Breaking Away — A Step in the Right Direction


by Rory Hall

Originally Published at The Daily Coin

For those who are concerned about the future of the USDollar or you are tired of generating debt by using federal reserve notes, Dale Olmstead offers a way to begin the process of breaking away from the system. The only thing to fear, is fear itself. Some of you thought bitcoin was going to be an alternative, well, that has yet to be seen. Are people using bitcoin? I do not know; as, for me, it is just another form of electronic, digital currency that can be easily manipulated by the criminal banking system. I understand there a lot of very smart people, Jeff Berwick, Michael Kreiger, Max Keiser come to mind, they believe bitcoin is going to grow into an alternative form of currency. Time will tell. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium have been around for thousands of years. Gold and silver have proven themselves as both money and currency for the past three thousand plus years. History works for me. If any of the crypto currencies are still around a thousand years from now, well, they will be making some good headway. Until then, I will stay with what has worked, is currently working in a great many places in the world and what will work again in the future as currency and money.

Dale Olmstead of Precious Metals Bullion and Vault is a jeweler turned bullion dealer, turned precious metals debit card founder. You can reach Dale at

We begin the conversation with how Dale transitioned from a jeweler to bullion dealer. Dale discusses how his clientele was the driving force and helped to push him into a better understanding of how money works and the importance of honest money.

We then discuss how you, yes you, can get involved and get into some of the details of how to make it happen.

If you think using worthless fiat dollars is smarter than using your precious metals for transactions, you really need to give this a listen and ask yourself–do I want to help this system enslave me or do I want to do my part to end it?

If you believe this is a passing fad, like some recent attempts at competing currencies, you are seriously mistaken. The precious metals backed debit card hasn’t even reached the starting line. Dale is very a driven individual and is willing to work with anyone who’s heart is in the right place.

The demand for precious metals is still growing, according to the volume of business that Precious Metals Bullion and Vault is conducting. I am sure most of you have read articles, from various global sources and see the same thing, not just with localized billions dealers, but in every corner of the world. Dale’s business is up tremendously year over year and up 100% since transitioning from jeweler to bullion dealer.

As of now, Dale is only working with his local legislators to help educate more people to honest, sound money. The potential growth of a precious metals backed debit card will probably be local and/or regional. With Visa and Mastercard having a sanctioned monopoly on the transaction system the challenges to compete with their system are far too large for an individual or a small organization to meet head on. Dale is actively seeking persons to help construct a system in order to get other bullion dealers networked. With more dealers networked and creating a larger base to work from, over time, the system will naturally develop itself. So, if you are a bullion dealer, please reach out to Dale Olmstead and be part of the larger solution.

This leads us to the full frontal assault on the debt generating, debt based federal reserve note. With this current precious metals debit card system being at an individual level, once it grows, the states that currently have legislation on the floor will be more prone to following Utah and Arizona’s lead and allow the citizens to have a choice in which currency they chose to use. The choice is really very simple, Constitutional money or fraud based, debt based criminal fiat dollars. It becomes your choice and if you are an honest freedom loving human being, the choice is a no-brainer. For every federal reserve note that is displaced, that is one less bullet that can be fired at an innocent person. For every federal reserve note that is displaced that is another small piece of debt that is no longer generated. Remember, USDollars are a debt based instrument. If the debt is 100% paid off, their is no dollar. If more debt is generated we tighten the chains of our enslavement.

How do we break the system? A precious metals backed debit card, a united community along with a growing number of networked bullion dealers seems like a like a good starting point.