Utilize Speaking Engagements To Get New Clients

by Justin Freid

Business development is not an easy task, especially if you do not have an army of sales reps to cold call on potential customers. Small companies and start-ups need clients to grow and if you aren’t a gifted salesman, you may have a tough time securing new clients.

Thankfully, there are innovative and non-sales ways to get more clients. Utilizing social media and ranking for the correct terms on search engines can bring in some quality leads which can turn into customers. Another great way to get the word out about your company and have the leads pouring in is to utilize speaking engagements.

Many cities and towns have organizations, small business seminars, and events such as podcamps, expos and conferences that utilize speakers as a way to attract members to come to a meeting. This presents small business owners or start-up founders and opportunity to show their expertise in their specific area of expertise.

Once signed up to speak at an event, your will have to create a presentation about a specific topic. If you are an internet marketing company, putting together a presentation about the latest trends in SEO and PPC is a great way to show off your expertise in that area.

If you are presenting to a crowd of small business owners, you are showcasing your company and your expertise to potential customers. While you are not going to be selling your services to these people directly, it does present the opportunity to connect with potential customers who need help in the area of internet marketing. If you do provide value with your presentation it is highly likely that a few people from your audience will reach out to you concerning your services after the session.

This makes the sell much more easy. You are already seen as an expert by your potential customer. They are aware of your expertise and have reached out to you to have you for your services.

Justin Freid is the founder or Front Street Consulting, a Philadelphia SEO Company. Front Street works with small and medium sized businesses through SEO, SEM and internet marketing to help them reach their goals.