Why There Isn’t An Equation for Internet Success?

by Ross Yim

Business doesn’t have a template. Being rich isn’t an equation. Or is it?

I might argue that there is a clear equation to success — but the thing about the equation is that one part of the equation is dynamic — it’s chaotic. Because of this, the overarching path to success isn’t the same for all people. Some things, though, pervade throughout many different subjects.

If you recreate Microsoft exactly, you have intelligent users who know that you have replicated Microsoft, and thus, won’t give your business any credence. Therefore, your product must be the same, but different. Quick Online Tips, for example, is one of many successful online tip blogs. But it didn’t follow the template of thousands of other blogs.

It likely did many things the same — heck, it probably did everything the same — but the definitive things that make you stand out were different. They were hybridized.

What things am I talking about? What kind of great content they created. How they found Twitter followers. How they promoted their blog. Everything was a little bit different, but if they read the overarching tips and applied them, they’d succeed. The things like working hard. Finding influencers to spread your content. Creating great content. Making strong calls to action.

And what current runs through all these things? They’re abstracts. They aren’t clearly defined. If you find anything that is clearly defined, it’s wrong. Because, with anything that deals with people, the environment is chaotic. But we can still find patterns in our behavior, which is what leads us to these abstractions of “what works” and “what doesn’t”. With things like math equations or how to get from point A to point B best, there’s an answer. Because it’s constant.

But blogging isn’t constant, because you’re dealing with subjects that are chaotic. But as I said, you have a chance to succeed by thinking of success not by “I need to do exactly what blog A did”, but rather, “I need to follow the patterns blog A used to succeed”, and do that.

Because, maybe, if you were the exact same scenario as blog A, you could exactly replicate what they’ve done. But the thing is, things have changed. The people who read his blog are now in different spots in their lives. New technologies exist. And those readers have already read blog A, so there’s little room for a blog with the exact same voice and content.

Calm Within Chaos
If we want to look at blogging like some super intense math geek, we can see that yes, possibly, there is some answer to full exposure and success, based on the intense set of variables that are occurring in the world. But this is impossible to determine. So, instead, we resort to hanging around the area of success — and by understanding that, have a better chance to gain victory in the endgame.

People who succeed know how to hang around the main concepts — and within that, pivot and adjust.

Ross Yim is the marketing manager for LoudKaraoke, seller of karaoke CDs and karaoke machines.