Idiocracy Friday

Today is Idiocracy Friday, and as usual, the read-and-circus lines were fully energized and ready for action. Even the Financial Post is getting the game, posting this video from a Walmart where TVs (I think?) are worth a little blood, skin, and bones. Note the breadth of the Times article, including photos and video – both revealing and repulsive.

Scroll further down in the article to a Walmart in Knoxville where folks fight over cookware. Watch at the 1:40 point where security tries to quiet down a bunch of stragglers left over from a riot that has already been quelled for the most part. People are yelling and trash talking about their heart problems, eye problems, and whatnot, including one woman who is screaming that she is “going to sue.”

Historical and present actions show again and again that high time preference people seek out this type of action, conflict, and even anger. They covet these hostile environments , which is why they come to view these shopping frenzies as a cherished hobby. So many people who are so bored in one spot is a perfect storm for the rise of a cultural backwater. A human flesh war zone. This behavior is a cultural blight that continues to rage ever higher in both content and degeneracy.

Oh yeah, as the Beastie Boys might sing, fight for your right to … a discounted television.