Fascism’s Dark Side

Fascism’s Dark Side
by Stephen Lendman
An earlier article called Ukraine the epicenter of European fascist reemergence. Kiev putschists reflect it. 
Last Friday’s Odessa massacre shows how far they’ll go. No-holds-barred barbarism explains it.
What happened exceeded the horrors of early reports. Neo-Nazi Right Sector thugs set Odessa’s Trade Union House ablaze.
People were trapped inside. Dozens were massacred. Scores more were injured. Many remain missing. They’re either dead or in neo-Nazi hands.
If alive, they face torture and other forms of abuse. They won’t survive. They might as well be dead.
Early reports way underestimated what happened. It’s multiples worse than reported.
On May 5, Live Journal (LJ) headlined “How the thugs killed Odessa inhabitants in the Trade Union House (TUH) – the details of bloody scenario.” 
Casualties way exceed early reports. Neo-Nazis trapped Odessans inside TUH. Unwitnessed massacre followed.
Setting the building ablaze was strategy. It was done to conceal mass murder. Ordinary Ukrainians were slaughtered in cold blood.
Nearby tents were set on fire. Doing so preceded what followed. “Federalism supporters had no Molotov cocktails prepared in advance,” said LJ.
Where inside the building did fire erupt,” it asked? Right Sector thugs awaited there before slaughtering people began. 
Police stood by and did nothing. They conspired with fascist killers. So did Odessa firefighters. They “only appeared when massive entrance doors were burned through,” said LJ.
“Only in a single room in the five-story building with ceilings over 3 meters high had fire visible from outside.”
Who had access to TUH’s roof? “Perhaps those who in advance got the keys to locked steel gratings protecting the roof doors,”said LJ.
They were armed and dangerous. They were well prepared in advance. Charred bodies were shown on upper floors untouched by fire.
How did they get there? Who’s responsible? They were murdered in advance. Things were made to seem like fire consumed them.
“The same bodies from another viewpoint:
  • Wooden battery panel, wooden railings on the stairs and chipboard sheet don’t look burnt;
  • Blue oval points to the barricade made of tables, chairs and cabinets. It hadn’t even touched by fire, unlike the charred bodies lying nearby;
  • From where has the barricade appeared? It was built by the Right Sector thugs in order to lock people trying to save themselves on the above floors.”
Corpses were dragged from where they died. People perished inside from gunshot wounds, strangling and beatings. Some were thrown from windows. They didn’t jump.
It bears repeating. Setting TUH ablaze sought to mask what happened. 
Fire didn’t kill activists inside. Neo-Nazi hoodlums did.
“Have you noticed that…some dead people had burnt heads and shoulders only?”
Clothes they wore showed no signs of fire. Someone doused their shoulders and heads with “flammable stuff.” 
Hands and wrists were burned to the bone. Photos showed “a strange ‘whitewash’ ” on the floor.
It’s “powder from extinguishers…” Right Sector thugs used it on people they killed. They did so to protect themselves from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Hardwood floors show no signs of fire damage. Victims were killed by other means.
“Note: according to one of the main versions of what happened on May 2 in Odessa, the Right Sector thugs performed a false flag operation.” 
“They put St. George’s Ribbons (symbols of anti-Maidan federalism supporters) and organized violent provocation against Maidan supporters (i.e. against their own allies), in order to later blame federalism supporters and make them look responsible for death of many people,” said LJ.
A dead woman was unclothed below her waist. “Most likely she was raped, then doused with a flammable mixture and set aflame.”
Photographic evidence is damning. So are independent videos. They show mass murder by means other than fire and/or carbon monoxide poisoning.
Some bodies had multiple gunshot wounds to the head. People were executed in cold blood at point blank range.
A pregnant woman was strangled with an electric wire. She cried for help in vain.
Numbers killed may be as many as 300, said LJ. “Most people, especially children and women, were hacked to death with axes and clubbed to death with wooden sticks in the (TUH) basement.” 
On May 7, RT International correspondent Alexey Yaroshevsky interviewed a survivor. Tatyana Ivananko said pro-autonomy activists tried hiding from Right Sector thugs. They barricaded themselves for protection.
“On our way up the stairs, we were taking plywood sheets inside so that we could block the doors and prevent them from getting into the building,” she said.
They were inside before fire started. They wouldn’t let anyone out. They set parts of the first and third floors ablaze. Other floors weren’t affected.
Video evidence showed death by means other than fire. “Have a look at the video,” said Tatyanya. An “armed man in a vest is carrying a gun.”
Shooting began outside. People tried to escape. They were trapped inside TUH doing it. “(M)any were strangled” to death.
Others were shot at point blank range. Some were thrown from windows. It bears repeating. They didn’t jump.
“17-year-old hooligans were finishing off people with bats,” said Tatyanya.
Claiming they were foreign nationals didn’t wash. They were Ukrainians. They were Odessan residents.
“They all loved their city deeply. We stood shoulder to shoulder from the very first day,” Tatyanya stressed.
“A regional council deputy, Vyacheslav Markin, is also known to have been killed” inside.
Victims “were innocent civilians who wanted to live a normal life rather than just ‘survive’ – as is now the case in Ukraine.”
“The guilty party is the current government, which clearly seeks to divide Ukraine.”
Videos circulating online are damning. One includes a woman atop UTH. She’s screaming for help.
Street-level thugs said she’s “not a woman. She’s a separatist. Beat the s..t out of her, so that she finally shuts up!”
“Yeah, women sit at home with their children, and this one’s an animal!”
Acting prosecuting general Oleg Makhnitsky lied. He claimed it’s too early to know who set the building ablaze. Clear evidence is incontrovertible.
Coverup and lies conceal it. Mass murder is ignored. Kiev putschists praise it. Expect similar atrocities repeating. Expect much worse ones ahead.
Perhaps Eastern Ukraine will replicated earlier Cambodian Killing Fields before things end. Coverup and denial will try concealing it. Future reports will discuss more. The worst is yet to come.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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