Cheerleading Ukrainian Fascism

Cheerleading Ukrainian Fascism
by Stephen Lendman
Major media scoundrels praise what demands condemnation. They reinvent history doing it. Managed news misinformation substitutes for legitimate journalism. More on this below.
Ukraine’s fascist coup against its democratically elected government was made in the USA. 
Washington’s dirty hands manipulated things. Billions of dollars were spent doing it. Obama got another imperial trophy – if he can keep it.
Events remain fluid. It’s uncertain how they’ll play out. For now, neo-Nazis control western Ukraine. Eastern areas reject them. Internal conflict may follow.
Kiev fascists are consolidating power. They ordered dozens of former ruling Party of Regions’ officials arrested.
They have a growing enemies list. Anti-neo-Nazi Ukrainians are being attacked. They’re stoned and beaten. Some are lynched.
Intimidation is widespread. Police states operate this way. Opposition isn’t tolerated. Eliminating it is prioritized.
Natalia Vitrenko is a Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine leader. She’s fiercely populist. 
She’s strongly anti-Western. She condemns predatory monied interests. She does so for good reason. In late 2009, she predicted something similar to what unfolded.
On February 23, she headlined “USA and EU Are Erecting a Nazi Regime on Ukrainian Territory.”
Fascist coup plotters “us(ed) armed force” to seize power, she said. They “committed criminal acts.”
“Washington and Brussels” lied. They “told the world and all mankind that Euromaidan (was) a nonviolent action of the Ukrainian people, to make a European choice and protect democracy and European values…”
The instituted “a Nazi coup.” They enlisted “insurgents” and “terrorists…” At issue is “serv(ing) the geopolitical interests of the West.”
“Indisputable evidence” proves it, she said. Government by coup d’etat is “unconstitution(al).”
So is exceeding “the powers of the Parliament…” Democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych “was deprived of his constitutional powers in gross violation of the Constitution.”
Parliamentary coup plotters defend the indefensible. They’re “militants and terrorists.” They usurped power lawlessly.
They’re “carry(ing) out lynchings or exercise blackmail and kidnapping(s).”
“…(N)eo-Nazi repressive state machinery” runs things.  Washington and Brussels express support.
Fundamental freedoms are disappearing in plain sight. Coup plotters “are massively burning the offices of political parties they do not like…”
They “publicly announced” criminal prosecutions against anyone opposing their ideology and goals.
“On behalf of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, we declare that we do not recognize the legitimacy of this coup (or its) authorities.”
“We appeal to the European Parliament and the UN Security Council” for “immediate intervention” against what happened.
European leaders support Ukraine’s coup. They helped instigate it. They partnered with Washington. 
They allied with fascist extremists. They called violent street thugs heroes. So did Washington.
On February 25, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns called it “an honor to pay tribute, on behalf of President Obama and the American people, to the many brave Ukrainians who gave their lives in the pursuit of a just and democratic Ukraine.”
He lied calling fascist street thugs “peaceful protesters.”
“All of us are inspired by the acts of genuine heroism, and selflessness, and sacrifice that we have seen here,” he added.
Ukrainians “can count on the strong and continued support of the United States.”
On February 24, White House press secretary Jay Carney expressed similar views.
He said parliament coup plotters acted lawfully. Yanukovych “undermined his legitimacy,” he claimed.
Washington supports the new coup d’etat regime. It backs a similar one in Egypt.
It endorses some of the world’s worst despots. It turns a blind eye to their ruthlessness.
It’s longstanding US practice. Independent democratic governments are deplored. They’re targeted for regime change.
Ukraine is Washington’s newest victim. Other independent leaders await similar treatment.
Media scoundrels cheerlead lawlessness. They endorse Ukrainian fascists. They turn a blind eye to their extremism. Imperial priorities matter most.
A previous article discussed New York Times editors’ support for Ukrainian coup plotters. They lied claiming Washington and EU partners aren’t “promoting a government dominated by (ultra)nationalists.”
They accused Putin of inventing “Western conspiracies behind all challenges to his will.” 
They falsely claim Ukrainians “believe their future is with the values and practices of the West.”
Tens of millions of Ukrainians feel otherwise. Expect many more to join them once events further take shape. 
Once they realize they were had. Once they taste IMF-mandated neoliberal harshness. Once freedoms they cherish end. Once reality replaces illusions.
Slawomir Sierakowski masquerades as a left-of-center political observer. His opinions reveal otherwise. 
Times editors gave him featured op-ed space. He took full advantage headlining “Has the West Already Lost Ukraine?”
He called toppling Yanukovych the right thing to do. EU membership “is an attractive economic arrangement” for Ukraine, he claimed.
It makes Ukraine low-hanging fruit for plunder. It assures the worst of neoliberal harshness. 
It includes mass layoffs, deregulation, deep social spending cuts, wage freezes or cuts, unrestricted free market access for EU corporations, corporate friendly tax cuts, marginalizing trade unionism, and harsh crackdowns on nonbelievers.
Sierakowski one-sidedly supports Western interests. At the same time, he bashed Putin.
He’s concerned that Russia and China may “outbid” their Western counterparts. 
He ludicrously claimed “neither the European Union nor America can resort to the same type of brutality (these) nondemocratic regimes” employ.
He called Western power “soft.” He turned a blind eye to its imperial ravaging.
“Thanks to Ukrainians,” he said, “the new situation offers an opportunity to reverse the West’s drift.”
Washington and EU partners “must make clear to Russia that it will not abide further meddling in Kiev’s political course,” he said.
On the one hand, he turned a blind eye to neo-Nazis usurping power. On the other, he urged strong Western support for their lawlessness. 
Times editors shamelessly feature what no respectable counterparts would touch. Doing so is longstanding NYT practice.
Washington Post editors are neocon propagandists. New WaPo owner Jeff Bezos has CIA ties. He’s in bed with the devil.
He has a disturbing history currying favor with national security officials. His CIA connection mocks free press reporting and opinion.
It shows in one-sided editorials. On February 24, WaPo editors headlined “Ukraine’s next chapter,” saying:
Ukraine’s “corrupt president” is gone. So is “the immediate prospect of domination by Russia.”
“Kiev is now controlled by pro-Western parties…” They’ll join the EU, they say. Further trouble is possible.
Ukraine needs bailout help. Without it, sovereign debt default looms. In 2001, Argentina faced the same dilemma.
It made the right choice. In December, it halted all debt payments to domestic and foreign creditors. Earlier IMF debt bondage didn’t help.
Nearly $100 billion in debt was restructured. It was done on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. Bondholders agreeing to terms took stiff haircuts.
They had no other choice. It was better than losing everything. In 2010, most holdouts capitulated on similar terms.
From 2003 – 2007, sustained economic growth followed. Debt restructuring and currency devaluation helped enormously.
Ukraine can benefit by adopting a similar policy. Not with pro-Western fascists in charge. 
Expect ordinary Ukrainians to bear the burden of debt bondage. IMF structural adjustment harshness will impoverish them more than already.
Don’t expect WaPo editors to explain. They want Western interests served. They want popular ones sacrificed in the process.
They’re concerned about a possible “split along geographic lines as Russian speakers in the east of the country, perhaps supported by Moscow, reject the new political order.”
They want Western leaders telling Putin “not to obstruct Ukraine’s change.”
“What’s not clear is whether” he’ll agree, they said. First signs aren’t encouraging, they believe.
“A foreign ministry statement Monday alleged that ‘a course has been set to use dictatorial and sometimes terrorist methods to suppress dissenters in various regions.”
WaPo editors disagree. They turned a blind eye to neo-Nazi extremism. Doing so shows support. Their scoundrel media counterparts do the same thing.
Wall Street Journal editors endorsed Ukrainian coup plotters. Bret Stephens is deputy editorial page editor. On February 24, he headlined “Ukraine vs. Homo Sovieticus.”
The revolution was televised, he said. “Will it now be squandered,” he asked?
On the one hand, he acknowledged the legitimacy of Yanukovych’s 2010 electoral victory. He quoted international observers calling it an “impressive display of democracy.”
On the other hand, he claimed his presidency was “brutal and venal.” In other words, toppling him lawlessly was OK.
Stephens exchanged emails with Ukrainian friends, he said. “It was encouraging,” he added.
One said: “Bringing back to power people who already were accused of corruption would be a betrayal to (dozens of) people who died.”
Another said: “Maidan is not ready to compromise for what we were fighting (for) – freedom, responsibility for action and honesty.”
One more added: “What I can say for sure (is that) Ukrainians started to identify themselves as a nation. And we don’t want ‘new’ politicians…acting in the same way – corruption, nepotism, impunity.”
According to Stephens, these voices are “authentic ones – the winning ones.”
He’ll maintain “faith with (his) brave and idealistic friends who risked their necks at the barricades.”
He reflects virtually universal scoundrel media opinion. On the one hand, lawless coup plotting is ignored. Rule of law principles don’t matter.
On the other, toppling a democratically elected independent government is OK as long as a subservient pro-Western one replaces it.
Other Western editors and commentators expressed similar views. Los Angeles Times contributor David Horsey headlined “Ukrainians steal their future back from Yanukovych and Putin.”
Ukrainians “yearning to be free have spoken loud and clear,” he said. Like other scoundrel media commentators, he ignored what readers most need to know – the truth.
Chicago Tribune editors said “(e)lected governments that trample freedom forfeit their legitimacy.”
They endorsed Egypt’s illegitimately toppling democratically elected Mohammed Morsi.
They wrongfully blame Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for US-manipulated street violence.
They blame Yanukovych the same way. They hold him responsible for fascist thug street rioting. Toppling him was OK, they believe.
Leaders they dislike “may be evicted by popular (or any other kind of) movements,” they said.
“(O)nly people who deserve to be trusted with power” should have it, they added.
They ignored US police state lawlessness. They turned a blind eye to Obama and likeminded congressional members trampling on fundamental freedoms.
They’re mindless of their intent to destroy them altogether. No nation causes more harm to more people than America. 
None abuse power more egregiously. None more reprehensibly ignore rule of law principles. None more imperil humanity’s survival.
Don’t expect Tribune editors to explain. Or their scoundrel media counterparts.
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