Most Profitable Items to Sell on eBay

While eBay’s biggest profiteers are unlikely to ever reveal the secrets of their most lucrative sales, a bit of time, effort and trial and error can help uncover a number of items that are sure to reap a reasonable profit.

While this list by no means contains the most profitable items you can sell on eBay, these items, combined with a positive sellers rating and professional packaging materials (be sure to stock up on cardboard boxes and bubble wrap) are certainly safe bets if you want to make a steady second income.

Goods You Make Yourself

If you’re a dab-hand at crafts you’re sure to have the means to make a sizable second income thanks to eBay.

Not only do consumers love hand-made and one-of-a-kind goods but the profit margin on something that only cost you materials and your time should be huge.

Jewellery, handbags and clothing are all safe bets. Be sure to offer close-up and high-definition images as well as a clear and fair returns policy, so that buyers can sure of the quality you’re selling.

Exclusive Items

E.g. items that aren’t readily available in the country you’re selling in. Confectionery, drinks and clothing brands are all good bets.


Despite the (albeit slow) growth of Blu-ray and 3D, DVDs still sell well; they’re also items that can be bought cheaply in abundance (try car boot sales and even other discount online retailers) and sold on for a profit.

Limited Edition/Rare Items

Rare books, limited edition games, CDs and DVD box sets are all quick and profitable sellers. For instance, the game ‘Discworld’ for the PS1 sells for around £25, despite being released in 1995, while ‘The Legend of Zelda’ for the Gamecube commonly fetches £35.

Car boot sales are great places to find these sorts of items for sale from sellers who have little idea of their true value.

Items Listed on eBay Pulse

eBay pulse is a free resource offering up-to-date information on the most popular searches and most watched items.

Unsurprisingly, many of the most searched for terms are for high value items like Kindles and iPads; not goods often sold by newbie sellers. However some of the most watched items are more unexpected. At the time of writing some of the ‘most watched’ items include custom engraved dog tags, men’s shirts and a USB webcam.

Don’t Forget…

That making good money on eBay is not only about picking the right items to sell. Your reputation will have a drastic effect on the number and quality of bids you get. If you want to build a positive rating you need to offer an honest service (e.g. no selling items that aren’t 100% as described), fast delivery and professionally packed goods.

Take time with your packaging, remember that if done properly (with perhaps in branded cardboard boxes and bubble wrap) you are not only protecting items, you are also enhancing the customer experience.

This post was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of UK Packaging who can supply bubble wrap and a great range of cardboard boxes to suit all needs. Crispin writes on small business ideas.