Detroit Bus Company on Today Show

I’ve written about Detroit’s private bus company a time or two, and now it has caught enough national interest to make the Today Show. This segment begins with the same old, boring media tale about the streetlights not working, burned out houses of rubble and ash, and a bankrupt city (yawn), but it highlights what Bob Dotson calls ”the little business that could.” Note the spot at the end where the young entrepreneur, Andy Didorosi, mentions that he opened the business as a “party bus” business in order to fly in under the insurance radar and make coverage affordable.

detroit bus

It was also just announced that Detroit Bus Company will begin transportation routes to and from the airport – where monopolists have had those routes locked up for a long time. From a CBS article:

“It’s been years since there have been any reliable way, other than Metro Taxi and Metro Cars, to get to the airport. And those things work really well for the business class, but there’s a huge population of people that are going in and out of Detroit Metropolitan Airport every day that just don’t have an affordable way to get there. So they either need to call their friends and get rides or take the city bus, which takes a long, long time,” says Notorianni.

These rides on beautiful buses include free wifi and free coffee.

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