Fake Ukrainian National Unity Talks

Fake Ukrainian National Unity Talks
by Stephen Lendman
Coup-appointed prime minster Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced so-called “roundtable for national unity” talks. On Wednesday, they began in Kiev.
So-called groups with “legitimate political goals (and) no blood on their hands” were invited.
Coup-appointed officials ran things. Former presidents Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma attended.
So did coup-friendly parliamentarians, regime vetted presidential candidates, other government officials, various coup supporters, businessmen, and hand-picked representatives of selected public and international organizations.
Yatsenyuk said Ukraine faces a “super complicated task.” He called so-called “national dialogue” important. 
He claimed crisis conditions could only be resolved diplomatically. He said so while Ukraine’s military, special National Guard units, neo-Nazi Right Sector thugs, and foreign mercenaries wage war on Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters.
While murdering civilians in cold blood. While planning much more of the same. While pursuing war without mercy. 
While deploring peace. While imposing fascist hardline rule. While planning sham May 25 elections. 
While denying ordinary Ukrainians say in how they’ll be governed. While imposing harsh IMF diktats. 
While selling state enterprise to Western corporate predators at fire sale prices. 
While systematically eliminating social justice. While impoverishing millions of Ukrainians more deeply. 
While tolerating no opposition. While cracking down hard on nonbelievers. 
After straightaway violating Geneva agreed on four-party terms. After proving their word isn’t their bond.
While systematically breaching fundamental rule of law principles. While transforming Ukraine into a fascist police state. 
With full US support. With encouragement. With state-terrorism continuing. With more of the same coming.
More so-called “roundtable for national unity” are scheduled for May 17 in Donetsk. Coup-appointed governor/oligarch Sergey Taruta is involved.
Area freedom fighters reject him. They want him out. They appointed their own people’s governor. 
They’re excluded from fake unity talks. They mock legitimacy. They’re cover to solidify hardline rule. Democracy is strictly verboten. Fascists operate this way.
Former president Leonid Kravchuk said “(w)e are taking on a huge responsibility by (going) to Donetsk.” He raised concern about safety. 
He wants it guaranteed. It’s up to Kiev. It’s waging war on its own people. Virtual war zone conditions exist. 
Kiev putschists vowed continued belligerence. Halting it for a day or two makes no difference. State-terrorism reflects official putschist policy.
So-called national unity is fantasy. Chances of achieving it are nil. So-called efforts underway are fake. 
They conceal Kiev’s dark side. America’s global dominance objective. It’s longstanding. It didn’t change. 
Neocon infested Washington prioritizes it. Lunatics influencing policy risk possible WW III.
Ukraine is a major global flashpoint. It bears repeating what other articles stressed. It’s the gravest geopolitical crisis since WW II.
It risks the unthinkable. Events give everyone paying attention cause for concern. People representing them in Washington are fascist extremists.
They’re ruthless. They’re recklessly pursuing global hegemony. Ukraine is in the eye of storm. Russia is America’s main target.
The road to Moscow runs through Kiev. Vladimir Putin is public enemy number one. He champions multi-polarity. 
He deplores war. He prioritizes peace. He wants conflicts resolved diplomatically. 
He respects fundamental rule of law principles. He calls national sovereignty inviolable. He’s polar opposite Obama.
He’s overwhelmingly popular at home. A May 10-11 All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (WCIOM) among 1,600 respondents in 130 cities, towns and villages showed his approval rating at 85.9%.
It almost matched his mid-April 2008 87.4% reading. Factors this time included the hugely successful Sochi Olympics, the May 9 Victory Day celebratory effect, Crimean reunification, and Putin’s handling of Ukrainian crisis conditions responsibly.
Moscow’s ruling United Russia party’s rating substantially benefitted. It’s rating jumped from January’s 41.7% to 60.4%.
Congressional approval hovers around rock bottom. Last November it was 9%. Currently it’s several points higher.
Obama’s popularity barely stays above 40% most often. Months earlier, it hit an all-time 39% low. Maybe ahead it’ll plunge lower.
Americans deplore war. They want ongoing ones ended. They want no involvement in Ukraine. Obama’s agenda is polar opposite.
He’s waging war on humanity. He may have bitten off more than he can chew. He lost Afghanistan. Iraq and Libya remain out-of-control quagmires. They’re cauldrons of violence.
His Syria agenda is totally discredited. So is his disdain for fundamental Palestinian rights. Taking on Ukraine is classic overreach. 
Perhaps it was a step too far. Maybe he’ll be hoisted by his own petard. Maybe resounding defeat looms.
Growing thousands of Eastern Ukrainians reject fascist extremism. They demand real democracy. They’re putting their bodies on the line for it.
They risking death for freedom. For fundamental rights. For ones crucial to preserve. For what everyone deserves. 
For what they won’t relinquish. For what Americans should fight for. Europeans and others everywhere. For right over wrong. 
For fundamental justice. For inviolable rule of law principles. For government of, by, and for everyone equitably and fairly.
For peace. For resolving conflicts diplomatically. For banishing fascism to the dust bowl of history. For making democracy reality.
Against monied interests running America. Merchants of death war profiteers. Washington’s bipartisan criminal class. Gangsterism writ large.
Kleptocrats in power. Corrupted officials making policy. Ordinary people being scammed. For major change when most needed.
Ending Obama’s Syria war is a good beginning. Respecting its June 3 presidential election results. 
The first free, fair, open democratic one in Syrian history. Assad remains overwhelmingly popular. Landslide victory is certain.
Syrians want no one else leading them. He’s routing US-enlisted foreign death squads. 
Obama welcomed illegitimate Syrian opposition coalition head Ahmad Jarba for White House talks.
He outrageously said Assad has no place in Syria’s future. It bears repeating. Millions of Syrians want no one else.
They deplore Obama. They hold him responsible for over three years of war. They want Assad prevailing overwhelmingly. 
They want sovereign independence preserved. They want conflict ended. They want Syria rebuilt. 
They want normality returned. They want Obama’s agenda resoundingly defeated.
Growing thousands of Eastern Ukrainians feel the same way. Perhaps Western ones will join them.
On Wednesday, former Ukrainian Party of Regions (POR) parliamentarians walked out. They did so in protest. They want Kiev’s eastern military aggression halted.
Aleksandr Efremov is POR’s chairman. He told coup-appointed president/parliament speaker Alexander Turchynov:
“I have heard one thing from the right side of the session hall for many years: that the main thing in our state is people and human rights.” 
“People are now being killed in eastern Ukraine. We asked to halt the anti-terrorist operation, but you pretended that nothing is happening.”
“The Party of Regions believes that to work in the session hall in this situation is a supreme manifestation of hypocrisy. We are leaving the hall.” 
All POR members walked out. They did so in protest. Perhaps retaliation looms. Maybe leaders will be replaced. Maybe assassinated. Fascists operate this way.
Hundreds of OSCE monitors currently observe what’s ongoing in Ukraine. They include 12 Russian ones. 
Andrei Kelin is one. He’s concerned about what’s happening.
“We see sterilization of the mission’s reports due to…extensive (Western) pressure,” he said.
Kiev putschists benefit. Truth is systematically buried. Kelin wants more monitors involved. 
He wants all Ukrainian regions covered. He wants honest evaluations. He wants what’s absent now.
On Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashivich was clear and unequivocal, saying:
“The OSCE Mission’s reports poorly reflect or don’t reflect the facts of the daily use of armed force against the local population on the part of Kiev authorities, Right Sector gunmen and mercenaries and on the violation of rights and freedoms of ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking members of other ethnic groups.”
“That is, we see quite a smooth picture, that everything is okay in the country as a whole, while some minor problems emerge in two rebellious areas, the Luhansk and the Donetsk regions,” he added.
“We hope that the UN leaders will officially express a most exacting assessment and condemnation of such actions by the Kiev authorities who bear full responsibility for” lawless Eastern Ukrainian aggression.
At the same time, Washington appears heading toward establishing new NATO bases in Poland. 
Perhaps on Russia’s borders. Stephen Mull is US ambassador. He lied saying Washington “is aware of the Polish ‘desire’ to deploy NATO military bases in the country…”
It’s “crucial to consider this initiative,” he added. “It’s not just the United States but the entire region.”
“This is an important topic for discussion, which will take place in the UK in September.”
He bashed Moscow irresponsibly. “(I)f Russia so radically changes the atmosphere of security in this part of Europe, it requires a certain response from NATO,” he said.
Washington alone compromises regional security. It pressures NATO partners aggressively. It demands they support its imperial agenda.
It invents enemies where none exist. Russia is polar opposite. Putin goes all-out for peace. So does Lavrov.
They want Ukrainian crisis conditions resolved diplomatically. They want what Washington deplores.
Russia is irresponsibly targeted. It’s a major geopolitical rival. America wants it eliminated. 
It wants pro-Western puppet governance replacing it. Reinventing Evil Empire politics reveals its dark side.
Putin and Lavrov aren’t about to roll over. Especially in Eurasia. Stakes today are greater than ever. 
It’s fascism or democracy. It’s preserving world peace. It’s humanity’s survival. It’s vital to pursue efforts assuring it.
A Final Comment
On May 15, RT International headlined “Kiev protege allegedly behind Mariupol and Odessa massacres – leaked tapes.”
They surfaced online. They went viral. They’re on RT’s web site. They reveal “Kiev-appointed governor allegedly threaten(ing) an ex-presidential candidate who called for a referendum.” 
“The official may also be behind the Odessa massacre and Mariupol shootings…”
Igor Kolomoisky is a Ukrainian oligarch. He’s Kiev-appointed Dnepropetrovsk governor. He has no legitimacy whatever.
Allegedly he threatened former independent presidential aspirant Oleg Tsarev. He demanded he leave Ukraine immediately. 
He wrongfully accused him of involvement in shooting a National Guard soldier.
On April 29, he withdrew his presidential candidacy. He did so protesting Kiev putschists.
Kolomoisky said he and his family will be hunted down. They’ll be found. They’ll be killed.
“They put a $1million (bounty on his) head. They will go after you everywhere. Tomorrow they will look for your people.”
Oleg Noginsky heads Ukraine’s Suppliers of Customs Union. It’s involved in relations with its Russian, Belarus and Kazakhstan counterparts.
A second leaked conversation involves him and someone called Yan Borisovich.
Noginsky said Kolomoisky “hired the guys in the Odessa (massacre). The situation went out of control.”
“Their task was to beat (anti-Kiev protesters) so they would be taken to the hospital and to destroy (their Kulikovo Pole Square) camp completely,” he said.
RT said 16 May 2 survivors were killed over the next three days. Noginsky accused Kolomoisky of involvement.
It’s not the first time he threatened Ukrainians irresponsibly, he added. Ukrainian parliamentarian Igor Markov was targeted.
Tsarev told Russian Man and Law TV host that Kolomoisky’s conversation was authentic. It doesn’t surprise.
It says more about Obama’s new friends. It reveals their fascist credentials. It shows what all Ukrainians face. 
It suggests far greater horrors ahead. It bears repeating. Fascist regimes operate this way. 
Ukraine is the epicenter of their European reemergence. Crushing them matters most. World peace hangs in the balance.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
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