America and Islamic Terrorists: Partners Against Peace

America and Islamic Terrorists: Partners Against Peace
by Stephen Lendman
America is a killing machine. It gives rogue state ruthlessness new meaning.
It’s a lying machine. Truth is strictly verboten. Big Lies consistently substitute.
White House hyperbole claims victories against Islamic State fighters. Suppressed is what everyone needs to know.
Washington actively recruits, funds, arms and directs these terrorists and likeminded groups.
They’re used as US proxies – shock troops fighting America’s dirty wars, currently in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Reports indicate they’re in Afghanistan and Libya.
They’re used against independent governments Washington wants toppled – as well as to create chaos benefitting US interests.
They’re trained at US facilities in Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Georgia. They’re taught how to kill and commit atrocities.
They constitute a US-made monster. Many thousands are recruited annually. 
Maybe one day they’ll attack its creator. Radicalized elements are capable of anything. White House  press secretary Josh Earnest lied saying:
“We’re mindful of this threat, and it’s one of the reasons that the president has marshaled so much international support for the effort to try to snuff out this ISIL threat in Iraq and in Syria, and not allow it to continue to spread across the region in a way that could further destabilize an already volatile region of the world.”
Washington deplores peace and stability. Wars, chaos and turmoil serve its interests. Calm and mutual cooperation among all nations defeat it.
US support for radicalized takfiris assures endless regional conflicts. Syrians are suffering after over four years of Obama’s proxy war.
It’s supplemented by US bombing Syrian oil facilities, infrastructure and other targets – on the pretext of fighting IS it’s actively aiding.
Rogue NATO countries partner in Obama’s war – naked aggression against a nonbelligerent country threatening no one.
Interviewed on France 2 TV, President Bashar al-Assad blamed its government for acting as a “satellite for American foreign policy in the region.”
It’s helping “terrorists infiltrat(e) (into) Syria,” he said. So are other Western countries. 
They’re responsible for supporting extremist jihadists they call moderates, Assad explained.
They’re killing “civilians and destroying public places, public properties and private properties…”
They admit what they’re doing online. “(O)ur role as government is to defend our society and our citizens.”
No responsible leader would do less. There’s nothing civil about war in Syria. 
Imported death squads wage terror war into its fifth year – with no end in sight.
Obama wants Assad toppled. He wants US-controlled stooge leadership replacing him.
He wants Syrians having no say over who’ll lead them. He wants another subservient client state – a key Israeli rival eliminated.
Assad categorically denies using chemical weapons – including last month in Idlib province.
He accused Washington of creating and using IS terrorists against Syria. “Is it democratic to send weapons to terrorists and to support them,” he asked?
“(A)l Nusra…published videos where they eat the heart of a Syrian soldier, where they dismember other victims, where they behead others.”
What kind of societies support these atrocities and call themselves civilized? Assad denied accusations of indiscriminate killing – including use of so-called barrel bombs.
“What is a barrel bomb,” he asked? “Can you tell me what it is?” 
He referred to two pictures publicly shown proving nothing – Western propaganda vilifying him unjustly.
“(I)n our army, we only use regular bombs that could be aimed,” he said. “We don’t have any armament that could be shelled indiscriminately.”
“The war in Syria is about winning the hearts of the people. It’s not about killing people. If you kill people” indiscriminately, you can’t serve as president. “It’s impossible.”
Assad called US airstrikes against IS fighters ineffective, “not serious…not helping anyone in the region.”
Separately, he stressed Europe “cannot be safe (while its backyard), especially the Mediterranean and Northern Africa, is in chaos and full of terrorists.”
Syria is hugely affected. Obama’s war shows no signs of ending. Escalation is likely.
America doesn’t wage wars to quit. War against Syria could rage years longer. Half the population already is displaced.
Tens of thousands were killed. Many more suffer horrifically. Obama’s war is one of history’s great crimes. 
It may continue until Syria is entirely destroyed – perhaps hundreds of thousands of its people massacred before things end. 
An entire region is being raped – victimized by US imperial ruthlessness.
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