Brendan Hunt Returns to Sandy Hook

From Brendan Hunt

On Sunday, October 20 New York-based videographer and independent researcher Brendan Hunt visited Newtown to further document the Sandy Hook Elementary School and its surroundings. The School is scheduled for demolition this week.

Hunt briefly interacts with Sandy Hook witness Roy Low, who was interviewed by CBS News the morning of December 14, 2012. In that interview Low describes the mysterious man apprehended by police in the woods behind the school.

Yet here Low declines comment, explaining how “that other guy got the FBI at his house. I don’t want any of that here.” Is Low referring to Ibragim Todashev, the acquaintance of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects who was killed while in FBI custody last May? (Note: Hunt has since pointed out that Low was gesturing as he spoke to suggest possible reference to a neighbor.-JT)

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Hunt then visits the now-vacated residence of Marilyn Gudsnuk. Gudsnuk’s daughter Jessica explained to Hunt earlier this year how her mother observed Gene Rosen at the Sandy Hook Fire House on the morning of December 14 “looking for his kids,” just as screaming children were allegedly running from the school.

In the video Hunt also visits the remarkably dilapidated Sandy Hook School grounds to find new “Danger: Asbestos” signs posted on a rear door of the school. One must ask, if the structure contains asbestos, exactly how fit of an environment was it for children?

Images are also captured of the school’s abandoned and run-down interior through unshuttered windows.