Top 5 OsCommerce Add-ons for 2011

by Adrian S

OsCommerce e-commerce and store management software has become the gold standard for managing your online store in recent years and there are a number of add-ons that can increase both the functionality and ease of use of the site. But which out of the myriad of add-ons available for download are the ones you should be using?


  1. Order Editor


Order editor is an essential for every osCommerce site. This module allows your customers to add additional products to existing orders insert coupons and apply any discounts that they are entitled to apply. It also allows the web manager too easily and quickly change product information such as descriptions and pictures, easily edit product prices and update product quantities to show how much of any one item you have left in stock. It also allows you to edit the tax charged on complete orders or individual items. It will save you enormous amounts of management time and give a much more professional feel to your site.


  1. Easy Populate and Products Attributes


Easy Populate is the perfect add on for store owners who prefer to manage their store using other software programs like Excel. You can download all your products into a CSV file, which can then be edited in a software format instead of by using the web browser. Categories and manufacturers are updated automatically and this add-on takes a lot of the boring work out of managing your store and its product offerings.


  1. Simple Template System (STS)


STS is designed for web managers who want to personalize their website and make it look different from all the other online stores. This simple to use add on allows you to customize the look of your website without having to be an expert in HTML coding. It also allows you to change the appearance of several pages by editing just one, as the software will automatically update the others for you.


  1. Purchase Without Account


Some buyers are unwilling to set up an account with you or create a username and password if they only intend to buy from you once. Installing this add-on will allow them to proceed directly to checkout without setting up or logging into an account and will encourage more customers to proceed through the payment process to make a purchase.


  1. Admin Notes


This add-on will give you a separate section under Admin Tools where you can make notes about anything you want to. It is the ideal place to log ideas about how to improve your site or log bug reports and to do lists, or suggestions from customers. Once written, notes can be modified and deleted or moved about however you want them displayed. This add-on will help clear your desk of bits of paper and move all the relevant information into one place. 


Written by Adrian who is currently working with a prestige car hire company, namely Season Cars.