The Secret Food Code Conspiracy

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Imagine a world in which no food product could be penalised because of its origins or the way in which it had reached the supermarket shelf.A world where it was impossible to tell if a food item was organic, genetically modified or impregnated with hormones, and where herbal remedies were outlawed, undermining the complementary and alternative health care industry.

According to independent researcher Ian Crane, this will be our world in just over two years’ time – unless we wake up to the “shocking” threat of the Codex Alimentarius, or Food Code, now being finalised by a range of 27 specialist committees working steadily awaty under the auspices of the World Trade Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization.

Ian, of Staverton, near Totnes in Devon, had 25 years’ international business experience in human resources behind him when he quit the corporate environment five years ago to become a researcher and public speaker on the events of 9/11 and the subsequent geopolitical agenda – about which he has produced a series of DVDs – and to indulge his special interest in the mythology and cosmology of the ancient Mayan civilisation of Central America.

The immediate past chairman of the 9/11 Truth Campaign in Britain and Ireland, Ian has new DVDs out soon on the Codex threat and on Peak Oil: Myth or Reality?

With the Codex Commission’s Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Uses meeting in Germany this week, Ian warned that the effects of the “pernicious” legislation, due to be introduced on December 31, 2009, would be devastating.

It meant that the consumer’s right to know the provenance and content of food would be taken away.

Ian believes that, “without a shadow of a doubt”, there is a plot by major food and pharmaceutical companies to see that the Codex proposals become international law.

“It’s corporatocracy gone crazy,” he told me. “Their thinking is so outrageous. We are talking about a corporate philosophy which is completely devoid of humanity, of compassion; it’s simply about profit.

“What they are ensuring is that, effectively, from the moment that a human is conceived, until that human dies, that person is a potential revenue stream, and the more money they can make from that, the better it is for their shareholders, and increasing the market value of their companies.

“But at what cost? A rapidly deteriorating state of human health which, to all intents and purposes, is self-inflicted because we are giving the food and drug companies the opportunities to change fundamentally the way we live.”

If the natural health remedies, which had been around for millennia, were outlawed, it would increase people’s reliance on the pharmaceutical industry.

Ian’s challenge is “prove me wrong”. He said: “I would love to enter a debate with somebody who could argue the case in support of the Codex Alimentarius.” He urges people to write to their MPs expressing concern, and to support the Alliance for Natural Health ( in its fight against the Codex.

Ian added: “I don’t deal in conspiracies, I deal in evidence, and I address the things I do because I’m very uncomfortable with the physical evidence in the public domain. In many cases, the physical evidence does not support the official version of events.”

n Ian’s next public presentation is at St John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes, on Friday, November 23, at 7.15pm. His DVDs are available from