Fidel Castro’s Remarks on the 70th Anniversary of Russia’s Great Patriotic War Victory

by Stephen Lendman

(RINF) – Fidel is a living legend – bigger than life, remarkable by any standard, a hero to Cubans and millions worldwide.

He recovered from serious illness that nearly took him. His inner strength and redoubtable spirit saved him. He’s an inspiration to us all.

In August, he’ll reach age 89. His intellect and spirit remain strong. The flesh isn’t what it used to be – nor for most anyone after 80 years.

He still writes occasional articles and reflections – always with important thoughts to convey – this time on “Our right to be Maxist-Leninists.”

His article was published the day before Russia’s stunning V-Day commemoration – a glorious tribute to millions of heroes who saved their Motherland, Europe and beyond from the scourge of fascism.

It didn’t die. It’s resurgent in Europe’s heartland. It’s headquarters shifted from Berlin to Washington.

It threatens humanity’s survival more than ever before. Perhaps Russia allied with China and other independent countries will save us – hopefully before America’s war machine kills us all.

Castro called Lenin “a brilliant revolutionary strategist who did not hesitate in assuming the ideas of Marx and implementing them in an immense and only partly industrialized country, whose proletariat party became the most radical and courageous on the planet in the wake of the greatest slaughter that capitalism had caused in the world, where for the first time tanks, automatic weapons, aviation and poison gases made an appearance in wars, and even a legendary cannon capable of launching a heavy projectile more than 100 kilometers made its presence felt in the bloody conflict.”

The war to end all wars spawned new ones – endless ones preventing peace and stability.

Castro quoted comments he made 23 years ago at a UN Conference on the Environment an Development, saying:

“An important biological species is in danger of disappearing given the rapid and progressive destruction of its natural life-sustaining conditions: man.”

He didn’t “know at that time, how close we were to this,” he said – today closer than ever before.

Honoring Russia on the 70th anniversary of its Great Patriotic War victory, Castro “put on record (his) profound admiration for the heroic Soviet people, who provided humankind an enormous service.”

Today he noted the “solid” Sino/Russian alliance – “both countries with their close cooperation, modern science and powerful armies and brave soldiers…”

They “constitute a powerful shield of world peace and security, so that the life of our species may be preserved.”

“Physical and mental health, and the spirit of solidarity are norms which must prevail, or the future of humankind, as we know it, will be lost forever.” Castro explained.

“The 27 million Soviets who died in the Great Patriotic War, also did so for humanity and the right to think and be socialists, to be Marxist-Leninists, communists, and leave the dark ages behind.”

The scourge of US imperial lawlessness risks darker than ever dark times. Heroic figures like Castro are needed to save us.

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