The United States of Stagnation

Guest Post by Richard Harmer Brady Media Group

America is being held back by RED TAPE, not creators or innovators!! We have LOTS of those! Too bad the best of the creators and inventors work for major corporations! Why? Has anyone bothered to ask… Why the hell is it so complicated for a low level employee to get an idea across in a major organization or company?! Even if the idea could cure cancer, forget about it!! The “RIGHT” people didn’t come up with the idea! The people at the “top” MUST protect their own jobs AT ALL COST!! So here comes the red tape…or “brick wall” I like to say.

It’s absolutely crazy to think, we as a nation will grow if the creators can’t create and the inventors cant invent, that’s how we got here!! That’s also why I don’t work in the “corporate” world, I’M SMART ENOUGH NOT TOO!! Kind of the same reason why the good politicians shouldn’t be in politics; They can be highly affective if they don’t have their mouth ducked taped by the people that put them in the office to begin with! This country is so filled with the “good ole boy” network that stagnation has set in! Look around! This is “The United States of Stagnation!”

To ALL businesses: If it’s NOT working, STOP doing it!!! I don’t care how long “it’s” been “that” way, CHANGE IT! Many times I get, “Richard, it’s complicated.” I say, “SIMPLIFY IT!” Lack of innovation starts with complexity, not the complexity for the innovation itself, but the complexity to get the innovation in front of others.

Complexity starts with red tape and red tape is created by idiots that are protecting their money and jobs. If innovators and creators see the “brick wall” (red tape) ahead, why would they bother to invent or create?! Look at Blockbuster…What the %$#@ are they doing?! They don’t have a “business” problem they have a “perception” problem, which creates their business problem. Those at the top are too arrogant and the systems in place are too complex to make a change noticeable to the public so the perception can change. I’m sure they have their “internal” changes, but do YOU see it?! I don’t! They’ll have to shake it up quite a bit if they want to survive. Move everyone from the center of the table to edge of the table so the creators can create and change can happen, so it can be seen.

America faces a tremendous problem if it can’t create, but we, as a nation, created the problem. It’s time for us to un-create it. Make it simple again so we can adjust for change and be innovative. Maybe then we can figure out health care, education, the economy, terrorism and all the other issues we’re dealing with today. If we can get rid of the red tape maybe we can get back to being the United States of America instead of the United States of Stagnation.

Richard Harmer, Brand Strategist – Brady Media Group