Disgraceful Security Council Resolution o Syria

Disgraceful Security Council Resolution on Syria
by Stephen Lendman
France proposed it. Doing so serves Washington’s interests. France is a convenient US proxy. It has its own regional aims in mind.
It partners in Western imperial lawlessness. Not according to French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.
“The members of the United Nations Security Council must unite to bring the Syrian tragedy before the International Criminal Court,” he said.
Fact: The ICC serves Western imperial interests. 
Fact: It targets victims. 
Fact: It absolves perpetrators. 
Fact: It ignores its mandate. 
Fact: It has no credibility whatever.
Fabius: Syria “flout(s) war “rules…on a daily basis.”
Fact: Syria was invaded.
Fact: Washington recruited, armed, funded, trained and directed death squad killers.
Fact: Salvador Option strategy was chosen. 
Fact: Rules of engagement include massacres, torture, and other atrocities.
Fact: No-holds-barred barbarity reflects official US policy.
Fact: Death squad massacres are OK.
Fact: Assad defends Syria responsibly.
Fact: He enjoys overwhelming support.
Fact: He deserves international community backing.
Fact: He’s unjustifiably criticized for doing his job.
Fabius: “Chemical weapons are being used. They killed 1,400 civilians in a single night on August 21 last year.”
Fact: Attacking Ghouta was Western provoked lawlessness.
Fact: Insurgents were responsible.
Fact: Evidence proved it.
Fact: So-called anti-Assad intelligence was fabricated.
Fact: At the time, John Kerry lied claiming 1,429 deaths.
Fact: At the same time, France and Britain said several hundred.
Fabius: Syria attacks “thousands of innocent civilians. Sexual violence against women is used…”
“Torture in used on detainees in the tens of thousands…(T)hose in Syria responsible for these crimes are not subject to prosecution.”
Fact: Fabius repeated one Big Lie after another.
Fact: No evidence whatever indicts Syria.
Fact: Plenty points fingers the right way.
Fact: Western-supported death squads bear responsibility.
Fact: Wrongfully blaming Assad for their crimes doesn’t wash.
Washington’s UN envoy Samantha Power shames the office she holds. Edward Herman calls her a prominent “cruise missile left” adherent.
Francis Boyle calls her husband Cass Sunstein a “lethal neo-con.” Power matches him blow-for-blow.
She justifies the unjustifiable. She supports US imperial lawlessness. She blames victims for Washington’s crimes.
Big Lies infested her May 22 Security Council address. Truth was noticeably absent. She wrongfully blamed Assad for US-supported death squad crimes.
She did so shamelessly. She did repeatedly. “Today is…about accountability,” she said. She pointed fingers the wrong way.
She wrongfully accused Assad of “industrial killing.” She ignored his freedom struggle. For Syria’s sovereignty. Its liberation. Its soul.
For defending his country responsibly. What every responsible leader would do. What Syrians overwhelmingly support.
At the same time, she ignored longstanding US crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Millions of corpses attest to its barbarity. 
Power turned a blind eye to what matters most. To Obama’s war on Syria. His ravaging and destroying the country. 
His regime change scheme. His wanting pro-Western stooge governance replacing its sovereign independence. His war on humanity.
Power’s convoluted notion of justice is none at all. She condemned Russia and China. They vetoed France’s resolution from hell. They did so responsibly.
Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin spoke truth. France’s resolution was a “betrayal of Syrian people,” he said. 
So-called “good guys” are death squad killers. They enjoy full Western support.
They “pursu(e) regime change by force…at all costs that precipitated the drawing out of the crisis and undermines the Geneva negotiations,” said Churkin.
“(T)here is not a single word on the political settlement and the negotiations process among Syrians in the communique of the latest May 15 meeting of the so-called ‘London 11.’ ” 
“And the western ‘troika’ was taking great pains to dissuade the Secretary General and his Special Envoy from calling another round of Geneva negotiations.”
“What justice can one talk about when the overriding policy aims at escalating the conflict?” 
“The draft resolution rejected today reveals an attempt to use the ICC to further inflame the political passions and lay the groundwork for eventual outside military intervention.”
Referring Libyans for ICC prosecution resolved nothing, said Churkin. It “added fuel to the flames of conflict.”
US-led NATO war followed. Tens of thousands were slaughtered.
“Our colleagues from NATO countries arrogantly refused to address this issue altogether,” Churkin stressed. “They even refused to apologize.” 
“And they wax eloquent about shame! They advocate fighting impunity, but are themselves practicing the policy of all-permissiveness.”
France’s Security Council resolution was thinly veiled deception. It was cover for UN Charter Chapter 7 authorization. 
It relates to threats to peace, its breaches and acts of aggression. Appropriate measures are authorized. 
If political and economic ones fail, military force can be used. Security Council members decide.
Adopting France’s draft resolution meant Libya 2.0. Vetoing it slowed America’s war machine. It prevented further Syrian carnage.
It likely saved tens of thousands of lives. Obama’s proxy war continues. Slow-motion genocide reflects it.
Obama bears full responsibility. Rogue Western partners share it. So do Saudi Arabia, Qatar, other Gulf States, Turkey, Jordan and Israel.
Churkin addressed another issue. Washington ignores its own crimes. It solely wants ICC victim prosecutions.
It’s “reluctant to accede to the Rome Statute itself,” said Churkin. “And in today’s draft, the United States insisted on an exemption for itself and its citizens.”
“Great Britain is a party to the ICC, but it is for some reason unenthusiastic about the exploration that began there of the issue of crimes committed by the British nationals during the Iraq war.”
Both countries have do as they say, not do, policies. So does France. They want others prosecuted for their crimes.
They want freedom to commit them with impunity. If America and Britain “refer(red) their Iraqi file to the ICC together, the world would see they are truly against impunity,” said Churkin.
They’d reveal their crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Instead they ignore them. They blame others.
They remain unaccountable. They prioritize war. They deplore peace. They threaten humanity. 
Their officials are unindicted war criminals. French ones are willing partners in crime.
Media scoundrels support what demands denunciation. Imperial crimes are ignored. Victims are vilified.
On May 22, The New York Times headlined “China and Russia Block Referral of Syria to Court,” saying:
“Beheadings, torture, aerial bombardments of schools and hospitals: The war in Syria, raging for more than three years with no sign of relief, represents the very excesses of war that the International Criminal Court was designed to take on.”
“Nevertheless, the court will not take on war crimes in Syria, not anytime soon anyway.” 
“China and Russia voted Thursday against a Security Council resolution that would have empowered the world tribunal to go after perpetrators of crimes against humanity in Syria.”
The Times quoted Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson’s disgraceful statement, saying:
“If members of the Council continue to be unable to agree on a measure that could provide some accountability for the ongoing crimes, the credibility of this body and the entire organization will continue to suffer.”
Eliason and Ban Ki-moon march in lock step. They’re convenient pro-Western imperial stooges.  
They defend the indefensible. They ignore longstanding US-NATO crimes. So do media scoundrels.
They’re virtual Western house organs. Propaganda substitutes for real news, information, opinion and analysis. 
They support official policy. They bury vital truths. They substitute Big Lies. They report rubbish. They have no credibility whatever. 
They deserve dumping in history’s dustbin where they belong. They warrant lower level of hell justice Dante forgot.
So does Human Rights Watch most often. It’s a Western imperial tool. Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Soros and other corporate foundations provide funding.
Its stock and trade is misreporting. It’s twisting facts to fit Western policies. It’s deception. It’s well compensated for doing so.
On May 22, it headlined “UN Security Council: Vetoes Betray Syrian Victims,” saying:
“The Russian and Chinese vetoes on May 22, 2014, of a UN Security Council resolution to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court (ICC) betray victims of serious crimes there.” 
“The resolution has broad international support and was approved by the other 13 Security Council members.”
HRW’s international justice director Richard Dicker lied saying:
“Moscow and Beijing can veto a resolution but they can’t suppress the desire for justice by the Syrian people and the dozens of governments that stood for their rights.”
“With the Syrian crisis entering a fourth year, atrocities raging on all sides, and the death toll skyrocketing well over 150,000, Russia and China’s vote for continued impunity is a disgrace.”
It bears repeating. Syria is Obama’s war. Death squad proxy killers wage it. Assad’s government is wrongfully blamed.  
Failure to hold anti-Syrian Western and regional partners in crime accountable assures war without end continuing.
Supporting imperial crimes is unconscionable. So is blaming victims. HRW stands guilty as charged. 
Media scoundrels share blame. Imperial partners most of all. Syria’s liberating struggle continues.
It’s sovereign independence demands saving. Its soul. Assad continues going all-out to do it. He deserves universal support.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
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