Anniversary of Last May’s Odessa Massacre

by Stephen Lendman

(RINF) – What happened reflected Kiev ordered no-holds-barbarism – an atrocity committed by a US-installed, Nazi-infested fascist regime against anti-Maidan Odessan civilians wanting to live free.

Nazi Right Sector thugs murdered hundreds of defenseless victims in cold blood.

What happened was far worse than reported. Massacring people reflects the worst of fascist viciousness.

Mass murder was planned in advance. Hundreds of anti-regime Odessans sought shelter in the city’s Trade Union House (TUH) building.

Right Sector thugs awaited them inside – armed and dangerous. Mass slaughter followed.

Nearby tents used by peaceful protesters were set ablaze. Doing so preceded a well-planned operation.

Police stood by and did nothing. They conspired with fascist killers. So did Odessan firefighters. They only appeared after massive TUH entrance doors burned through.

Fire confined to parts of two floors only killed no one, nor carbon monoxide poisoning as reported.

Nazi hoodlums murdered anti-regime victims by gunshot wounds, strangling, bludgeoning, hacking them to death with axes and throwing them alive from windows. They didn’t jump.

Coverup and denial followed a day Odessans won’t forget. Eyewitnesses and survivors remember best of all. Kiev bore full responsibility. A previous article said the following:

A woman explained she “personally saw with (her) own eyes how a man of maybe around 40 – they cut his throat.”

“They pushed him on the ground and cut his throat – and they shouted, ‘Glory to Ukraine.’ ”

“Everything happened so quickly. Someone said that we all have to get inside the Trades Union building.”

“Everyone quickly began carrying everything into the building and reinforcing everything inside.”

“When I was on the second floor, I saw many of the pro-Maidan (supporters) gathering around. They surrounded us.”

“They were all around the building.” A fire was “ignited…I went downstairs and heard shooting inside the building.”

A man “was shouting that the Right Sector was coming. Everybody run.”

“I ran into an office. Two men were brought in. They had suffocated. They were dead.”

“There was not a sound other than the shots. (A) couple of minutes passed. People inside said “(l)et us in. Let us in. We are with you. They are killing us.”

“I was in such a shock. I can’t even describe this to you. I did not expect that anyone could rejoice so much over killing someone.”

“My ears were wringing. We were screaming. We were just begging them not to kill us.”

“They killed everyone they saw. Everyone at once. A man was lying right by my feet. He was covered in blood. They beat him with bats.”

“They took one woman away. I don’t know where. Then as soon as they took me out of an office, I begged them to let me go because I have a small child.”

“They could not care less…I stood there. I saw everything. They were dragging people. I don’t know where they were taking them.”

“When they took me out of an office, I was walking on corpses. Then we went on the stairs and there I only saw blood.”

“I saw bodies in the hallway. They were dragging them. They began shooting.”

“People inside tried to get out to safety. Some of them were shot.”

Somehow some eyewitness survived. Most inside the TUH perished. Most others who got out were murdered.

It bears repeating. Right Sector thugs killed hundreds of Odessans in cold blood, not dozens as reported.

They shot, bludgeoned, strangled, hacked or threw victims to their death out of windows.

Survivors able to escape were attacked outside. Most were murdered in cold blood.

Official accounts suppressed what happened. Media scoundrels regurgitated Big Lies.

Moscow accused Kiev of doing nothing to initiate an independent investigation of massive criminality.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry expressed “deep concern…that after one year (since the massacre), the Ukrainian justice system did not take any tangible steps toward an objective, independent and impartial investigation of this horrific crime in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

State-sponsored barbarism remains unaccountable. Moscow urged the international community and human rights groups to “decisively and honestly” demand Kiev initiate an independent investigation into what happened and correct “glaring flaws” in its judicial system.

Washington’s support lets thugs they installed get away with mass murder. Media scoundrels share blame by suppressing what demands headlines.

Killers remain unaccountable. Police states operate this way. Murdering opponents is standard practice.

Washington provides full support and encouragement. One fascist regime supports another.

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