Next War Criminal on Deck at the Washington Post: Condoleezza Rice

Donn Marten 
RINF Alternative News

With the feverish ‘all-in’ push for the relaunching of the Cold War the NSA Stasi is probably delighted to be out of the spotlight for the time being at least. The waves of anti-Putin invective continue to roll out of the neocon dominated US propaganda machine over at the Washington Post, the latest war criminal on deck is former Bush administration National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Like Dick Cheney and Colin Powell the lies of Ms. Rice were instrumental in making the case for the illegal and disastrous attack and invasion of Iraq, a country that did not remotely threaten the United States yet like the others she is afforded slavering treatment befitting a great and benevolent defender of human rights while outside of the bubble of The Homeland she would be just another accomplice to one of history’s greatest crimes and should have had her day standing in the dock at the Hague. There were people who stood trial at Nuremberg and who were hanged for less than what Rice accomplished with her infamous “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud” statement during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Following up the recent column prominently featured by her even more vile war criminal predecessor Henry A. Kissinger the ‘Altair Voyager’ penned a piece entitled “Will America heed the wake-up call of Ukraine?”  in which she leads off with a convenient yet un-provable anecdote that:

 “Meet Viktor Yanu kovych, who is running for the presidency of Ukraine.” Vladimir Putin and I were standing in his office at the presidential dacha in late 2004 when Yanu kovych suddenly appeared from a back room. Putin wanted me to get the point. He’s my man, Ukraine is ours — and don’t forget it.

And followed by this call to arms —

This time has to be different. Putin is playing for the long haul, cleverly exploiting every opening he sees. So must we, practicing strategic patience if he is to be stopped. Moscow is not immune from pressure. This is not 1968, and Russia is not the Soviet Union. The Russians need foreign investment; oligarchs like traveling to Paris and London, and there are plenty of ill-gotten gains stored in bank accounts abroad; the syndicate that runs Russia cannot tolerate lower oil prices; neither can the Kremlin’s budget, which sustains subsidies toward constituencies that support Putin. Soon, North America’s bounty of oil and gas will swamp Moscow’s capacity. Authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline and championing natural gas exports would signal that we intend to do precisely that. And Europe should finally diversify its energy supply and develop pipelines that do not run through Russia.

Perhaps Condi is telling the truth which is something that she failed to do while the enormously costly in terms of blood and treasure Iraq debacle could have been avoided but it has more than a slight whiff of the normal bullshit and bald-faced lies that the high criminals of the new Evil Empire regularly trot out without ever being called on.  The key though is the playing of the Keystone XL pipeline card and as a former Chevron executive her obvious lack of credibility due to conflicts of interest should be pounced on by journalists and a media that honors their duties in the traditions of the First Amendment. We don’t have one here – at least anymore and after the embarrassment of the outing of the unconstitutional NSA surveillance colossus thanks to the leaks from whistleblower Edward Snowden outgoing American Stasi Commandant General Keith Alexander hinted that there will soon be new measures (very likely of a Draconian nature)  implemented to deal with the reportage of the rogue NSA going forward. Oh, and Condi’s former employer Chevron who thought so much of her that they named a f*cking oil tanker after her is in full party mode as the corporation just prevailed against an Ecuadoran judgment that got wiped out t hanks to getting it thrown into the corrupt US judicial system which should not have jurisdiction. It is exactly as journalist Greg Palast once dubbed it – “the best democracy money can buy”.

And when it comes to buying “democracy” and according to The Guardian  none other than“Yats” himself is going to be coming to America this week to visit the White House. He would be the pencil-necked little geek who was illegally installed as the Ukranian Prime Minister whose formal name is Arseny Yatseniuk. “Yats” is the term of endearment used by Victoria “f*ck the EU”  Nuland during that intercepted phone call on an unsecured line that has made her famous. The US establishment was caught red-handed lining up the coup d’etat that would oust democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych in favor of a rogue junta led by the former central banker who will be tasked with carving up Ukraine to be feasted upon by the global financial mafia vultures.

“Yats” will undoubtedly be trotted out by Obama as the head of the ‘freedom fighters’ seeking to cast off the yoke of the evil bear as has now been reincarnated by the spinners as Vladimir Putin’s new and improved Soviet Union. Note how the same old sh*t is repackaged to suit the times becayse ut was not that long ago that it was the menace of the resurgent Islamic Caliphate that was invoked to trouble the peaceful slumbers of the American sheeple. The neo-Nazis and fascists that “Yats” relies on as his enforcers are not much different than those former ‘freedom fighters’ who were extolled by none other than  the Gipper himself in the Latin American butchers  known as the Contras as well as  the Islamist fanatic packed Mujahideen from which al Qaeda sprung from. I can at some level begrudgingly understand Reagan’s backing of murderous thugs given the decades long national trauma that was the Cold War but please explain to me why it is exactly that Obama and his neocons are using American taxpayer money to back a bunch of f*cking neo-Nazis. There is no money for the extension of the benefits for the long-term unemployed in this country yet his regime seeks to funnel billions of dollars to an illegally installed regime and the neo-Nazis who back it?

This is so wrong that there just are not sufficient words to describe it and while the state-corporate media has blasted out months of anti-Putin propaganda to back the filthy overthrow of the sitting government in Ukraine it is no excuse because the truth is out there if people would just get off of their lazy asses and bother to look for it.

Donn Marten is a free lance writer, activist and consultant who resides in West Central Florida.