DHS Insider: Bundy Ranch Standoff Not Over! Military, Federal Agents Seen Moving In

It was easy to run federal agents off wasn’t it? It was too easy.
In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bobby Powell puts together several pieces of information that have surfaced sine the BLM “withdrew” and conceded to the demands of Cliven Bundy. Bundy is the Nevada rancher who stood toe-to-toe with nearly 1,000 heavily federal agents for over a week. Fortunately for Bundy, thousands of unarmed protestors – and militia that were armed just as well as the federal agents were standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him.
But, as reported to investigative journalist Doug Hagmann – co-host of the Hagmann and Hagmann report along with his son Joe – by a highly-placed source inside the Department of Homeland Security, the BLM withdrawal was a fake. The entire standoff was, according to Hagmann’s DHS informant, a real world exercise designed to determine what kind of resistance the federal government will face should gun confiscations begin.
From this observer’s perspective that resistance will be fierce. The feds should probably buy Depends by the truckload because people are pissed, and from what we saw on alternative media livestreams broadcast during the standoff many of them are ready to rock and roll.
Acting on a tip from a view who said that he saw “many, many, many” men in military uniform and federal agents checking IN to hotels around the Bundy ranch, after the BLM allegedly stood down, when they should have been checking out, TTiV Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell called area hotels and confirmed that there is not a single room available anywhere near the Bundy ranch.
The response of one young lady who answered the phone at the Holiday Inn in Mesquite Nevada will chill you to the bone.