NO NAZIs in Kiev? Why Ukraine Thinks YOU are a Moron or a Fascist

Holocaust Nazi guard with New Generation Ukrainian Nazi

Ukraine is having its coming out party in 2017. It’s a real trans’ democratic affair.

The flower of European values and democracy Petr Poroshenko, championed by Ukrainian ethnic Victoria Nuland as a model, has declared 2017 the Year of the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army).

Back in the wild and wooly 1930s to mid-40s, the Ukrainian nationalists UPA made a name for themselves as some of the most brutal prison guards and soldiers the German’s had next to the Ustashe and Albanians in the Balkans.

In February 2017, Poroshenko started the festivities by putting up a memorial at the site of World War II’s first Holocaust. The first massacre of the Holocaust was in Kiev, Ukraine at Babi Yar. The massacre was committed by the OUN Ukrainian nationalists.

Instead of the promised Holocaust Remembrance Memorial, he promised to spend millions on, Poroshenko put up a memorial to the Killers of the Jewish people at Babi Yar. In his defense, Poroshenko ONLY promised to put up a memorial commemorating the massacre. So I guess this counts.

This monument at the Babi Yar Holocaust site was in honor of OUNb poet, publisher, and propagandist Olena Teliha.

As you can see, the who’s who of Ukrainian nationalist society turned out to honor the victims..uhmm..mass murderer heroine. From Vitali Klitschko to the Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine Filaret, and even Pravy Sektor were accounted for.  Many EuroMaidan activists were there.

Honoring Holocaust victims in Ukraine is as easy as putting up a statue to their killers. The US Embassy reaction was timely and predictable.

According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) “The embassy celebrated the legacy of Olena Teliha Wednesday in a Facebook post that designated her one of the “women who inspire Ukraine” in connection with ‪Women’s History Month.

Teliha was an activist for the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, or OUN, which fought during the first half of the 20th century against Soviet domination. Leaders of OUN briefly collaborated with Nazi occupation forces before turning against them. Teliha was executed at the age of 35 at Babi Yar in Kiev, where the Nazis also murdered tens of thousands of Jews.”

The US Embassy sees the propagandist, Holocaust justifier and OUN murderer as a model of femininity.

The “briefly collaborated” part of the statement is the head scratcher of the decade. The OUN and subsequent UPA were collaborating with Nazi Germany from the beginning to the end of WWII. OUNb members, leaders, and American ethnics plotted to assassinate sitting president Franklin Delano Roosevelt hoping his successor would bring the US into the war on the Axis side.

When Ukrainian nationalist scholar Taras Kuzio interviewed Slava Stetsko, she said she was in Berlin in 1945 negotiating with Hitler hoping he would fund more armies. Stetsko’s husband was the best friend of and second in command to the OUNb Nazi leader Stepan Bandera.

I’m inclined to believe the mass murdering genocidist when they admit this kind of thing over the State Department employee looking to justify it. But, it was only 33,000 Jewish victims this time, so no biggie, right?

Turning back to the JTA article for a moment, ” Very sad that the U.S. Embassy is posting such stories,” Eduard Dolinsky, the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, wrote on Facebook in response, adding: “Teliha worked obligingly in the anti-Jewish newspaper ‘Free Ukraine’ that called for the destruction of Jews and venerated Nazism.”

A response to this came on March 18th 2017 when the memorial statue of Teliha was covered in red paint symbolizing the blood she and the OUN nationalists spilled. The current head of the OUN in Ukraine Bogdan Chervak said it was an outrage and a provocation against the OUN and Ukrainian people!

Honestly, I like it when nationalist scum whines like that. Next to murder and torture, whining is what they do best. The only thing that stopped Nazi collaboration in WWII was their great patron and leader Adolf Hitler took a well-deserved dirt nap.

Speaking of Hitler, how did you commemorate his birthday? You must have planted flowers or something-something to mark the day.

Just in time for Hitler’s birthday in April 2017, Petr Poroshenko’s administration pressed murder charges against 94-year old, WWII veteran Boris Steklyara for killing OUN Nazi operatives. The Bandera’s OUN operated in Ukraine through the mid-1950’s. During this period after WWII, the OUN/ UPA murdered over 27,000 civilians and close to 10,000 NKVD secret police-soldiers who were rooting them out.

The key to my complaint is Steklyara is charged with killing a UPA Bandera officer. Most countries would celebrate his heroism, not prosecute him for murder. There is no difference in a police officer being charged with the death of an ISIS terrorist while the terrorist was killing people.

Streklyara’s trial is set to commence coinciding with Victory Day May 9th celebrations. May 9th is when Victory over the 3rd Reich is celebrated. It is when the Eternal Battalion march is set to commence. The Eternal Battalion march is for people with relatives that fought in WWII. Surviving relatives march carrying their photos of their war heroes to keep their sacrifice in remembrance.

Well, that is, it was Victory Day until Poroshenko declared the Year of the UPA and OUN instead. By making this move coupled with others normalizing mass murderers, Ukrainian nationalists are legitimizing their part in the murder of millions of Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians, Poles,  and Jews. Think about it, Victory Day is a one-day celebration. UPA year gives Ukrainian nationalists quite a bit of time to celebrate committing the massacres.

This may take the wind out of the sails for anyone that supported the Allied effort in WWII. Couple all this with the new US-Ukraine military training of far right neo-nazi battalions which began on Hitler’s birthday commemoration, the law that bans Russian language films that took effect during Hitler’s birthday celebration,  and we have a definite pattern showing.

Will you find official 3rd Reich Nazis in Kiev? Nope. Why would you expect to? It’s a too common mistake looking for German nationalists where Ukrainian nationalists live.

According to Taras Kuzio, even though Ukrainians took aspects of other nationalisms each countries version was different. The Ukrainians ALWAYS deny they are Nazis ”But suggestions that the UNA-UNS propagates “fascism” are rejected by UNA leaders: “Ukraine lacks not Italian fascism or German national socialism… Ukraine lacks Ukrainian nationalism, lacks a new national spirit, a new orientation.”

In this same way, each country in the Allied effort was different. The Axis countries had their own individual politics, victories, and defeats. The Germans had Germany. Italy had Italians. Ukrainian nationalists of the period had…well they whined a lot about starting a country somewhere if they could kill enough people and take over.

What you do find in Kiev instead of 3rd Reich Nationalists are their allies Ukraine’s own mass murderers the OUN and UPA. Because they were rebranded directly after the war as “anti-communists,” all of their sins were pinned on Adolf Hitler. It’s not like he was in a position to argue the fact.

Here they are in 2016 celebrating the start of Waffen SS Galicia Battalion in Lviv. You may not understand the language, but if you watch you’ll see how normalized real political nazis look.

The Ukrainians murdered 250,000 Jews, 3 million prisoners of war, and close to 500 thousand Ukrainians. The Year of the UPA celebrates this achievement with criminal prosecution of the people that stopped them. Should the Simon Wiesenthal Center be afraid?

Kiev expects you to be a moron, fascist, or nationalist and not see Ukraine has fallen back into its nationalist 1930’s political ways.

While we are quick to empathize with the plight of people that died over 70 years ago, most people don’t care the murderers were never brought to justice. When similar political situations rising in the same region establish the same fascist nationalism; the response is on par with the attitude that led to the Holocaust in the first place.

Donbass is once again under siege by Ukrainian nationalists. Does it matter that nationalists aren’t German? Food, medication, electricity, pensions and pay were all cut off to a region Kiev still says is part of Ukraine. While Kiev is breaking international law openly by making the region a camp, the world sits by and applauds.

The region is shelled and the people called terrorists even though it’s been a defensive war and they haven’t gone outside the region.

Kiev is committed to not fulfilling the Minsk peace process. And do you honestly believe the region was repopulated by Russians after 2014?

In the same way, the OUN and UPA were able to change their murderous identity with the stroke of a pen, they, with the help of a complicit media made citizens of the region into an invading force.

How much difference would there be if Adolf Hitler forced Jewish conversions to Catholicism or the Orthodox faith before taking them to the gas chamber? Would people today belittle them by saying there were no Jewish deaths because they died Catholic?

And yet we can change the nationality of the invaded, and whitewash the politics of nationalist murderers at the drop of a pin.

Especially now, with the Ukrainian nationalists finally coming out of the closet, it’s time to stop funding their remaking of history and their attacks on society in Donbass and Ukraine.