#Fuku: Tokyo Evacuation Considered If Sustained Nuclear Reaction Occurs (Video)

Fukushima plant operators have begun removing spent nuclear fuel from the damaged #4 reactor which is causing dire warnings from experts about the possibility of a “sustained nuclear reaction,” and even an uncontrolled nuclear conflagration causing a large scale evacuation of Tokyo.

Via ENENews from AFP:

Each rod contains uranium and a small amount of plutonium. If they are exposed to the air […] they would start to heat up, a process that, left unchecked, could lead to a self-sustaining nuclear reaction — known as “criticality”. […] Sceptics say with so many unknowables in an operation that has never been attempted under these conditions, there is potential for a catastrophe. Government modelling in the immediate aftermath of the Fukushima disaster […] suggested that an uncontrolled nuclear conflagration at Fukushima could start a chain reaction in other nearby nuclear plants. That worst-case scenario said a huge evacuation area could encompass a large part of greater Tokyo […]

These possibilities are so concerning because of the damage already sustained to the units making it unlikely that all the units can be removed in one piece.

This also comes just days after Dr. Shigeru Mita called for an evacuation of Japan due the the high levels of radiation, as shown in the Alex Jones Channel video below.