Cop Creep of the Decade

YouTube and the ‘Net in general are awash in this sort of thing: Law-abiding, productive person has a little too much of a very legal substance (alcohol). Bully cop pulls over the “criminal” and carts the person off to jail to “teach them a lesson” and attempts to ruin their life and finances via the corrupt court system and politically and emotionally warped “drunk driving” laws. Bully cop proceeds to abuse said “criminal” while in custody due to a spurious sense of power and a lack of any real self worth. The ‘criminal’, in this case, is a tiny, 110-lb woman.

This story – and the accompanying video – is one of the most brutal I have ever seen. The woman had actually pulled over to get off the road and fall asleep because her good judgment told her that she was not capable of driving. She was arrested while sitting in her unmoving car and for making the best available choice by avoiding potential (real) criminality by way of an auto accident. The whole video – which is brilliantly produced – must be seen. Not only did the woman not resist arrest, she completely submitted to all demands. This piece of garbage cop, who is twice her weight and 3-4 times her strength, threw her into a holding cell with full force, flinging her face first into a concrete bench. She ended up with reconstructive facial surgery, multiple broken facial bones, and a titanium plate surgically imbedded in her face. Why isn’t this bullying piece of shit being arrested for attempted murder?

Here’s Richard Nikoley on this story and incarceration nation, and why we should all hate hate hate the police state.