Hillsborough victim said it was ‘murder’

(RINF) – The inquest into the Hillsborough disaster heard today how one victim, Peter Burkett, 24,  told a friend that it was ‘murder’ on the terraces.

After trying to escape Mr Burkett was told by a steward to return to the crowd.

According to the BBC, his friend, Mr Turner:

“He basically said it was very bad. I think he said ‘it’s murder in there’, or words to that effect.

“Basically it was a case of he was coming out because it was so bad.

“He pointed back down the tunnel and said ‘just go in that way’, as if that was the normal way to go in.

“I got the impression that it was as if he had been asked the same question again and again and he was like ‘just go back down there’.”

Mr Turner said he was not “100% comfortable” with going back that way but did so “with a certain amount of trust that that’s the way to go”.

This resulted in both being trapped.