Beyond The DNC – Funding Hacks and Sedition

Any DNC server leak in 2016 could have been a patriotic act to counter Ukrainian Intel operators access inside the DNC and US Government servers at the State Department.

The big take away from the part 1 article is Ukrainian Intelligence was hired as opposition research by Alexandra Chalupa and they hacked the DNC. And they hacked the RNC. They were probably given the passwords to US Dept of State Top Secret information just as a matter of course to do their jobs. Clinton kept six State Department password slots from2013 to 2016 for her researchers. Ukrainian Intel hackers included Russian traitors Shaltai Boltai. And they hacked.

If Chalupa didn’t give the hackers access, getting it was as simple as doing your job using someone else’s login. This means someone with the password physically typed it in and the hacker/ researcher took over.

The Ukrainian Intelligence workers still work with Irena Chalupa at the Atlantic Council’s DFRLab, StopFake, Propornot, Disinfo Portal, and Bellingcat. The hackers worked directly with Andrea Chalupa through of her connection at EuromaidanPR, and InformNapalm. The same hackers worked with Dimitry Alperovich through the Atlantic Council’s DFRLab and Irena Chalupa. They were hunting for hackers they nicknamed Fancy Bear. The hackers were communicating with Dimitry Alperovich and Crowdstrike through Twitter and are part of the same social network.

When I asked them recently about this, Propornot personnel doesn’t take offense at Alexandra Chalupa hiring the Ukrainian hackers because they have the same goal as the hackers which is to destroy Russia. While admitting Ukrainian Intel hackers were hired by Chalupa, they fail to see anything wrong with it. It is somehow “patriotic,” well maybe, if you’re Ukrainian that is.

Let’s review what Hillary Clinton keeping State Department password access for Team Clinton researchers from 2013-2016 led to:

Shaltai Boltai worked for Ukrainian Intel when it hacked Huma Abedin’s  Yahoo email account that she illegally kept her top-secret passwords in. The finance section of Shaltai Boltai resides in Thailand. Thailand has a strong alliance with China. Shaltai Boltai sells access…It makes me wonder…

  • Clinton knew damn well she was compromised going into the campaign. At the same time her aides were creating “loyalty scores”, Clinton, “instructed a trusted aide to access the campaign’s server and download the messages sent and received by top staffers. She believed her campaign had failed her—not the other way around—and she wanted ‘to see who was talking to who, who was leaking to who.2’” After personally reading the email correspondence of her staffers, she called them into interviews for the 2016 campaign, where she confronted them with some of the revelations.”

Who was the trusted aide? If it was Alexandra Chalupa, Hillary’s intern during the Clinton administration, why wouldn’t Chalupa delegate the task to the people she hired? If it was Huma Abedin, she was already compromised. It is the new normal for presidential candidates to give foreign Intelligence operatives passwords to US top-secret servers. If it is, it’s also fine to give unrestricted access for people who idolize the monsters Adolf Hitler was afraid of when they are determined to influence US policy, isn’t it?

The Podesta Hack 2 – Don’t Mess with the Ukrainian Diaspora’s Parkhomenko

Remember Adam Parkhomenko? A Diaspora Ukrainian nationalist who’s never had a job almost gained a high-level position in a presumed Clinton White House. His first loyalty is to a fascist model of Ukraine which Stepan Bandera devised and if Clinton won he would have solidified the Diaspora as the power bloc in America.

Parkhomenko was fired by Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook because he couldn’t deliver the voter lists he promised which got him the job in the first place. When Clinton said she wanted him back, Podesta took responsibility. He gave Parkhomenko promises that his entire staff would be brought back. It was after that didn’t happen Podesta was hacked in March as noted in the previous article. The Ukrainian nationalist Adam Parkhomenko was hired back April 1st.

The Ukrainian Intel hackers working for Team Clinton Opposition Research are Pravy Sektor Ukrainian nationalists. Pravy Sektor spent 2014 violently murdering people that disagree with them. Like Dimitry Yarosh, Alexandra Chalupa and Adam Parkhomenko are OUNb Bandera Ukrainian nationalists.

Look at the highlighted area of the Podesta phishing email below. If this doesn’t raise questions about Ukraine’s involvement, what will? It says the phishing hack came from Ukraine.

Today, Adam Parkhomenko works with the Ukrainian Intel hackers for the DFRLab Digital Sherlocks at the Atlantic Council. Previous exposes have identified these hackers as Fancy Bear. Only the Ukrainian Intel team had the tools in 2015-16, access, motivation, and passwords to DNC.

Is it strange the information retrieved from the server mirrors what Clinton herself was looking for at the beginning of the 2016 election from “trusted advisers”?

Did Ukrainian Americans Fund Treason or Sedition?

“I do care about social and economic issues affecting every American, but given the war in Ukraine, there is only one issue that we as Ukrainian Americans must focus on: Ukraine.

Let’s look at a smaller organizational and funding effort the Diaspora accomplished which happened over the course of a few days. From this, you can get an idea of how fast the Diasporas can organize and fund when they need to.

Following these two brief examples, you’ll grasp the scope which the Diasporas are capable of working at.

The Coup February 21, 2014 – Who Bought the Bullets?

The first project revolved around funding the violent ousting of soon to be deposed Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych. Put your cookies and the $5 billion the US had paid out to develop the politic aside for the moment. The coup was the fruit of that effort but someone paid for the bullets.

According to the Ukrainian Weekly, “Ukrainians and their supporters took to social media messaging service Twitter to digitally bombard subscribers with targeted messages to specific media and high-profile recipients, with Twitter “storms” occurring on January 20 and 27 worldwide. The effort, known as Digital Maidan, gained momentum following the initial Twitter storms. Leading the effort were: Lara Chelak, Andrea Chalupa, Alexandra Chalupa, Constatin Kostenko and others. The Digital Maidan also highlighted the Internet and social media as the most popular means for Ukraine’s citizens to get the latest news.”

Looking at the Chalupa’s Digital Maidan is the easiest way to open up how the Ukrainian Diaspora funds the people volunteering to work for its causes.

Andrea Chalupa says “DigitalMaidan is a movement without leaders just like Euromaidan and the numbers keep coming and people keep joining us and some of these numbers still don’t know how to use Twitter,” Chalupa said, adding that hundreds of messages were sent to Bill Clinton who tweeted his support of protesters “demanding real democracy” this week. Another Twitter storm targeting members of Congress on the Foreign Relations Committee as well as “people who use their positions of power to further Putin’s anti-human rights agenda” occurred yesterday.

According to Owler, the company profile for Digital Maidan Inc Digital Maidan is a Private company. For every employee, Digital Maidan generates $136.6K in revenue. As of June 2016, Digital Maidan has 2.5K fans on Facebook and 1.4K followers on Twitter.


Digital Maidan Inc was also how the Ukrainian Diasporas organized and raised money for the coup. They used it to pull together every Ukrainian Diaspora group in every country worldwide.

According to Owler, they raised $5.1 million.

This was how the Ukrainian emigres bought the bullets used on Euromaidan. Ukraine’s chubby nazi, Dimitri Yarosh stated openly he was taking money from the Ukrainian emigres during Euromaidan and Pravy Sektor still fundraises openly in North America.

Digital Maidan was a single stellar small example of fast organization and money moving from the Diaspora to support illegal activity. It has never even looked at.

The whole country approach has been in use in Ukraine since the spring of 2014. If we step back to Maidan on February 8th, 2014 we see the last objective statement about Ukraine. “…Russian websites outright accusing the US of supplying ammunition and other support to the rebels.  I asked a friend in a position within the US, that might know more about this, he claims it is a private initiative of US citizens.   This I like… “- Joel Harding

I didn’t realize private citizens in the US (UCCA, Ukrainian, and Eastern European emigres) already delivered bullets to Maidan before February 8th. I didn’t know funding coups in foreign countries was legal under US law. This detracts from the “spontaneous” revolution “our side” reported on considerably. Maidan was “staffed” with nationalists from Lvov.”- Weaponizing Wikipedia- What Invasion Scale Info War Is

Was the 2014 Maidan overthrow of Victor Yanukovych a Crime under US law?

In 2014, four Americans were charged with violating the Neutrality Act which makes it a crime for Americans to plot to overthrow countries the United States isn’t at war with. The four men were sentenced to 5 years in prison for trying to overthrow the president of Gambia.

According to CBS “Defense attorneys argued that had the coup succeeded, the U.S. government would have hailed the defendants as heroes.”

By buying the bullets (supplying the funds) the Chalupa sisters and the Diaspora in violation of the Neutrality Act. Yet, the UCCA, UWC, UNIS, and all the other thousands of Ukrainian Diaspora groups involved not only aren’t doing time, they still have 5013C charity status. Talk about regime change on the cheap. It’s even tax deductible.

Diaspora Funding & Leadership of Ukrainian Punisher Battalions is a Crime

Since 2014, the Ukrainian Diasporas have been funding all the Ukrainian punisher battalions. From the beginning of the civil war, the punisher battalions including Azov, Aidar, Pravy Sektor, Donbas, Kiev Rus, and Kiev-1 have committed atrocities and ISIS style war crimes that have been documented over and over.

According to Ukrainian Diaspora sources, Ukrainian Diaspora leaders like Ivanka Zajac are also making leadership decisions for the battalions including how they spend the money. Just knowing that the volunteers are murdering innocent civilians with continued funding by their groups makes the Ukrainian Diaspora liable for the crimes.

The Atlantic Council’s Michael Weiss reports the UCCA was raising money for weapons that were subsequently used in war crimes. This action by itself is enough to take away 5013C tax-exempt status for every Ukrainian group giving money for Ukraine’s war effort.

The Ukrainian Diaspora have funded and directed their private Ukrainian punisher armies in the Donbass region like Azov Battalion, Tornado Battalion, Pravy Sektor, Donbass Battalion, Myrotvorets, Aidar Battalion and the others that rob, rape, and murder innocent civilians.

Ukrainian Diaspora History Built on Funding World Wide Revolt

Let’s step this up at the national and international level. It’s always the same people and the same groups who keep resurfacing. The same people from the same groups worked together and organized all the regime change attempts over the last decade. They are in charge as managers because these issues are their job within the Diaspora communities.

Let’s establish the entire pattern because what seems like a too big to be true statement pales when set in historical context. Then we’ll look at the signatories and funders which is what this is all about.

Fathering a Nationalist World from 1917 until Today

From its beginning in the 1760’s-90’s nationalism’s history is the history of countries violently murdering citizens that disagree with one conception of how the nation perceives itself.

“…the 1848 Spring of Nations set up a dual loyalty system that bound the countries inside the Empire to Vienna’s rule. Each country weeded out citizens that lacked total loyalty to the empire’s ultra national patriotism or considered other forms of governance. They did this through pogroms and genocide.”

“According to the Institute of Historical Research of the Lvov Institute, guest professor at the Central European Institute in Budapest, Senator and Chair of History of Ukraine Catholic Institute Jaroslav Gritsakit was the émigrés in the West. While Ukrainians in America were serving in the US Armed Forces during WWII, the OUN leadership in America was cooperating with Bandera’s SS Battalions. In 1943, after Stalingrad, when it became apparent that Germany would lose the war, they started democratizing the image of Bandera nationalism. This was in order to make Ukrainian nationalism more palatable to western democratic sensibilities in America.”

If we look at every war the US has been in since WWII including the Gulf War, it was the Ukrainian Diaspora leading the lobbying effort that took us there. The Vietnam war was fought on behalf of people that supported Hitler’s policies because we were now in a Cold War with the Soviet Union. By ramming the Red Scare down the collective American throat, Bandera’s OUNb set up a situation where if the US didn’t go to war, President Lyndon Johnson was afraid the very media savvy Diaspora would tear the fabric of the country apart by declaring the average citizen anti-American.

“Bandera is a term I use loosely these days. In reality, there were over 2,000 groups that worked under the auspices of Bandera’s ABN (Anti-Bolshevik Nations), and today in America ‘Bandera’ is the UCCA (Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America). Far-flung groups today in Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and the greater horn of Africa have long been part of the greater ABN community. Many of these groups, because they are so many and varied, don’t even recognize each other at first sight. The Muslim Brotherhood is just one example. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are two more. All of these were helped by Yaroslav Stetsko’s Bandera ABN through the UCCA in America. The common bond appears when the religious veneer is stripped away. Take away the Muslim part and you are left with an ultra-nationalist (fascist) politics.”- Why The US Endgame for Russia Means the Death of American Democracy

During the Cold War years, the Ukrainian Diaspora was considered the world’s greatest spies. Ask anybody. But, it was because they spied for everybody. They were the basis of a Deep State and young people were guided in that direction.

When the Cold War ended, the spooks found new digs in the human rights and freedom movements. They seeded all the color revolutions. This can be fact-checked by looking at the history of aspiring and successful modern coup attempts. And it can then be checked against shifts in Diaspora career choices over the modern period post- WWII until today. I lost the reference but it was a US Army War College paper that made this distinction.

Almost without exception, the coups can be tracked to the ABN (Anti-Bolshevik Nations groups) which are all Bandera groups. Most are specifically nationalist groups that supported Hitler and still maintain their political platforms from the WWII period.

Today, the work of the human rights and freedom movement’s work erupted into anti-Russia hysteria which was funded by these same fascist groups. The veteran activists of the Diaspora groups are now moving back into their older more comfortable role as technicians who make up the US Deep State. This is happening across the Diaspora.

They use the state sized tools and tactics they get as part of the spies for hire sector as force multipliers to wage anti-Democracy campaigns, anti-free speech, and anti-Russian media campaigns.

“When it comes to U.S. elections, Ukrainian Americans are a statistically minor, divided, unorganized voting group.  The Central and East European Coalition is a coalition of U.S.-based organizations that represent their countries of heritage, a voting group of over 20 million people. The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America and the Ukrainian National Association are member organizations of the CEEC. Americans of East and Central European heritage can make a significant difference and influence the election result if their attention is focused.

On a top-down national level – the UCCA, the UNA, and other diaspora organizations hopefully will do everything they can to get Ukrainian Americans mobilized.

In our local communities, we must reach out to churches, organizations, community centers that have an affiliation with Central and East European countries. We need to develop literature that can be shared with other voting Americans of Central and East European ancestry.”- Ukraine Weekly

This is a continued effort from the Diasporas. Their goal is to dramatically change the political climate of the US to a nationalist fascist ideology. Their first big splash was entering WWI and WWII on Germany’s side. As a result of failing to get what they want they tried to assassinate FDR. Their current effort is destroying the presidency of Donald Trump. Ukrainian Diaspora members are acting without hesitancy to destroy the country when it suits their needs.

Today, a big move to censor media is going on as part of this effort. Search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook are turning to the Atlantic Council and related groups to decide what is fake news and who is footing the bill.

Subsidizing the Cost of Sedition- Chalupa’s OUNb Ukrainian Diaspora

If you go to the CEEC website, this group represents 20 million US BLOC votes in any election. This means with a little organizing they can and do determine elections.  The Atlantic Council (AC) is the primary think tank among many it employs. The AC is signatory as a working partner with the Ukrainian World Congress which represents another 20 million Ukrainian Diaspora donors worldwide. The AC is signatory with the Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America (UCCA) which represents Banderite Ukrainian nationalist interests in the US (1+ million US votes).

From Eastern Europe to Central and Southern Europe, across the Levant in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, and all the Arab spring countries, and even South and Central America, these allied groups plied regime change together.

Every group and company associated with the AC such as Bellingcat is selected based on their support for Ukrainian nationalist fascist policies and other member groups rabid nationalisms. According to the Ukrainian Weekly, when Ukraine celebrated its 25th anniversary, The two OUN factions OUNb Bandera and OUNm Melnyk were negotiating on recombining both groups again as late as in 2016. There is no question about rabid nationalism among its membership.

“…Senate is scheduled to vote on it this evening, so time is of essence.


Ali Chalupa”

Note that the email list below is from the end of Maidan and includes most Ukrainian Diaspora leaders UCCA, UWC, and every group in between. It is still the same recipient list used for the email above. Thrown into the mix is Barrack Obama’s favorite Diaspora figure Stepan Bandera III.

I’ve included the other Diaspora ultranationalist groups signatories on the joint letter below which represent CEEC member groups. The message to Congress is clear. Support us or we support someone else.

We looked at how easy the Ukrainian Diaspora made it fund one coup. Most modern-era coup funding will look similar when looked at through the lens of the Diaspora. Unlimited funding is always available because of the 5013C status and tax deductions make overthrowing governments a cheap and easy investment.

Stripping dissenting countrymen of their right to dissent using everything from strong-arm tactics to the illegal is not only cheap and easy, the method is priceless.

Why weren’t the Diaspora’s stripped of their 5013C status based on collecting donations for weapons on numerous occasions? This was documented by @MichaelDWeiss of the Atlantic Council in Newsweek, several news stations, and UCCA NY president Ivanka Zajac. Zajac’s heroes job has always been attacking civilians.

Why aren’t Diaspora leaders under investigation if no one is even arguing whether or not Ukrainian Intel hackers got DNC passwords as well as US top secret passwords? Alexandra Chalupa and her sisters could be dressed in orange right now.

Below are the names of people with direct and indirect oversight of this mess. Even with all the above, none of them or the Atlantic Council is under any condemnation for funding the hackers or directing them. As long as most of the Diasporas are ready to fund the next congressional junket, no one really gives damn.

From: Walter Zaryckyj [mailto:waz2102 at]

> Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 1:27 PM

> To: r l; Frank Sysyn; Borys Potapenko; bohdanvitvitsky at; Serhii

> Plokhii; Bohdan Klid; Marko Stech; serbyn.roman at; Bohdan

> Futey; bohdan_futey at; eczolij at; marta at;

> bohdan.guran at; zholubec at; ihorwhron at;

> ihorkotlarchuk at; jerry zinich; Dutkewych, Jerry I (CPAPA);

> nazar44 at; Kunasz, Ihor; Nelya; rudnytzky at; Wasyl

> Liscynesky; askold lozynaky; Michael Kostiw; mike.lana at;

> jachnoo10 at; Oryshkewych,George; George Polansky; stefan

> romaniw; unis at; nestorshust at; myroslaw at; Oleh

> Wolowyna; Zachary, Ihor; Walter Zaryckyj (Columbia); Zenon, Shpon;

> ajfutey at; Bohdan Kurczak; Stefan Kaczaraj; Julian Kulas;

> George Makohin; Vicbaba at; silvibil at; bohdandom at;

> nagee007 at; vassylenko at; adamjchadwick at;

> alex at; ajmotyl at; APidgirsky at;

> arud95 at; samboritanus at; anyatomko at;

> alichalupa at; fedorko_15003 at; fedynsky at;

> iwbardyn at; rutgers; hcechowska at; Halkowycz Zenko;

> hajda at; melanie.rud at; matula5 at; Stepan

> Bandera; Mark Von Hagen; Lana Babij; jpikles at; jjaresko .;

> ilenczuk .; Ted Oleschuk; PeterVelechko at; Pyszczymuka at;

> Michael Koziupa; wmohuchy at; rgriffit at; Andy Semotiuk;

> Dmytro Shtohryn; StPeteUkie at; revpoliarny at;

> Russ at; Valentina Kuryliw; ted at;

> steve at; victoria.kulik at; Peter Paluch;

> vsprolisok at; romvor at; gp at del‐;

> eugenia.dallas at; roman3847 at; wmkraus at;

> wmlupan at; zorianna; Roman Kyzyk; Ed Dantes; Morgan Williams;

> Yuriy Symczyk; Walter Vasilaky; juliana at;

> unis.sawkiw at; okul17 at; M6aHgepa at; Andrea

> Chalupa; Victor Rud; Ro Myhal; Arthur Hryhorowych; Aso Uke;

> tolexy at; Peter Borisow; roma hadzewych; Lada Pastushak;

> karpishka at; vikadyrda at; mgongadze at;

> ulanamazurkevich at; orest.deychak at; Paul Bandriwsky;

> Alex Striltschuk; bfedorak at; G. Mykytyn; mscorpion at;

> Ihor Diaczun; Stepan Kaczurak; Myron Kolinsky; taras kuzio; oksana bashuk;

> Dmitri Lenczuk; Mykola Hryckowian; Ihor Naumenko


CC: All United States Senators and Members of Congress

Dear Majority Leader Reid, Speaker Boehner, Minority Leader McConnell and Minority Leader


Ukraine needs your immediate help.

As the leaders of more than two dozen American ethnic organizations, representing tens of

millions of voters across the United States, we call on you to provide vital support to Ukraine by

immediately passing Senate Bill 2124.

Respectfully yours,

Naci Tozer President American Association of Crimean Turks, Sean Pender President New Jersey Chapter Ancient Order of Hibernians in America Inc.,  Dan Dennehy Chairman National & NYS Immigration Ancient Order of Hibernians in America Inc., Darek Barcikowski Secretary & Executive Board Member American Polish Advisory Council, Marilyn Piurek Co-Founder & Advisor American Polish Advisory Council, James J. Zogby President Arab American Institute, Mehmet Celebi President Assembly of Turkish American Associations, Javid Huseynov General Director Azerbaijan-American Council, Tomris Azeri President Azerbaijan-American Society, Walter Zaryckyj Executive Director Center for US-Ukrainian Relations, Marju Rink-Abel President Estonian American National Council, Atilla Pak President Federation of Turkish American Associations, Maximilian N. Teleki President Hungarian American Coalition, Karl Altau Managing Director Joint Baltic American National Committee Inc., Marta Farion President Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America, Lyuba Shipovich President RAZOM, Ayla Bakkalli USA Representative The Crimean Tatar Mejlis, Julian Kulas President The Heritage Foundation, Maria Shust Director The Ukrainian Museum, Andrew Bihun President The Washington Group, Ukrainian-American Assoc. of Professionals,US UNITED WITH UKRAINE COALITION, Petro Kostiv President Ukrainian American Bar Association, Ihor Gawdiak President Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, Most. Rev. Stefan Soroka Metropolitan Ukrainian Catholic Church in USA, Archbishop of Philadelphia for Ukrainians, Alex Strilchuk President Illinois Division Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Ihor Kusznir President Philadelphia Chapter Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Ulana Mazurkevich President Ukrainian Human Rights Committee, Andrew Fedynsky Director Ukrainian Museum-Archives, Stefan Kaczaraj President Ukrainian National Association, Inc., Marianna Zajac President Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA), His Eminence Antony Metropolitan and Prime Hierarch Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, His Grace Bishop Daniel President of the Consistory Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, Marta Liscynesky Kelleher President United American Organizations of Ohio, Meto Koloski President United Macedonian Diaspora, Larissa Kyj President United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Alexandra Chalupa Founder & Acting President US United With Ukraine”