Bush Is the Worst Commander in Chief Ever

By Matthew Rothschild | Here’s the news flash from Wednesday’s New York Times: “Al Qaeda is more capable of attacking inside the United States than it was last year.”

That’s not my conclusion.

Or the conclusion of a Bush critic like Richard Clarke.

No, that’s the conclusion of the Bush Administration’s senior terrorism analyst, Ted Gistaro.

What a damning indictment!

Not only has Bush failed, for seven years now, to get Osama bin Laden.

He’s actually enabled bin Laden to regroup and become an increasing threat.

This alone makes Bush the worst commander in chief ever.

Let’s review.

He was warned that bin Laden was going to attack in the United States, and he did nothing.

He had bin Laden surrounded at Tora Bora, and then he outsourced the operation.

He diverted intelligence resources over to Iraq to go fulfill a fantasy there, thus enabling bin Laden to keep hiding.

And Bush warmly embraced Musharraf, who went easy on the Pakistani militants who are in league with bin Laden.

Some of those militants actually work with the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency, and Bush is giving billions to Pakistan’s government.

This is the very definition of “criminal incompetence.”