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A personal note from Greg Palast

This is the best 95 seconds you can have with your clothes on.

Watch this now! And pass it on:

Now, get yourself a copy of this film, Vultures and Vote Rustlers – an hour-long real-life detective story, released just this week.

Get the DVD — signed.

For a $40 donation, I’ll sign and send you the DVD Vultures and Vote Rustlers – and you’ll get another hour an a half of me and Amy Goodman, me and Eskimo leader Etok and his whale (and whale meat) and more.

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– Or download it now ($20 minimum donation).

It’s a one hour chase scene — hunting the bad guys from the Congo to Bosnia to darkest Brooklyn. Inside the secret files of the State Department, MI6, BP, Chevron, Larry Summers (!), the WTO, the IMF, the Koch Brothers (no kidding) and more.

You liked Billionaires & Ballot Bandits? Vultures’ Picnic? Best Democracy Money Can Buy?  Here are the films of the reports in those bestsellers.

Then get one of these film and book combos — both signed, in time for Christmas:

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Truly, we appreciate your support – and please pass the word – and the information.

And just to annoy Bill O’Reilly, I would like to wish you Happy Holidays!

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Greg Palast’s new film Vultures and Vote Rustlers was released this week.

Greg Palast is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Billionaires & Ballot Bandits,The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Armed Madhouse and the highly acclaimed Vultures’ Picnic.

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