Over 1 million food stamps distributed to deceased

A Louisiana state audit has revealed that over one million dollars worth of food stamps has been distributed to the deceased. 

3,938 deceased individuals received food stamps, between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2013

According to The Hayride:

For those individuals who continued to receive benefits a month after their death, the state spent $272,951. For two months, that number fell to $260,089. For three months, it dipped to $201,258. However, for 4 or more months, the state spent $556,259 on benefits going to deceased individuals. That is a total of exactly $1,290,557 spent on benefits benefiting Louisianans who have already passed.

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) said that “it would be difficult to prevent all improper spending in the first month after death because of the amount of time it takes for a death record to become available.” 

According to WWMT

Officials say it’s hard to know exactly who was using the program’s cards after the owners were dead.

“On the DCFS funds, the SNAP benefits, you’re not going to recover those funds,” said Louisiana Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera. 

“So, that’s just taxpayer money that’s gone?” he was asked. 

“Yeah. That’s… those are federal funds, taxpayer funds that we’ll not be able to recover,” said Purpera.