Did Courtney Love Murder Kurt Cobain? Just Wait Till You See The Evidence – ‘Soaked in Bleach’ Review


(RINF) – There’s only so much information you can squeeze into a 90 minute documentary, and considering the independent investigation that led to its creation has spanned over 20 years, presenting compelling evidence that suggests the death of Kurt Cobain was homicide is no mean feat.

This is exactly what ‘Soaked in Bleach’ does, and it also manages to do it with credibility, compassion and integrity.

Prominently focusing on the findings of former L.A. detective and highly respected private investigator Tom Grant, ‘Soaked in Bleach’ resists the temptation to sensationalize the death of an icon, and instead chooses to present evidence that cannot be disputed – and listen carefully because this bit is important, cannot be disputed in a court of law. It contains actual telephone recordings between Tom Grant and Courtney Love.

Which perhaps answers the question that many have wondered; considering the volume of book sales, media reports and insinuations made against her, exactly why hasn’t Courtney Love sued Tom Grant or producer Benjamin Statler.

That question becomes more disturbing when Courtney Love’s legal representatives recently issued a cease and desist order against every movie theatre that planned to screen the documentary. A largely failed attempt on her part, as only a small number caved to the empty threat.

What is more puzzling, is how the IMDB listing was seemingly attacked with negative ratings – before the film was released.

Somebody does not want you to watch this movie. 

The efforts to sabotage the film have largely backfired and have served to generate more interest in the documentary.

Here’s a brief run-down of what the film covers, although from having read Tom Grant’s books, the film is by no means all there is to this case, the books actually contain enough for a secondary documentary. Some of the evidence ‘Soaked in Bleach’ explores includes:

  • Kurt Cobain was filing for divorce
  • He was about to change his will
  • He feared for his life
  • The validity of his ‘suicide note’ is widely disputed by experts
  • He was injected with 3 times the lethal dose of heroin
  • The final position of the shotgun shell is impossible

This, and much more of the information contained in the film is already publicly available, as it should be, however there is an additional plethora of analysts, experts and specialists weighing in with their thoughts on the evidence – a wise move by Benjamin Statler which lends even more credibility to this slick production.

If guilty, Courtney Love not only has the blood of Kurt Cobain on her hands, but the blood of at least 68 kids who tragically paid homage to Cobain by way of copycat suicides, and it is ultimately for them and their families that justice needs to be served.

  • ryry

    I’ve been waiting for the Men’s Rights Activists to weigh in on this with their own documentary on Kurt Cobain.

    • #StopTheJews

      Men’s rights activists are psychotic woman-haters. Ironically, their MGTOW stands for ‘Men that Go Their Own Way’ yet they actually won’t leave women alone via harassing, stalking, and even killing via their ‘club’. They’re actually a terrorist group.

      • #StopTheJews

        They’re emotionally unstable terrorists. To even suggest they have any thought process on how to think objectively about any issue that might deal with a woman is absolute psychosis.

        • ej

          they think men gave up their alpha male status while even naming jews or freemasons. look up henrymakow.com

      • Jon Gasporra

        Not every man needs to be married or constantly involved in a woman. It certainly does not make one a hater of women, what is the benefit of being married?? Much of the time it is tedious and boring and life can be much simpler and fun without that burden, but I love women and respect them. I just don’t want to live with one and be nagged the rest of my life. Kurt couldn’t wait to get away from Courtney, but the poor guy was also whimpy and very submissive and a little cuckolds as well. He wanted a strong woman to mother him and got her psychotic personality instead. He’s far from the only one who has experienced that…. Stay single my friends, lest you end up like Kurt.

    • LMD18

      You know that Kurt Cobain was a passionate, self-described feminist, right? You do know that, don’t you? Given that, I don’t think he’d have much respect for MRAs.

  • ritualdevice

    Did you really say “blows the lid off”? Really?

  • RogerP77

    You mean a woman known to work for the Japanese Mafia (Yakuza) and the CIA could be involved in murder? Why do you think she got away with it so long? Love (ironic name!) has left a long line of body’s behind. What about Kristen Pfaff, Love’s drummer and a woman that Cobian was known to be close to at the time of his death? She died 10 weeks later of a “drug overdose” (were have I heard that one before?). I could go on and on. By the way, her father, Hank Harrison, managed The Grateful Dead, a notorious CIA/ drug dealing band. A little clue.

    • Jeff Smith

      Do you have any links for her CIA involvement. Her Hollywood Jewish PR and law team are part of the “Star Whackers” that Randy Quade talks about.

    • ej

      bass player not drummer but i get you

    • Thonk

      El Duce too.

  • DarkStarAz

    “Which perhaps answers the question that many have wondered; considering the volume of book sales, media reports and insinuations made against her, exactly why hasn’t Courtney Love sued Tom Grant or producer Benjamin Statler….”

    No more than I wonder why there has been no arrest. Probably because she didn’t do it…

    • Rock Your World

      Of course she didn’t ‘do it’… she hired someone else to ‘do it’.

      • DarkStarAz

        well then, they should arrest.
        Which they haven’t.

        • Rock Your World

          Just because there hasn’t been an arrest doesn’t mean a crime wasn’t committed. The investigation was botched from the get-go, so it had virtually no chance of having an uncorrupted and thorough investigation.

          A name gets accidentally revealed on who pulled the trigger:

          Days later after this was recorded he died due to being “hit by a train”, since I guess he kept talking about it when he shouldn’t have:

          El Duce had taken a polygraph test that was administered by the same person who oversaw O.J. Simpson’s polygraph, where OJS failed terribly, as opposed to El Duce who passed with flying colors. So El Duce’s story is completely true according to Dr. Gelb.

          One of the main reasons I see why the SPD wouldn’t re-open the case is primarily to save face.

          • DarkStarAz

            That’s true. The Boulder Police totally offed up the JBR investigation and the parents were never arrested.

    • Andres Duenas

      Nothing stopping her from suing the guy who’s damaging her reputation, so why hasn’t she?

      While the Judicial system is stopping her from getting arrested.

  • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

    Here’s an analysis of Soaked In Bleach, along with a Q & A with the film’s director Benjamin Statler…http://21stcenturywire.com/2015/06/11/soaked-in-bleach-new-film-revisits-details-in-the-death-of-kurt-cobain-that-point-to-murder/

  • againstcorporaterule

    And who was using his credit card for the 3 or 4 days that his body laid dead? The public is constantly being shown surveillance videos of lesser crimes by the mass media, so why is the mass media still reluctance to show the surveillance footage of, or even mention, the person who extracted money out of his account only hours before his body was finally discovered? Why don’t the suicide-theorists who “love” him so much care about that?!

    The bigger the lie the more likely it will be believed, and the Cobain suicide-theorists are the shining example of how that goes! This sick media feast about suicide must end! (Are you listening Rolling Stone magazine subscribers??!!)

  • alwaysright

    I can not understand why Courtney Love has not been arrested for the murder of Kurt Cobain..
    He loved life, just because he did drugs doesn’t mean he wanted to die, it means he wanted to enjoy his life.. Let’s arrest this nasty skank and make her prove her deal.. Follow the money folks, lets follow the money..