Former NATO Chief Targets Russia Irresponsibly

Former NATO Chief Targets Russia Irresponsibly
by Stephen Lendman
Washington installed former NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen to serve as a convenient US stooge.
His predecessors operated the same way. So does his successor, Jens Stoltenberg.
Irresponsible Russia bashing is part of the job. Rasmussen took full advantage.
He calls NATO an organization responsible for “an unprecedented period of peace.”
It’s a US-dominated imperial tool – a global killing machine prioritizing war, deploring peace.
Raping Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya are three of its high crimes. Some of its member countries ravaged and destroyed Iraq.
NATO’s existence threatens world peace. Saving humanity from the scourge of war depends on slaying this monster – putting it out of business once and for all.
Its mandate is making the world safe for war profiteers – powerful monied interests benefitting from death, destruction and human misery.
NATO makes world peace impossible. It assures endless wars.
Rasmussen is a dangerous lunatic – a former Danish neocon prime minister, a war hawk deploring peace and stability.
His rhetoric suggests support for war on Russia. In an April 20 Project Syndicate op-ed headlined “A War of Values With Russia,” he ludicrously claimed Washington’s so-called missile defense isn’t aimed at Russia.
It has nothing to do with defense. It’s an offensive threat to Russia’s heartland. Rasmussen lied suggesting otherwise.
His entire NATO tenure featured support for aggressive wars and serial lying.
He outrageously claims US-led NATO nuclear armed long range missiles pointed East are “to defend Alliance members from threats originating outside the Euro-Atlantic area.”
Fact: None exist. Rasmussen knows it. He lied saying otherwise.
Fact: He continues irresponsible Russia bashing as a private citizen. He’s well compensated for his deceit.
He lied claiming Russia poses a nuclear threat to Denmark – and by inference other European countries.
Fact: Russia threatens no other nation. It’s one of the world’s leading peace and stability proponents.
Fact: America, other rogue NATO allies and Israel are polar opposites – craving war, deploring peace.
Rasmussen ludicrously claims late 2013/early 2014 Ukrainian Maidan demonstrators were peaceful.
Washington trained Nazi thugs in their ranks in Poland and Lithuania to murder Ukrainian police and private citizens – ahead of Obama’s coup toppling democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych.
Rasmussen mocked Russian officials legitimately calling them neo-Nazis, radicals and provocateurs.
He bashed Russia for “engineering the annexation of Crimea.” He ignored near Crimean unanimity to rejoin Russia – to correct a historic mistake.
Self-determination is an international law recognized right. Crimeans exercised theirs responsibly and legally in an open, free and fair referendum.
Rasmussen lied claiming Russian/Crimean reunification violated international law.
He ignores Ukraine’s flashpoint threat to world peace. He claims illegitimate Nazi putschists in charge are democrats.
Kiev’s war on Donbass aims to crush democracy. It’s prohibited throughout Ukraine. So are all fundamental freedoms. Police states permit none.
Rasmussen’s irresponsible rant recited one Big Lie after another.
“(T)he West must continue to stand up for Ukraine, as well as for Georgia and NATO members like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania,” he blustered.
“(W)e must…reinforce NATO’s front line.” He ludicrously claimed Western values “secure(d) peace for two generations…”
Fact: So-called US-dominated Western values wage one aggressive war after another – slaughtering millions, turning countries posing no threat to anyone to rubble.
Rasmussen calls it “liberal democracy.” Genocidal aggression best describes it – possible armageddon if US-led NATO attacks Russia.
Rasmussen barely stopped short of urging it saying “(t)he West must respond accordingly” – based on repeated Big Lies about  nonexistent Russian aggression in Ukraine.
Perhaps nothing short of WW III will satisfy his blood lust. Lunatics like him operate this way – madness by any standard.
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