re eyeballing your own asshole. First of all if you don’t watch the goddamn news, don’t weigh in. How in Christ can you think these people aren’t dead. Where the fuck did they go? Survivors today reported the shooting and the blood. The trauma surgeons reported their efforts. Roberts, you’ve got to come down to fucking earth once in a while.

    • You’re right, the suffering is real, people were killed. Doctors are giving eyewitness reports. But be easy on the guy, he’s got very good reasons to be skeptical of all that comes out of U.S. corporate media, because most of it is disinformation, political/economic propaganda or banal distraction, He’s probably a bit extreme on this one. We all get that way at times, cut him some slack, you’ve been wrong at times and so have I. There are false flag operations, but not every violent event happens to be one.

      • I hear you Jerry, but you know, we’ve all had a tough day at the False Flag Office. Roberts’s piece leads the RINF website! So the headline for my commentary is “I’m Skeptical About RINF” because I want analysis based on facts, not broad brush speculation or hyped up conspiracy theory BS. We out here in reader land must not be lemmings lapping up the sop. Are there any RINF articles that you think have merit you can refer me to? Thanks.

        • I think RINF has been generally correct about NATO and the U.S.’s suicidal policies toward Russia. I also think RINF has been correct, mostly, about the virus of neoliberalism and neoconservatism that has infected the American body politic and economy.

          • Thanks Jerry for your insight (I just now saw notification of your reply in my Spam, so sorry for the delay) and I’ll look at RINF in that light. Much appreciated..

        • The articles that strike me as having a fairly high degree of accuracy and truth on RINF are the ones concerning the Ukraine situation. I also read an article this morning on today’s headlines at RINF about why Hillary Clinton refuses to release her corporate speeches. I tend to think that Eric Zeusse writes from a perspective that seems knowledgeable, sincere and accurate. No news site is perfect, but most in the U.S. are either inept, banal or deceptive. I try to get a wide perspective and factor in what is logical, what makes sense and then factor in my own subjective bias, assumptions and conclusions. I have read from other sources that the Sandy Hook shootings were “staged”, but I have no reason to believe that.

          The bulk of U.S. media is economic, political and cultural propaganda and refuses to discuss the solutions to global problems outside of a narrow set of assumptions and conclusions and/or financial self-interest. It’s easy to be uninformed and misinformed given the economic and political power concentrated via corporate media. I share Robert’s larger doubts about the misdirection our misleaders are misleading us in, but I think he is wrong about Sandy Hook. On the other hand, I could be wrong about it too.

      • RenegadeProphet

        ALL the shootings were either mind controlled patsies or they didnt happen at all like Sandy Hook and the completely fake WDBJ7 shooting the evil media wont even talk about anymore. The FBI did Ok city bombing and the CIA and Mossad did 9-11 and the next big false flag will get 90% of Americans killed in WW3!

        The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.

  • RenegadeProphet

    ALL terrorism is done by the evil government.
    The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.

  • eli isreal

    Timed out on the first attempt. Subjected to the law of the local council
    Completely different is what we write now
    The fact that this guy was on the “watch list” only enabled them to nurture his psychopathy