A Message from its Rivals: Lebanon’s March 14 should stop supporting Terrorism

 Al Manar 
RINF Alternative News

As he warned against forming de facto government in Lebanon, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General, Sheikh Naim Qassem called on March 14 coalition to stop justifying the terrorist acts of the Takfiris, stressing that their attacks are not related to the party’s fight in Syria.

In an interview with al-Manar, Sheikh Naim Qassem said that the issue of a new government is of interest to all the Lebanese people and neither the President nor the Prime Minister can form a government without consulting the different political factions in the country.

“A so-called neutral government, one colored government or de facto government… all these are names for one thing: Choas.”
“We advise the President (Michel Sleiman) to take the responsibility of forming an inclusive government.”

Meanwhile, Hezbollah Deputy S.G. said there are “regional and international states that don’t want for an inclusive government to be formed, and this is well known.”

He said that March 14 coalition is adopting these states’ policy “because it is ordered and committed to such path,” noting that Sleiman “should not be committed to such a path.

Asked about Hezbollah response if a de facto government is formed, Sheikh Qassem said he prefers not to anticipate events. His eminence also pointed out that the issues of the government and the issue the presidential elections are two separate issues.

Talking about the Takfiris, Sheikh Qassem said that Lebanon is facing the threat of Takfiris who are descending from several countries and trying to destroy all places they are coming to.

“They have destroyed Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan and Lebanon. They don’t accept the other who different from them.”
He stressed that their crimes in Lebanon have no relation with Hezbollah fight in Syria, as he called on March 14 to stop justifying their acts.

Sheikh Qassem also voiced Hezbollah’s readiness to cooperate with March 14 coalition against the Takfiris in order to save Lebanon and its army.