Corporations And Their Military Hirelings

Lenin Nightingale 
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The rise of Transnational corporations (TNCs) and the consequent strangulation of smaller businesses at their birth was predicted by Vladimir Lenin in 1916: ‘Private property based on the labour of the small proprietor, free competition, democracy, i.e., all the catchwords with which the capitalists and their press deceive the workers … are things of the past … This transformation of competition into monopoly is … the most important phenonema of modern capitalist economy … monopolistic alliances of entrepreneurs, cartels and trusts arise … when the number of competing enterprises is reduced to a couple of dozen or so’.

He went on to say that Marx’s prediction that free competition inevitably leads to monopoly, the ‘new capitalism’. He traced the power of cartels to the economic depression of 1900-1903: ‘cartels came to an agreement on the conditions of sale … They divide the market among themselves. They fix the quantities of goods to be produced. They fix prices. They divide the profits among the various enterprises’. Lenin coined the term ‘gigantic monopolist combines’ to describe this concentration of economic power.

According to economist Tim Kane, the number of jobs in America in businesses that are less than one year old fell from 4.1 million in 1994 to 2.5 million in 2010. As a share of the population, the percentage of ‘new businesses’ fell by 53% between 1977 and 2010. Many in America and the UK have been so indoctrinated by media corporations that they believe they live under a system of free market capitalism. On a recent late night debate in the UK, the obscene profits made by utility corporations was defended on the grounds that capitalism needs profits, completely ignorant of the fact of thousands of small businesses not being able to pay their utility bills. The corporate masters disguise themselves as free-enterprise capitalists, in a ruse to fool the ignorant.

Corporations dominate the media, and hence what people think. They own politicians, who present slight variations of corporate-friendly policies to their electorate, so as to fool people into believing they have a choice of political parties with distinct policies. The UK Conservative and Labour parties differ on a figure for a minimum wage by less than 10 cents. They do not have policies for breaking up large monopoloies, only ones that advise the freezing working class to ‘shop around’ for the ‘best deal’. Corporation-owned politicians implement corporate-friendly economic policies — the lessening of corporation tax, the enslavement of workers in zero hour, low paid contracts. Corporations drown people in an ever rising sea of compounding debt, etc. etc.

From this it might be adduced that the enemy of the working class is corporate power, but this is a profound mistake, for corporate power is nothing without working class henchmen to enforce it.

As a student of English history I read of peasants’ revolts against Ruling Class repression, which were numerous between 1530 and 1550. Henry VIII. and his mafia courtiers were totally bankrupt, and sought to replenish their coffers by stealing the property of rich Catholics, whose head, the Pope, had refused Henry a divorce from his dead brother’swife.This was the perfect pretext for Henry to steal from Catholics, just as the killing of Archduke Ferdinand was the perfect pretext for World War II., when the actual cause was the lust for profits between two colonial powers, England and Germany. During one revolt, fanned by Henry’s followers enclosing common land, this psychopathic tyrant ordered his commanders to burn and kill men, women, and children. English trees bore the strange fruit of rotting corpses.

An example of how worried the Ruling Class were at this time is given in a sermon preached in all English Churches in 1547: ‘Almighty God hath created and appointed all things in heaven, earth, and waters, in a most excellent and perfect order. In heaven he hath appointed distinct or several orders and slates of archangels and angels. In earth he hath aligned and appointed kings, princes, with other governors under thern, in all good and necessary order. The water above is kept and raineth down in due time an season. The sun, moon, stars, rainbow, thunder, lightning, clouds, and all birds of the air, do keep their order. The earth, trees, seeds, plants, herbs, corn, grass, and all manner of beasts, keep themselves in their order: all the parts of the whole year, as winter, summer, months, nights, and days, continue in their order: all kinds of fish in the sea, rivers, and waters, with all fountains, springs, yea, the seas themselves, keep their comely curfew and order: and man himself also hath all his parts both within and without, as soul, heart, mind, memory, understanding, reason, speech, with all and singular corporal members of his body, in a profiltable, necessary, and pleasant order: every degree of people in their vocation, calling, and office, hath appointed to them their duty and order: some are in high degree, some in low, some kings and princes, some inferiors and subjects …’ (An Exhortation Concerning Good Order, and Obedience to Rulers and Magistrates).

Years later, another psychopathic tyrant dresses in the robes of kingship, James I., repeated these grandiose ideas: ‘Kings are justly called gods for that they exercise a manner or resemblance of divine power upon earth. For if you will consider the attributes to God, you shall see how they agree in the person of a king. God has power to create, or destroy, make, or unmake at his pleasure, to give life, or send death, to judge all, and to be judged nor accountable to none; to raise low things, and to make high things low at his pleasure, and to God are both soul and body due. And the like power have kings. They make and unmake their subjects; they have power of raising and casting down, of life and of death; judges over all their subjects, and in all cases, and yet accountable to none but God only. They have power to exalt low things and abase high things, and make of their subjects like men at the chess: a pawn to take a bishop or a knight, and to cry up or down any of their subjects, as they do their money. And to the king is due both the affection of the soul and the service of the body of his subjects’ (King James I, A speech to the Lords and Commons of the Parliament at Whitehall, March 21, 1610).

Charles I. had witnessed the relationship between his father, James I., and Parliament, and considered that Parliament was entirely at fault. He also found it difficult to believe that a king could be wrong. His conceit and arrogance were eventually to lead to his execution. This psychopathic tyrant and his Ruling Class confederates repressed all opposition. The pamphleteer William Prynne had his ears cut off in 1634, and was put in the pillory, for a book that seemed to reflect badly on the queen. It was from such tyranny that many fled to America.

My point is this: It was not a king or any of their commanders which hung children from trees, or cut out the tongue of a critic, this was done by their working class henchmen, those who listened to sermons about the ‘natural order of things’ and believed that ‘Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and die’. This class of survivalist informed the ‘authorities’ of riotous talk, and murdered when told to.

Just as they propped up the Ruling Class regimes of old, they now empower corporations that act as if they have a God- given power to exploit. Corporations could not operate in many countries if it were not for an American military presence, and the support of corrupt, CIA funded regimes. The threat of American marines being sent to ‘restore order’ dampens dissent, and enables corporations to exploit cheap labour, including that of children, and pay pennies for raw materials.

It will not be the President of America who will arrest and detain you without warrant or trial, but it could be your brother, sister, or cousin — those of the working class who do not question the ‘natural order’, and, if asked to jump, reply: “Yes, my lord! How high, my lord? When can I come down, my lord?”

The true enemy is the working class henchmen of the Ruling Corporatocracy.

A permanent feature of Ruling class suppression of workers’ rights is the use of force. On the afternoon of March 6, 1930, 500,000 people in twenty-five American cities demonstrated for government assistance. The response by New York police was described by a reporter for the New York World: “Women struck in the face with blackjacks, boys beaten by gangs of seven and eight policemen, and an old man backed into a doorway and knocked down time after time … One of (the women) fought savagely howling curses … A detective ran up and while the policemen held her crashed his blackjack into her face three times before a man dragged her away”.

The English political activist, William Lovett, spoke aptly in 1840 of tyrants and their henchmen: “If our commercial, manufacturing, and middle classes of society were “well educated,” they would abjure the fraud and gambling transactions of the stock-exchange; there would be less commercial swindling — less lying, cheating, and over-reaching in trade; and bankruptcies and insolvencies would be seldom heard of. And if our own brethren were properly educated, the despots and tyrants of the earth would soon become rational members of society, for want of tools to work with; but as long as they can engage knaves and fools to carry their dishonest purposes into execution, they will continue to maintain their pernicious authority over all the rest of society. If men were morally educated, they would shrink with abhorrence from the mercenary occupation of a soldier, and spurn the livery and brutal instruments of his profession. They would greatly question the honour of being enlisted in a service in which they would be compelled to fight against liberty abroad and the rights of their brethren at home” … “If our countrymen were properly instructed, all attempts to establish a new standing army of policemen would have been fruitless. They would have inquired the necessity for those blue-coated auxiliaries of oppression — this new amalgamation of watch, spy, and bludgeon-men — this new concentration of force in the hands of an exclusively-elected and irresponsible power; and finding them intended to check the advancement of liberty, and perpetuate the reign of wrong, they would indignantly refuse to become such degrading instruments of injustice, and the fingers of scorn and derision would be pointed against their badge, livery, and calling”.

The first link to be broken is that between corporations and their military hirelings.

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