Dem Admits Knowing Obama Lied – BONUS Pelosi Tries To Rewrite HER Obamacare Lies (Video)

Democratic politicians that backed Obamacare, passed it against the opposition of the majority of Americans without any GOP cover,  are in a panic mode after the incompetent rollout of Obamacre and they attempting to do damage control but they keep getting caught up in Obama’s lies and in Nancy Pelosi’s case, her own lies.

Two videos below, one is of New York Senator Kirstin Gillibrand, who when asked about people losing the health coverage after obama promised if they liked it they could keep it, says “we knew” then goes on to try to justify taking coverage away from people who were happy with what they had.

The second video is three minutes of Nancy Pelosi being hammered on her own lies over obamacare as she attempts to rewrite history and the look on her face when they play her own promises back to her, is priceless.