“Fair Harvard” Lacks Fairness

“Fair Harvard” Lacks Fairness
by Stephen Lendman
“Fair Harvard” is the university’s alma matter. Reverend Samuel Gilman (class of 1811) wrote it. He did so for Harvard’s 200th anniversary.
It’s sung to a traditional Irish air. Alumni recall it well. Little about today’s Harvard is fair. Glorifying what demands condemnation deserves shame.
“VERITAS (truth)” is Harvard’s motto. It appears on its Seal. It’s on student rings. On geopolitical issues mattering most, it’s nowhere in sight.
On March 4, The Harvard Crimson student newspaper headlined “Harvard Faculty, Researchers Voice Concerns about Ukrainian Crisis,” saying:
“…Harvard affiliates have voiced concern over what one professor called Russia’s ‘naked aggression…’ “
“…(M)any remain optimistic about possible US intervention.”
Crimson contributors dismissively said Ukraine’s legitimate President Viktor Yanukovych was “removed from office” after months of protests.
Not a word about US-supported fascists usurping power. No explanation about one of history’s most brazen coup d’etats. 
Nothing about Obama’s full responsibility. Silence on what’s potentially the most serious crisis since Nazism reigned terror across Europe.
Ukrainian History Professor Serhii Plokhii heads Harvard’s Ukrainian Research Institute. Events surprised him, he said.
“The mood earlier in the week was that Russia could help stabilize Ukraine,” he added. 
He lied saying: “What we got instead was Russian occupation and intervention.” Imagine the distorted history students get in his classroom. They’d be wise to seek knowledge elsewhere.
Professor George Grabowicz teaches Ukrainian literature. He lied calling Russia’s response “naked aggression.” He turned truth on its head claiming it’s “an attempt to preserve the Soviet Union.”
He’s right believing things may potentially worsen. He left unexplained where blame lies.
“The worst possible scenario is outright war between Russia and Ukraine,” he said. 
“No state wants to be treated as an administration that has no control over its own territory,” he added. 
“Ukraine does have an army, and they have said they will not retreat from their border posts.”
Nadiya Kravets is a Ukrainian Research Institute post-doctoral fellow. Her comments suggest support for power grabbing fascists.
She nonsensically hopes stronger democracy will emerge from crisis conditions. How can it with mob rule in charge?
Ukraine transitioned uneasily since 1991 independence, she said. “I now hope (it) will be a state that allows people to determine their own lives.”
How can it after neo-Nazi thugs abolished all freedoms? State terror is policy. The worst of neoliberal harshness is planned.
Western support assures harder than ever hard times ahead. Millions of Ukrainians will be ruthlessly exploited. Crackdowns against nonbelievers will be severe.
Crimson contributors are students. They’re young. They’re naive. They ignored hard facts. They didn’t research them.
They’re mindless about what’s ongoing. They cited wrong sources. They ignored credible ones.
They citing unnamed “Harvard affiliates” nonsensically claiming Washington can help resolve crisis conditions.
Obama bears full responsibility for causing them. He did so lawlessly. He created the most dangerous potential disaster in post-war Europe.
He risks WW III. Grabowicz remains optimistic. He claimed promised US aid will help. 
“I very much favor the notion of an aid package because it’s a strategic investment,” he claimed.
“If we mean what we say about supporting democracy and the rule of law, then this is an investment that will eventually pay for itself.”
On Tuesday, damn fool Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kiev. He did so supportively. He met with America’s new friends. With ones like these, who needs enemies!
He offered what media scoundrels call aid. He promised $1 billion.
It’s not aid. It’s a thinly veiled bribe. It supplements whatever Washington gave coup plotters earlier. 
It’s with strings. It demands payback. Expect harsh IMF and EU demands.
Grabowicz may know Ukrainian literature. He knows nothing about realpolitik. He’s geopolitically ignorant. His comments show it.
Naive Crimson contributors featured them. They displayed their own ignorance doing so. 
Perhaps they support imperial lawlessness. Fairness isn’t Harvard’s long suit. Or VERITAS. 
Or supporting right over wrong. Or denouncing what demands doing so.
Students are on their own to seek truth. Classroom help isn’t forthcoming. 
Harvard taught students like this one to think. It taught us to learn. 
It’s our responsibility to do it on our own. It’s more than ever crucial to seek truth. It’s vital to tell others. It’s essential we all spread the word.
We’re our own last line of defense. Things are more dangerous now than at any time since Nazism’s scourge existed. 
It didn’t die. It flourishes in America. It endangers Europe. It risks WW III. It bears repeating what previous articles stressed.
Resisting tyranny is a universal right. It’s an obligation. We have a choice. Resist or perish! There’s no in between!
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
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