Hell Unleashed – Paul Craig Roberts


Paul Craig Roberts

(RINF) – This is what the arrogant morons who comprise the US government have stirred up:  Watch this video for its entire 1 hour 20 minutes, and then ask yourself if Washington is making a good decision by driving us into conflict with Russia. (You might have to use your cursor to push the circle with the dot back to the beginning of the video.)

Americans, being an insouciant people, are unaware that it was Russians, not England’s Wellington, who defeated Napoleon. The Grande Army did not return from Russia. The loss broke the back of French military power.

The German Wehrmacht, which in a few days overran France and drove the British off the continent, was destroyed in Russia by the Red Army. The allied invasion of Normandy encountered only a few under-strength German units deprived of fuel. The German army and all available resources were on the Russian front.

Americans played a small role in the war against Hitler. Eisenhower cleverly waited until the Red Army had defeated Hitler, and then invaded long after the tide had turned against Germany. Today Washington claims credit for winning a war in which Washington’s role was small.

The US has not won a war since the defeat of Japan. The US was defeated by Third World armies in Korea and in Vietnam.

After 14 years in Afghanistan the US has been defeated by a few lightly armed Taliban. After 8 years, half of Iraq is in the hands of the militant Islamic State. Washington has squandered trillions of dollars on wars that Washington has lost, while the US economy and living standards declined as a result of the trillions of dollars wasted on futile wars. The neoconsevative warmongers responsible for this disaster still control both US political parties. These crazed warmongers are driving America to America’s final defeat.

I worked with President Reagan to end the Cold War and to established friendship with the Russians. The George H. W. Bush administration and its Secretary of State James Baker held to the agreement. But all subsequent regimes have violated it. The neoconsevatives displaced the old Republican Establishment and the Reagan Republicans. The neocons have also prevailed among the Democrats, so there is no political competition. Warmongers control US foreign policy.

American police apply the same gratuitous violence to the American population that the American military applies to foreign populations. Abroad the violence has swelled the ranks of those Washington sought to quell. Within the US police violence is turning Americans themselves into enemies. Defeat abroad and at home could be Washington’s future. Violence begets violence. Demitry Orlov describes “America’s Achilles’ Heel”:

  • stoptryanny

    Send in the Zionis first against them, oh I forgot they want us to fight these wars for them

    • Carroll Price

      Zionist and Jews don’t fight wars. For hundreds of years they have planned and instigated wars for others to fight while they reap large profits resulting from them.

  • mannymoe

    thank You, Mr. Roberts!

  • mannymoe

    and by the way…those neocon puppets…never serve in the military, know nothing about war, they are very dangerous…thank God their time is coming to an end!

  • Bruce

    The starkest contrast to US’ chicken-hawk sons-of-Bushs Willy, W, and 0 is Putin’s simply shaking the hand of his massed military’s commander; in place of our martial-imitating martinets’ ridiculous Raygunesque civilian ‘salute’ !

  • RockHeavyMetal.Com

    Lying, theft, rape and murder for profit is not war. Occupation and empire is not war.

  • Kid Rob

    The biggest military ruse in history is right here in this film you want all the world to see. That ruse, Mr. Roberts, is that Communist Russia lost the Cold War. I won’t go into it here, but the Communists did not lose the Cold War Mr. Roberts. America did. America has been subverted from within gradually, and now is all but openly Communist, and remember Mr. Roberts, the Stassi….I mean the NSA, is listening. Now, go fight your war on terror, because its the second to the last war America will ever fight.