Muslim doctor called terrorist by patient

Editors Note: The article below is a perfect example of thow government and mainstream media propaganda is causing paranoia and creating a race division. 

By Ahmed J Versi

“He’s a terrorist. I want to see a white doctor,” a newly registered patient is alleged to have said about her Muslim doctor, Dr Zia Hussein, soon after the failed attacks in Glasgow and London.

The incident took place in a doctor’s surgery in Oxhey, Hertfordshire, on July 3.
The receptionist called Dr Hussain for help as she did not know what to do. When he came out of his consulting room to the reception area, the patient allegedly shouted at Dr Hussain in front of other patients, “You are a terrorist. You are not fit to be a doctor. You don’t know your job.” The doctor asked her to leave the surgery.

Dr Hussain told The Muslim News that she was his patient and had re-registered after returning from holiday on June 26. Then, Dr Hussain relates, she made some racist remarks, like, “I don’t trust foreigners. They are not trained here. I only trust white doctors who are trained here.”

Dr Hussain said he was shocked at the patient’s outburst. He had had no problems at this surgery before with any patient. “I believe what she said about me being a terrorist is because of the recent arrests of the doctors who were involved in the failed terrorist attacks,” he said.