10 Reasons To Join The Global March Against Geoengineering

march geo

by Nicholas West  of Activist Post and Zen Gardner of Just Wondering

Originally published at Activist Post

The debate over the “conspiracy” known as chemtrails, a major part of the growing geoengineering program, has shifted from the existence of the program, to how and why it is being employed. Environmental activism has been so resolute in getting enough people to look up and question what is happening in the skies above them that we are now at the next stage: bringing about an end to the toxic activity of chemtrails and eventually halting other mad geoengineering efforts now under way as well.

Saturday January 25th is the culmination of many local events that have come before – a global march against chemtrails and geoengineering. It is essential for people to gather, discuss, and develop strategies for further action that can help protect the planet for future generations.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider becoming involved in this mass protest:

1. Go beyond party lines: While so many important issues have been effectively polarized into often pointless and paralyzing political debate, in no area might there be greater division than “climate change.” Marching against a demonstrable environmental toxin like what is clearly being sprayed across the planet gives a rare opportunity for people to gather as human beings under a single banner of concern.

2. Focus on real environmental problems. In the aftermath of the Fukushima meltdown, people around the world are awakening to real, increasingly urgent environmental concerns, and are beginning to see the cascading effect that activity in one area can have on the entire planet. We have also witnessed the Gulf Oil Disaster, numerous chemical spills, as well as the ongoing battles against fluoride, vaccines and genetically engineered foods. At the heart of all of these disasters is the inability of governments and corporations to be trusted with the level of power they currently enjoy. This march is another way to properly focus our energy on what really matters to the global population, and redirect attention away from the pseudo “solutions” being promoted by these same globalist institutions that have given us our problems in the first place.

3. Put the “elite” on notice that we are intelligently involved. Those who consider themselves the experts and the managers of the human race have openly been discussing the need for a wise council to rule over us. They see the masses as dumb animals that can’t comprehend the complexities of the challenges we face. And that is the good faction of the elite. The other side is examined below. We have the opportunity to let these people know that we are aware of their track record of mismanagement and we are prepared to work toward better solutions that have our best interests at heart, not the interests of a tiny cabal of the unelected. Moreover, we have heard arch-globalists like Zbigniew Brzezinski warn his cohorts that for the first time in history people across the world are politically awake. Let’s put them on notice that not only are we awake, but we are ready to take mass action.

4. Counter the narrative of Agenda 21 economic enslavement. Even if one does not believe that chemtrails are part of a eugenics movement that never died out, then consider the economic schemes that surround the idea of man-made global warming. Even if one believes Al Gore and crew, we must look at who benefits from this narrative. The masses are being herded into cities, forced to pay exorbitant fees for basic services, and introduced to a system of high tech economic, environmental, and social handcuffs that restrict the right to self-determination. This march opens up a perfect forum to explore countermeasures that will help us retain our self-sufficiency.

5. Combat the military-industrial complex. The Air Force released a white paper titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier – Owning the Weather in 2025.” Again, regardless of what one comes to believe about the climatalogical impact of the global spraying campaign, we can all come together to protest military control of the weather. Despite their supposed vast modeling abilities, the creation and suppression of weather systems will most likely lead to unintended negative consequences. Furthermore, it is indiscriminate and a violation of basic human rights. Henry Kissinger famously suggested using food as a weapon. Well, imagine having the ability to control the amount of rain an area receives? It gives one country the power to directly starve another. This type of war makes other forms pale by comparison. The current drought in California and the so-called Polar Vortex now pounding the US northeast are considered by many to be just such examples.

6. Expose the risk for extinction due to global climate tinkering. As the debate rages on over whether or not the climate is actually warming or cooling, we can shift focus to the unnatural processes which likely have been kickstarted by tampering with our natural world. For more information about the dangers of a mass methane release and other imminent threats directly caused by geoengineering, please see the comprehensive work of Dane Wigington at Geoengineering Watch. 

7. Open up dialogue about the depopulation agenda. Now that we have people’s attention about the spraying and weather manipulation campaign, and people the world over are testing their soil, water and air, and becoming concerned about their health, we can further examine the possibility that chemtrails and geoengineering are a deliberate plan to cull the human race. As people also learn about the above economic and weather wars, this plan becomes more plausible. For excellent research into the area of “carbon eugenics,” click here. For a compendium of key depopulation quotes from elitists and organizations in positions of influence, click here.

8. Connect with other activists. Many people are rightly distrustful of “movements” and organized protests, as we have seen them repeatedly infiltrated and co-opted. Nevertheless, there is nothing better as a way to meet like-minded people than to attend a physical protest. It is a way to discuss other important issues as well, and can likely lead to new ideas and new projects. The very act of networking and feeling like you are “in the game” can have a transformative effect that resonates way beyond any single issue.

9. Get yourself in motion! Building on the point above, we often hear a lot of complaints from people who are doing little to nothing about it. This march will offer a concrete way to exercise one’s resistance capabilities. Remaining in a passive mode can lead to stagnation, depression, and even a loss of personal conviction – it can also lead to fear and compromise. By getting involved you are putting the system, and yourself, on alert that you will not remain quiet about your ideas for a better world.

10. Your thoughts will give rise to form. We can never discount the metaphysical. When our positive thoughts and desires for a more just, honest and peaceful world are given form – whether it is through the written word, music, networking or attending a protest – that passion resonates and can be felt at all levels, bringing the new reality one step closer. It is an intention to change the structure of the world that vibrates and resonates beyond our comprehension. The elite know the power of words and intentions for controlling populations, which is why they fear our exchange of passion and ideas. Now we have the opportunity to contribute to the language of personal empowerment and solutions that can bring about an end to their toxic reign.

Take a look below at the vast interest taking shape and make the decision to participate. If you cannot physically attend one of these gatherings, or one is not taking place in your location, then start one or contribute to the online presence. Write an article that can help educate others, share articles, create pamphlets and flyers, contact your representatives (if only to let them know that you are aware), do anything at all to raise awareness and open up people’s minds. It is the rare person who once awakened makes the choice to return to ignorance.

And remember, you never know who you may activate who will help take all of our efforts to whole new levels of effectiveness and awakening. 


Read more about positive political activism and consciousness at ZenGardner.com

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