Why Noam Chomsky Is Such an Effective Thorn in the Side of the Corporate State


Noam Chomsky, whom I interviewed last Thursday at his office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has influenced intellectuals in the United States and abroad in incalculable ways. His explications of empire, mass propaganda, the hypocrisy and pliability of the liberal class and the failings of academics, as well as the way language is used as a mask by the power elite to prevent us from seeing reality, make him the most important intellectual in the country. The force of his intellect, which is combined with a ferocious independence, terrifies the corporate state–which is why the commercial media and much of the academic establishment treat him as a pariah. He is the Socrates of our time.

We live in a bleak moment in human history. And Chomsky begins from this reality. He quoted the late Ernst Mayr, a leading evolutionary biologist of the 20th century who argued that we probably will never encounter intelligent extraterrestrials because higher life forms render themselves extinct in a relatively short time.

“Mayr argued that the adaptive value of what is called ‘higher intelligence’ is very low,” Chomsky said. “Beetles and bacteria are much more adaptive than humans. We will find out if it is better to be smart than stupid. We may be a biological error, using the 100,000 years which Mayr gives [as] the life expectancy of a species to destroy ourselves and many other life forms on the planet.”

Climate change “may doom us all, and not in the distant future,” Chomsky said. “It may overwhelm everything. This is the first time in human history that we have the capacity to destroy the conditions for decent survival. It is already happening. Look at species destruction. It is estimated to be at about the level of 65 million years ago when an asteroid hit the earth, ended the period of the dinosaurs and wiped out a huge number of species. It is the same level today. And we are the asteroid. If anyone could see us from outer space they would be astonished. There are sectors of the global population trying to impede the global catastrophe. There are other sectors trying to accelerate it. Take a look at whom they are. Those who are trying to impede it are the ones we call backward, indigenous populations–the First Nations in Canada, the aboriginals in Australia, the tribal people in India. Who is accelerating it? The most privileged, so-called advanced, educated populations of the world.”

If Mayr was right, we are at the tail end of a binge, accelerated by the Industrial Revolution, that is about to drive us over a cliff environmentally and economically. A looming breakdown, in Chomsky’s eyes, offers us opportunity as well as danger. He has warned repeatedly that if we are to adapt and survive we must overthrow the corporate power elite through mass movements and return power to autonomous collectives that are focused on sustaining communities rather than exploiting them. Appealing to the established institutions and mechanisms of power will not work.

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  • Pop_Korn

    Noam Chomsky is in Denial About 9/11

  • bubba

    He’s a clown

  • Anon

    Noam Chomsky? A “thorn” in the side of the Corporatocracy? Au contraire. He is paid “opposition”. He is a gatekeeper. He gives the appearance of being anti-corporate-state, but, if he were truly that – we’d hear no more of him – because, he would lose tenure, and be gone. THAT is the reality. If NOAM CHOMSKY spoke the truth about who is behind “global warming”, and who was behind 9/11, and who was behind the JFK Assassination. He’d be finished in Academia.

    • cettel

      Exactly: he could just as well be a corporate plant, whose articles are designed specifically to preach to the already-converted while providing no documentation and even no insights that are new or imaginative or thought-provoking for anyone other than clueless leftists, so as to keep them clueless. His one contribution isn’t any article but instead the book “Manufacturing Consent,” which was actually written by his “co-author,” Edward Herman. Chomsky is a fake, except in his real field, which is linguistics.

  • Anon

    Noam Chomsky is “controlled-opposition”

  • Judy Cross

    Chomsky pushes the phony “climate change” nonsense and thinks it doesn’t matter who killed JFK or who did 9/11. Come on! Even “controlled opposition” doesn’t quite cover his duplicity.

  • Carroll Price

    I have absolutely no respect for Chomsky or any other phony Jewish intellectual who refuses to investigate 9/11, the most obvious false-flag attack of all time.

  • hvaiallverden

    A ziotrud is a zioturd, you may wrapp it in glossy papper, sprinckle it with gold paljetts and shower it in parfume, but it still a heap of shitt.

    Any of the present “intellectuals” are zioturds, since the ONLY way Up to the stars, is thure their MSM and Hollywood/Porn ind.
    Otherwise we will not have heard about them.

    And I havent read shitt, since I dont like Ziotruds and their fakering of everything.
    Their fakery goes deep, and is drowning our natural progress, and are basicly there for divertions.

    They are the scum of this earth.


  • George Kanaris

    For those of you who criticise Chomsky,lets be clear about 9/11 amd JFK ,in 1977 the Congressional committee for Presidential Assissnations found that there was indeed a conspiracy to kill JFK and that the investigation should be re-opened,every President since Carter,Reagan,Bush 1,Clinton,Bush 2,Obama has the Authority to re-open the case but none have.Chomsky knows that the Government never changes the official story,and also he does not want to be branded a conspiracy theorist,besides the fact that if they were prepared to kill JFK they would not think twice to kill Chomsky or any president that want’s to re-open the case.

    • Now there’s an argument for supporting lies. So controversial subject matter isn’t within his purview? You have to be kidding me. Truth is truth and anyone should speak to it NO MATTER WHAT. Bold? No. Honest.

      • George Kanaris

        I agree Truth is Truth but when do we actually get truth,when you have the MSM on full time disinformation mode,it’s become the PR tool of the government,never questions anything never challenges the Official government story for fear of losing Whitehouse press pass.I think the caption below says it all.

        • That’s why I don’t really pay attention to the mainstream media. It’s kind of like when you figure out a person is a compulsive liar, you just don’t hang around or interact with them. Simple. I view the MSM as entertainment. Funny to watch and easy to see through. Of course you have to be a reader and cross-reference, but face-value isn’t accepted here. As for the “useless eaters” asshole pictured above – perception isn’t a substitute for truth; he just came up with a clever way of saying he’s a liar. A nonsensical statement like jumbo shrimp or clearly ambiguous or governmental fiscal restraint or military intelligence.

    • Bruce

      OR COMPLICIT (i.e., CIA [“that Bay of Pigs thing”] Company man, Poppy Bush).

  • George Kanaris

    THe caption below in believe is as much truth as your going to get.

  • jhnjul

    Chomsky is a fraud.

    • Bruce

      He’s wearing phony wax CHOMPS, fer shur!