Canada Targets Russia

Canada Targets Russia 
by Stephen Lendman
Right-wing Prime Minister Stephen Harper marches in lockstep with Washington. He’s Obama’s unctuous little sidekick. He dances to his tune. He partners in his dark side. No pun intended.
Canadian travel restrictions were imposed on senior Russian officials. Crimean ones were targeted. Economic sanctions followed. Last month, Harper announced them, saying:
“It’s my strong belief we must keep the pressure on and we must continue to maintain sanctions and maintain putting in place strong steps to dissuade this behaviour.”
“What the Putin regime has done cannot be tolerated and can never be accepted. The individuals targeted are responsible for undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and for facilitating Russian military action against Ukraine.”
“Canada will not stand by while Russia violates Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
He condemned legitimate Crimean reunification. He twisted truth claiming otherwise. He supports Kiev putschists. His new friends are fascist extremists  He promised additional ways to help.
In mid-April, he announced more travel bans and sanctions. Foreign Minister John Baird said Canada “cannot sit by while Russia illegally occupies Ukraine.”
“Russia’s continued provocative actions in Crimea and elsewhere are completely unacceptable.”
“Canada and its allies are prepared to take additional steps that will further isolate Russia economically and politically.”
He lied claiming Russian “aggression.” Russia attacked no one. No Moscow threats exist. Putin deplores war. 
He goes all-out for diplomatic solutions. Don’t expect Harper or complicit Ottawa officials to explain.
Canadian lawlessness includes participation in US-led NATO’s 1999 Yugoslavia raping. Ottawa is a US coalition of the willing partner. It was part of Washington’s war on Afghanistan.
It helped America selectively against Iraq. It actively participated in Obama’s Libyan aggression. 
Harper ignores rule of law principles. He’s mindless of democratic rights. He supports Obama’s war on Syria. 
He endorses lawless drone strikes. He’s comfortable about Washington’s globalized torture black sites. Police state laws don’t trouble him.
He’s in lockstep with the worst of Washington’s imperial agenda. He’s part of US-led NATO’s anti-Russian alliance.
He supports illegitimate Kiev fascist putschists. He’s in bed with some of the worst societal misfits. He calls them his new friends. 
They include neo-Nazi extremists. They’re ideologically over-the-top. They threaten regional peace. They risk open conflict.
Harper matches Obama’s belligerence. He supports hardline measures. He wants Russia marginalized, weakened and isolated.
Last month, he said Putin has “no desire to be a partner.” He supports “rivalry” instead, he claimed. He twisted truth saying so. He’s part of Obama’s plan to plunder Ukraine for profit.
He supports making it another Western colony. He wants it geopolitically annexed. He wants it economically looted. 
He wants its people ruthlessly exploited. He wants Canadian business interests served. His predecessor Paul Martin supported Bush’s Orange Revolution.
The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) was involved. Paul Grod serves as president. He accompanied Harper on his March 22 Kiev visit.
Neo-Nazis infest Ukraine’s Svoboda Party. UCC members support them. Their predecessors massacred Jews. They partnered in some of Hitler’s worst crimes.
Harper partners in Washington’s imperial rampaging. He hopes Canadian interests benefit hugely. He wants Canada’s oil displacing Russia’s European exports. 
He wants Keystone XL pipeline built. When completed, it’ll run from Alberta to America’s Gulf coast. It’ll transport tar sands bitumen to US oil refineries.
Harper played Cold War geopolitics in Sochi. He skipped participation. He symbolically bashed Russia. He rained on Putin’s parade. He acted during a disturbingly tense time.
He’s in lockstep with Washington’s war on humanity. He’s a supportive junior partner. He opposes fundamental freedoms. He’s geopolitically hardline.
He ludicrously calls America the “indispensable nation.” He supports its “exceptionalism.” Paul Craig Roberts is right saying its “corruption and mendacity” alone make it “exceptional.”
It pressures, bullies and bribes other nations to go along. It eliminates independent foreign leader outliers. It wages one war after another. It does so worldwide.
“The Russians have a real leader,” said Roberts. America has “two-bit punks.” They masquerade as legitimate politicians. So does Stephen Harper. 
He’s polar opposite what Canadians deserve. He mocks legitimate leadership. He supports wealth, power and privilege. 
He spurns social justice. He trashes rule of law principles. He’s an unindicted war criminal. He belongs in prison, not high office.
He endorses “Fortress North America.” He does so when Canada and America have no enemies except ones they invent. 
He partners in Washington’s wars of choice. Lawless aggression defines them.
He targets US enemies. Russia is in the eye of the storm. Harper may have bit off more than he can chew. Obama has a tiger by the tail.
Ukrainian crisis conditions just started. The worst may lie ahead. Thousands, perhaps millions, of Eastern Ukrainians aren’t going quietly into the good night. Maybe their Western counterparts will join them.
Activists on the front lines for freedom. They’re going all-out to achieve it. Obama thought he had as easy imperial trophy. If he can keep it, an earlier article said.
It may be slip-sliding away. It may launch greater conflict in the process. It may do what no responsible leader would dare. 
It may cross the point of no return. The worst of all possible outcomes may follow. Allying with Washington against Russia makes Harper share responsibility for what happens.
He mocks legitimate leadership. He’s deploying Canadian warplanes to Eastern Europe. Positioning more Canadian Armed Forces personnel at NATO headquarters is planned.
More sanctions may be imposed on Russian officials and business interests. He’s in lockstep with potential global conflict. He hypes nonexistent Russian threats.
He claims Moscow “expansionism (and) militarism.” He calls what doesn’t exist “a longterm, serious threat to global peace and security.”
He may partner with US-led NATO’s Arctic presence. Doing so will involve him in Obama’s new millennium resource wars.
They’re ongoing. They’re part of a modern-day great game. Resources are increasingly important. World supplies are finite.
Major powers scramble for as much as they can control. Oil is especially valued. No one’s sure how much is left. 
America, China, Russia and other major nations want control over as much as possible. They’re going all out to get it.
Energy is a strategic source of world power. America’s “imperial grand strategy” prioritizes controlling as much of the world’s supply as possible. 
The Arctic may become another global battleground. US wars have nothing to do with protecting national security. Claiming otherwise doesn’t wash.
Harper boasts about supporting Kiev putschists. He turned truth on its head accusing Russia of “aggressive, militaristic and imperialistic” practices.
He ignores Canada’s longstanding partnership in US imperial wars. He wants Canada’s share of Ukrainian spoils. 
In mid-April, Canadian media said he’s quietly preparing for possible military involvement in Syria. 
Censored documents allude to “the rapidly deteriorating conditions in Syria, its impact on neighbouring counties and…the importance of Middle East security.”
Syria remains “defiant,” they say. “(M)ost likely (and) worst case” outcomes are claimed. They include greater regional conflict.
A possible pretext for intervention assumes that Ottawa recognizes “a legitimate armed opposition group.” Details aren’t explained.
At the same time, separate documents show Canadian involvement in training anti-Assad elements.
Partnering in Obama’s wars threatens world peace. Harper has much to answer for. 
Scoundrel media propaganda suppresses his crimes of war and against humanity. Expect more ahead if he, Obama and rogue EU partners aren’t stopped.

Mass public opposition is needed. It’s time enough ordinary people stepped up to the plate and acted.

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