Did The US Just Attack Russia’s Oil Refinery? (Video)

By Susan Duclos – Originally posted at Before It’s News

If any proof comes to light that the US or the US via an ally, struck at Europe’s largest oil refinery, which just happens to be located in Tatarstan, Russia, then we will have a full-scale world war on our hands and heaven help us all.

Videos from Russia have been released showing the Neftekamskneftehim, which is the largest oil refinery in Europe, located in Russia, is ablaze, with firetrucks rushing to the scene.

This comes after the ouster of the pro-Moscow president of the Ukraine, to which we now know the west, including the US, spend over $5 billion to overthrow the elected president, and Russia military forces took over the Crimea region of the Ukraine and obtained permission to expand the operation, then the US threatened to “isolate” Russia and impose sanction.

Following those recent events, it was just reported that the Russian controlled Gazprom threatened to disrupt the gas supply to Europe and now we have a “coincidental” major fire inside of Russia at their oil refinery.

Anyone else think this is all part of the lead-in to World War III?

The first video is mine, showing the photos of the fire at the refinery and discussing whether this was an attack against Russia by the US or US allies and the two below that are from within Russia of the blaze and the last video is DAHBOO7, who also notices the incredible timing of this event.