Democrat Kaptur Gives ISIS Eulogy on C-SPAN says US Owes Nazis for Suffering

Just good politics?

Can you believe it? 2018 is the year of the NAZI snowflake! They whine, cry, and they still kill innocent people. They also donate a lot of money to Congressional Reps who support their goals. When congressional leaders openly believe that it is your duty as patriotic Americans to support and ultimately die for the families of the lever pullers and torturers at WWII’s death camps, it’s time to tar some of them out behind the woodshed.
Today, a Congressional love fest extends to the people who shot at your dear ole’ granddad or grandma during the war, or maybe stole their clothes, pulled their teeth, and threw them in a gas chamber. As an American, should your Congressmen force you to help people celebrate the fact that their relatives were death camp torturers and executioners? This is Multiculturalism at its finest.
After you read the proofs, you are going to do the unthinkable. You’ll have to choose between supporting politicians, PACs, and caucuses that do illegal and immoral things like supporting ISIS, or choose the heroes in your own family and patriots that fought against Adolf Hitler’s Naziterror or Islamic terror, in the form of ISIS/ IGIL.
On second thought, let’s simplify this even more. Will you choose ISIS over your wife, husband, son, daughter, and favorite dog? When ISIS is represented in Congress, rest assured, you sure as hell aren’t.
While it’s common knowledge US military has been supporting ISIS in Syria, it’s not well known that US Congressmen are honoring ISIS terrorists and other vermin on C-SPAN. Is this the kind of representation you voted for?
The only fun part about a story like this, or for those of you that aren’t as jaded as I’ve become researching this subject, the sad part, is looking at this Congress and tying these two themes together with undeniable proof this easily. During 2018, I’ll revisit this repeatedly.

US Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur an ISIS sellout?

Today, let’s look at Ohio Democrat Marci Kaptur. Ms. Kaptur wins the Trifecta by repeatedly breaking the Logan Act, the Neutrality Act, supporting ISIS, and is demanding US citizens make reparations to Snowflake WWII families that feel bad because they didn’t kill all the Jews/Russians/Americans/Poles they wanted to. And they really do feel bad about that because they lost the war and now they have to live with all of them.
Let’s start with Congressman Kaptur’s eulogy for an ISIS/ IGIL spokesman. This was on C-SPAN and you’ll see on the following short video that Kaptur thinks this ISIS media spokeswoman is a great role model for your little girl.
Let’s get the facts straight first. Amina Osmayev was provably in ISIS and that means Kaptur is consorting with ISIS terrorists. Since that is the case, can Kaptur eulogize terrorist media whores on C-SPAN? Ohio needs to explain why they dropped Dennis Kucinich for someone that wants to give ISIS members VISAs to come to America! Don’t believe me? Read on.
Amina Osmayev helped form and was part of the Dzhokhar Dudayev Battalion which even at its inception was part of ISIS.
The original commander Isa Munayev stated “I fulfill my duty. There is such a thing – to repay debts. When it was very difficult for us, the fraternal Ukrainian people in the person of the best sons of Ukraine gave my people, my homeland – the Chechen Republic. We decided that it is time we pay the bills, we are doing our duty.”
According to a 2015 Intercept article “OUR BROTHERS ARE there,” Khalid said when he heard I was going to Ukraine. “Buy a local SIM card when you get there, send me the number and then wait for someone to call you.”Khalid, who uses a pseudonym, leads the Islamic State’s underground branch in Istanbul.”
Which nationalist battalion is directly ISIS underground in Ukraine according to the Intercept interview? Dzhokhar Dudayev battalion. Now that we have established that this is an ISIS battalion, this ISIS branch got accepted by the government and is now Kiev-2 Battalion.
I wonder what ISIS wants to help Ukraine and be an official battalion? Any takers on that one? The Intercept interview goes as far to say “Ukraine is now becoming an important stop-off point for the brothers, like Ruslan. In Ukraine, you can buy a passport and a new identity. For $15,000, a fighter receives a new name and a legal document attesting to Ukrainian citizenship. Ukraine doesn’t belong to the European Union, but it’s an easy pathway for immigration to the West.” There is nothing like arming ISIS when their goal is to take the weapons out is there Congressman Kaptur?
Marci Kaptur’s eulogy was for an ISIS media whore fighting to give ISIS a chance to move to Europe and America. If the New York Times can recognize this, can you?
During Amina Osmayev’s eulogy shown in the following video, Kaptur said she wanted her name entered into the Congressional record with other nationalist heroes so she will be remembered. Even though she was assassinated near Kiev, Kaptur is sure that Vladimir Putin was looking through the rifle scope and compares Putin to Josef Stalin.
Ohio Democrat Marci Kaptur goes on record saying she wants Vladimir Putin to pay for the death of Amina Osmayev, the ISIS wonder girl…Seriously? Kaptur seems to want to sanction Russia further for killing terrorists, with no proof Russians were even involved.
Just to rub salt into that wound for the Ohio congresswoman by adding my own thoughts- Hey lady, naught for nothing, IF Russia was involved in putting down the ISIS terrorist, Vladimir Putin already paid for it…in rubles. You should send him flowers and thank him even if he didn’t do it.

Maybe it’s time for Ohio voters to let Marci Kaptur know how they feel about ISIS.
Moving on, Marci Kaptur also gets the distinction of promoting Nazi values that literally scared Adolf Hitler. Congresswoman Kaptur is part of the OUNb, Ukrainian Diaspora and UCCA. The OUNb is the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists b(Bandera).

In far-flung places like Cleveland, New York, Boston and Phillie, the Ukrainian Diaspora which Kaptur is part of raise their children to emulate Nazi monsters from WWII. The OUNb negotiated the right to raise their kids this way in America. In return, they provided absolutely worthless intelligence during the Cold War. Today, even when you go to their official websites in 2018, they are still celebrating their Nazi atrocities and units that did commit them. You can’t separate the lever pullers and torturers at Auschwitz from their dirty deeds, can you? Or can you? Can they be separated from their murders at Volyn which the memorial in these photos depict?

Memorial for children Ukrainian Nationalists burned and Kaptur supports

The following better describes a bad day for the Ukrainian nationalists Kaptur wants to honor and help today. From an article, My Brothers Spirit, A Short Story of Childhood-“Everything was for the military, by the military. They’d even posted SS guards,” my father broke in. “We were lower than dogs to them, easy to kick around anytime. If someone was dying then it was up to that individual to find an empty corner, or better yet – get out! None of us ever received any of the medicines. I begged the Fraulein to give our son some medicine. It was Danchik’s misfortune to become ill at such a time.”…
“When Danchik finally died,” my mother broke in, choosing what part of the story was more important to dwell on. “I could blame only one person, the head nurse. And when she ordered the body to be removed and the bed made ready for, in her words, ‘… someone who can help the Fatherland, not this Ukrainian pig.'”
“That’s when I lashed out at her, I managed to scratch he neck and kick her in the groin a few times before the SS guards used their clubs on me. I was surprised, like you Helen, that I was allowed to live. They just threw me out and left me unconscious in the mud. I don’t remember who carried me away. But I never let go of Danchik.” My Mother’s words were astounding me. I had never imagined her to be so powerful.”
Although it’s not the case, the people in the passage above could easily be Marci Kaptur’s or any other Ukrainian-American Diaspora family. In fact, they are a Ukrainian Diaspora members family. I have no doubt whether or not it is a true story. How can you possibly be unsympathetic to their plight? Damn Adolf Hitler!!! Damn Dirty Nazis!!!!
That is until you read and understand the context. The following is the key to the story above and understanding the Ukrainian Diaspora.
More from the article-“So finally, I’d decided to go on the black market. It took me two days to raise the money, sold my only revolver, but I was able to make the contacts and rushed to the infirmary.
When I returned to the hospital with the new serum I’d noticed that my wife’s bed was taken over by a battle-scarred soldier, his legs were bleeding severely. I asked the Fraulein where my son was. She told me that he had died while I was away. I then asked about my wife.”

I would take the time to re-read the passage above and let it sink in. Prisoners don’t carry revolvers or leave camp to go sell their pistol on the black market. Prisoners aren’t treated at the soldiers’ infirmary. Normally, regular soldiers don’t carry revolvers. That was a status weapon for officers.
So, what we have is a UPA OUNb officer at a concentration camp having a really bad day. Still feeling bad? You are probably feeling confused as your sense of justice and humanity are both in play.
The reason stories like this get published is to do just that. Confuse and overwhelm you emotionally. You can’t hate the boy. You can’t hate the woman that was called a pig. You can’t hate the dead baby. You can’t even hate a father selling his weapon during a war to save his family.
Let me help. He worked at the concentration camp at Stuttgart. This was a Gestapo operation at the Hotel Silber that specialized in torturing and transport of political prisoners. Stuttgart ghettoed Jews and was a transport hub for Dachau. In 2005 the remains of Holocaust victims were found in a grave at Stuttgart.
The Ukrainian nationalists (OUNb) starved 3 million prisoners of war to death. They murdered over 250,000 Jews on their own, thank you very much. They couldn’t wait for Adolf to get started, so they held the first Holocaust killing over 30000. They even celebrate that today. The OUN murdered about 500,000 Ukrainians. After WWII, they murdered another 35,000 until Stalin was able to eradicate the nationalist infestation. The next day or the day after, that man was still an officer at a concentration camp where innocent people weren’t allowed to have pistols to sell on the black market.
The passage above about the dead Ukrainian baby and Nazi parents was published at a respected Jewish owned progressive news site. Do you think the author wondered if it might be distasteful or inappropriate? I don’t.
Marci Kaptur claims to be Polish but her grandparents from the area are Ukrainian. She’s not lying and it isn’t as confusing as it sounds. There was no such thing as a Ukrainian when Congresswoman Kaptur’s grandparents left. It was the Galician province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the same fashion the people on Russian lands were called “little Russians,” the people in Galicia were called “little Austrians.” Being Ukrainian at that point in history meant you lived on the border of the Russian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It didn’t become a nationality until the 1930’s-50’s in Canada.
She claims the Bolsheviks wouldn’t let her grandparents put the cow out to pasture so they had to emigrate to the US and that this was before WW1. This means that it was during the period when Tsarist Russia controlled the area for about 4 months and as Ukrainian nationalism was taking hold of the area.
Here’s where that bit of background comes into play. United States Congressional Representative Marci Kaptur, a Democrat from Ohio has openly stated on C-SPAN that Americans and people around the world owe Ukrainians a moral debt for the suffering they went through during WWII. She said this recognizing that Americans considered Stalin an ally.
But Kaptur wants the US and Russia to pay a moral debt to Axis armies our soldiers fought and her Diaspora was providing leadership for from the USA.
Today, in 2018, you get to decide if you would support Adolf Hitler’s politics if you were in your grandparents shoes today. The upside to this is you will never have to worry about what your grandparents would think about you ever again. You get to live the rest of your life knowing for sure.
According to the Hill, John McCain said that “we live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil…” You can say this is 2018 and say Hitler is dead.
While McCain acknowledges that the blood and soil flag is the flag of Nationalism/Nazism. The Red and Black flag of Ukrainian nationalism is the Nazi war flag they carried in WWII when Ukrainian nationalists were committing atrocities. It is the Ukrainian equivalent to the 3rd Reich Swastika.
John McCain was wrong about it not flying in America. If you want to see the blood and soil flag fly proudly, go no further than Congresswoman Kaptur’s Ohio, New York, Boston, Phillie, or any major city with a Ukrainian Diaspora population.
If you look a the photos quick, you’d think they were taken in Kiev. The top is Washingtion DC with the White House in the background. On the left bottom is in Lviv, Ukraine with UPA and Waffen SS Galicien and Nictengall veterans on parade celebrating their heroism. On the bottom right is Chicago. When you want to find real political Nationalist/Nazis, it seems you don’t have to look further than Marcy Kaptur’s
UCCA and UWC. Kaptur is a founder of the Ukrainian Caucus in Congress which represents the UCCA and UWC (Ukrainian World Congress) in Congress.

Nazis in America flying Ukrainian nationalist war flag

Why is it we can find real, bonafide, dyed in the wool Nazis in America and they seem to have better representation than anyone else? What’s maddening is that the Ukrainian Diaspora she represents in Congress is from Galicia too. The majority of the Ukrainian Diaspora in the US today are from Ukrainian 1st Division families. This was Waffen SS Galician.

What are Nazis capable of in 2018? Look at the image below of the Volyn memorial and let that burn in your heart. Kaptur’s Diaspora fully supports Ukrainian battalions including Pravy Sektor which has been doing this since 2014.

Just good politics?

The Ukrainians she is speaking about are the AXIS OUNb soldiers under Stepan Bandera. She is not talking about the millions the “Ukrainians” tortured, murdered, gassed, starved, or put on the end of OUNb pitchforks. Yes, they actually did that. She feels Americans owe AXIS Waffen SS families because they were made to feel bad about being Nazis. They were never made to feel bad about what they have done.
Instead, they want you to feel bad about what they have done. They want you to feel bad they didn’t succeed. They want you to feel bad they are not succeeding.
I wrote an article in 2014 called “The Moment of Heroes.” One of the comments from a WWII veteran has always stood out as a reason to fight for the soul of America.
” April 5,1944, at the age of 17 1/2, 2 months before the landing in Normandy,I enlisted in the US Army Reserve Corps and did active service later in the Pacific theater. I was born in the nation of the USA with a national administration, congress and supreme court. This Homeland administration,Homeland congress and Homeland court is an insult to my generation.
You get to decide if you would support politics Adolf Hitler was afraid of. You get to decide if your grandparents were heroes in the Greatest Generation or whether it was a waste of time and lives. The upside to this is you will never have to worry about what anyone from that generation would think about you ever again. You get to live the rest of your life knowing for sure.