Economic Recovery Exposed As Propaganda (Video)

World leaders have been talking about the so-called economic “recovery” that never was and in the video report below from X22 Report exposes those lies as the propaganda it was and is. Housing, unemployment, retail, etc… has been hyped as improving, but as they point out, that has always been the case right before massive economic collapses in history.

Politicians and leaders are always talking about raising taxes, but what they don’t speak about, the secret hidden in plain sight is that without workers paying into the system, no amount of raising anyone elses taxes can sustain the spending, so unemployment is the key. Put people to work, you have money fed into the system, put people out of work, you have less going in, but far more spent on unemployment insurance, EBT and food stamps, and all the other welfare benefits allotted to those people.

Bottom line, tax increases aren’t needed, jobs are.

On a semi-related note because it certainly deals with the national and global economy, a must-read piece from this morning at Before it’s News should be seen and paid attention to, titled “Dr. Jim Willie Drops Gold Bombshell — World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Is Right!

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